A Letter to My Future Self

Dear Me in 10 years,

I write this letter to you from age 18, so by the time you open this, you should be about 28. I’m writing this to give you a little trip down memory lane and to show you how far you have come in life!

As for your current interests, you watch wrestling, enjoy old school video games and are currently in the midst of collecting every Major League Baseball jersey. As for your academic life, you are a freshman at Saint Xavier University. You managed to get that blogging job for the school, math is STILL your hardest subject, and your favorite place to be on campus is the small courtyard near the main entrance. You are aiming for your bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, and after college, you are determined to become a police officer (hopefully, you are already in uniform). I hope everything is going great for you in 2026!

For you, life is good right now. You are just a little over your first full month of college. It is going great and you are having a fun time. You are keeping your grades up and meeting some really interesting people that you, hopefully, still talk to. As for the family at home, everyone is starting a new chapter in their lives. Alex just started high school at St. Rita, Michael is starting second grade and mom just became an office manager. We had a couple new people move into our neighborhood as well. For the most part, life is going really well and I hope you are doing great.

As for the status of the United States, the country is currently going through some rough times. The shootings in the city surpassed that of last year (we are only in September), tensions are at an all-time high between a number of Americans and the police, and our two presidential candidates are stirring the pot so much that even the rest of the world is focused on American politics. I hope our country has healed a little bit in the future. Though I’ve only been on earth for 18 years, it doesn’t take a genius to see that our country is sadly divided in many ways. Things like race, color, gender and political parties are just some of the factors dividing the American people. Of course everyone has always had a difference of opinion, I’ve never seen tensions get so high before. Riots and protests are breaking out all across the country for a lot of these things, and it hurts me to see us put each other down. Hopefully, we are all a little bit closer as a nation in the future and are working out our problems together.

As for the world, the U.S and other allies are currently fighting ISIS, the U.K. isn’t part of the European Nations anymore, and the world is still “mourning” the death of an American gorilla named Harambe (Never Forget).

So I’m hoping at age 28 that you’ve accomplished some goals that I’ve set for you. For example, I hope you’ve settled down and started a family by now. I hope that you have that Dodge Hellcat you’ve always wanted or at least are close to getting one. I’m expecting you to be a police officer already, so don’t let me down. However, beyond these small goals and changes in your life, I hope you haven’t changed your personality. Never forget who you are and where you came from and never change for anybody. Don’t forget your life values and definitely never abandon your faith. It was always a strong part of your life, so whatever you do, always make time for it. In addition, you better be the police officer you’ve always wanted to be. Be patient, understanding and keep calm when you need to. Always treat everyone with respect but never back down when danger arises. You were always an easy and approachable person and very fun to be around, so carry those personality traits with you always. Protect your family and friends and ALWAYS keep God in your heart — no excuses! You are a good young man here at age 18. You should be an even better man at 28. Take care and always be safe.

Yours truly,
Nick Vazquez

P.S. The Cubs are currently the best team in baseball. I hope you were able to witness a World Series win by now.

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