Returning to my home away from home

My name is Amber Burke. My entire life I grew up on the Northside of Chicago being educated by Catholic institutions. Now, here I am on the Southside of Chicago attending SXU. I have always been the type of person to look around and take in my surroundings. When I had stepped back onto campus this year, I had thought of just how happy I was to finally be here. Saint Xavier to me personally is my home away from home.

The first week of classes here at SXU had given me so much promise of not only a fulfilling academic year but an eventful one as well. In every class I attended, each professor had excitedly greeted me with such warmth. Cracking open my new textbooks and beginning a new chapter gave me the sense that this is my year. Seeing and embracing my friends in the hallways after not seeing them over summer break, makes it that much more exciting when we tell each other our class schedules with the hope of us being in our next class together.

My expectations for this semester is to not only be able to do well academically but personally as well. I want to be able to take the knowledge that my professors are teaching me and find a way to apply it to my life. I hope to be able to enrich my inner self with the new information from classes and events that I will encounter this semester. Saint Xavier University is the place where I know I can be able to do this. This is the institution that will give me many opportunities to become lifelong lessons as well as memories.

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