How to Eliminate Your Procrastination Habits

Welcome back, readers! Another week, another blog and I feel that this is a very important piece, especially for my fellow students worldwide. Today, we talk about a student’s true kryptonite – procrastination. One of the biggest illnesses to ever consume mankind, procrastination is alive and well in everybody, especially students. We are constantly putting things off until the last possible minute. We do not seem to enjoy the idea of working ahead so we, as humans, put it off until we absolutely need to do it. However, procrastination comes in different forms. Not only do we put off work, but we get distracted from our work as well. Social media, food and even friends can all be factors contributing to our procrastination. However, never fear! I will be your guiding light and save you from your filthy procrastination habits. There are a couple easy ways to do so but we first need to work on your mindset.

I, myself, have also been guilty of procrastinating. Early in high school, I thought I was blessed with all the time in the world. I would focus more on my social life, rather than “the paper” that was due next week. That proved costly, as I just put myself in situations where work was due the next day, and I had not even started the assignment. I would often blame the teachers for giving me lengthy assignments, but this was just an excuse for me doing it last minute. Mentally, I began to challenge myself. I told myself that if I had ever got an early assignment, I would take the time to get it done right. For example, if a teacher gave me an assignment on Monday, due Friday, I would not wait until Thursday night to complete it. Instead, I would do it the day it was assigned, or even break the assignment up throughout the four days. This method proved successful and it even made me feel better mentally. Instead of staying up late the night before and putting more stress and strain on my brain, I was able to work more effectively, while staying stress free. Because of this mindset, I am more relaxed when it comes to homework and assignments, especially the larger ones.

The second factor to help your procrastination habits is the environment you work in. If you want to work consistently and effectively, I have learned that trying to work on homework at my kitchen table just isn’t possible. The human brain works in mysterious ways. It adapts to a specific environment, thus adapting the way you think and act in that certain environment. If I had a dime for every time I ate something while working on homework in the kitchen, I would be living in Cabo. My brain associates the kitchen with food, which explains why I was always up every ten minutes fishing for a snack. If I tried to do homework in my room, I would see my bed, which means sleep, which leads to no work being done for a few hours. I found out that working in an academic environment such as a library or classroom helped me maintain my focus on my work. Even listening to music helped me focus a little better. We all want to go home after our classes end, but it does not hurt to stay on campus to finish work first. Even as my college career continues to roll on, I am always going to the library after classes to finish my homework and even study for a couple of hours. That way, when I get home, I can enjoy all of my “distractions” without having to worry about any assignments.

Of course, it is inevitable that you will have to do some work at home. However, it is up to YOU whether or not you will push yourself to stay focused. With the distractions we have nowadays, it is quite understandable to get sidetracked from your work. I was in the same boat until I made these changes to my academic life. Now, it is a habit! Yes, staying at school later than you would like may not be how you want to spend your week but it definitely allows you to have more free time at home. With less homework, you can have more opportunities to enjoy the little things, such as social media, friends, and even sleep. Making these changes mentally and physically can be a challenge at first but if you stay consistent, you will, without a doubt, feel the difference, and there is no better feeling than a worry-free mind.

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