The End is Here!

Hello, loyal readers! This is the last post for this school year! Crazy, right?! Where did the school year go?

This past Monday, I started my week off at Columbia Explore Academy for my last hours for middle school education requirements. Although it wasn’t my last day going, it started to hit me that this was the last week of classes… It flew by so fast!

IMG_0113 (1)On Monday evening, I was able to attend the Scarlet and Grey Awards. The previous week I was notified that I was nominated for the Cougar Award. They had such great nominations for this award I feel blessed to have been nominated. Although, I didn’t get the Cougar Award, I did receive the John the Baptist Award with the description of “for calling us to a deeper commitment to our faith, challenging us to act for justice, and witnessing to a life of truth and love.” I just feel so blessed and taken aback about being awarded this award!

On Tuesday, I started off my morning with a tour. Being a student ambassador is one of my favorite things that I get to do on campus. I love getting to work with prospective students! If anything, it reminds me of where I was once at, and how fortunate I am to be at a school that I consider my home.

IMG_0124That evening, right before my last teaching ESL course, I stopped to grab some free food that was being served by President Wiseman. Maybe it’s just me, but how cool is it that the president of our university serves students food? How many presidents do you know who do that?

If anyone has the chance to take a class with Professor Hilton, I would for sure do so. Out of all my best professors I have had so far in the School of Education, he truly got me excited about teaching middle school. IMG_0131 (1)His experience before teaching at SXU was all middle school education. His stories and experience truly brought the class to life. His assignments had us students thinking about who our support system was, who our great teachers had been, and why we wanted to be teachers. And it’s just a great class. Every assignment, project and presentation, I feel like I learned so much… Sad to have it end… (Ana and Professor Hilton in picture.)

I am sorry to say that Wednesday wasn’t all that exciting of a day for me. I started my day off with a tour, then class, and then my last meeting with Bridget for the year. (Bridget is my campus ministry advisor).

IMG_0146On Thursday, I started my morning with my lovely 8 a.m. class and then I got to go to my last day at Columbia Explore Academy. I had to go an extra day on Thursday because my ESL endorsement requires extra hours. I know I have talked about this observation a lot, but it truly was such a great experience. My teacher allowed me to actually teach! And you could truly see a connection from Ms. W to her students; something that I hope to have someday in my own classroom. Everyone was so sweet that they even signed a card for me. I will miss getting to go to the Columbia early Monday mornings.

On Friday, I had my last class. (Yayyyy!) Later on Friday, I finally found out where I will be living for University Housing next year. For those who missed the previous post, I am currently a RPM (Resident Peer Minister) in Regina Hall (the first year hall) on the all-girls floor. I have completely loved my job every step of the way. IMG_0174I love getting to work with first-year students and hopefully, provide them with the support and guidance they need. Next year, I will be going on year three living in Regina Hall, and I will be just down the hall from where I currently live now. I am going to be a RA (resident assistant), and I am so excited for the staff for next year and to work with them all. I feel especially proud because two of my residents are now RPMs. To make it even better, Susie, one of my residents that I consider a friend, is literally taking my current job and room. Could not be prouder of her! (Susie and I are presented in the picture.)

On Saturday, I had a chill day prepping for finals week and working on papers. Not all that fun, but necessary.

IMG_0194On Sunday, I convinced my boyfriend to join me downtown for some exploring of the sites. We went to the Field Museum and got to see the Terracotta Warriors exhibit, which was great. I love history and being a history major can somewhat suck sometimes because going to museums normally means that I already know most of the information… But it was amazing getting to see pieces from the burial site.

Sunday evening, I attended the last service for this year at SXU. With a focus on finals we had “Blessing of the Brains,” which is just a blessing for everyone before going into finals.

I wanted to end my post by saying thank you to everyone in my life…

I want to thank Campus Ministry for not just giving me a job but also giving me a place of faith, service, and meaning. One person who I could always come to within Campus Ministry to talk about service and life was Meg Laville. She will be doing long-term service next year and will truly be missed by anyone who knows her.

I also want to thank my residents. They’ve shown me the true beauty of being excited and fresh to school. My residents who have a hunger for adventure and trying new things remind me of when I was in their place. Their ability to create a new community and relationships is to be admired. Thank you to all my residents who made my job so great to have!

FullSizeRender (24)Thank you to Brittany who somehow is still my friend after this crazy year… I know that you are a great friend and that I can always depend on you. Also want to give a shout out to the only other middle school education major that I spend my whole day, Ana. Thanks for dealing with my over controlling organized self in all our classes. And especially thanks for driving to get tacos. Love the tacos!

Jon, thanks for dealing with my crazy self. Thanks for feeding me! (Just kidding… kinda.)IMG_0210

And thank you to my lovely family For the calls to being supportive, sending pictures, keeping me somewhat up to date, and just unconditional love. Can’t wait to be home this summer, even though I will be missing SXU and Chicago!

I want to thank SXU itself as a whole for creating a community that I could have never had imagined so many opportunities and such a great place to call home. I can’t wait to be back in August. See you in August, SXU!

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