My Favorite Places (On Campus)

Saint Xavier University may indeed be a small campus; although, what it lacks in size it makes up for with quality. Before I had made my decision to come to this school a few years back I took a campus tour and immediately fell in love with it. SXU has not only historical pieces from the first campus, such as the arch, but also, it has newer places to relax, such as the small pond next to Mercy Circle. I will be discussing in this post my three favorite outdoor spots on campus that I go to relax, study, snack or even to just admire the view.

1. The first favorite place on campus to go to is hands down Lake Marion. This lake catches my eye every time I make my way from my dorm to either my classes or the gym and vice versa. There are benches along the edge of the lake that allow my friends and I to just sit and gaze from sunset to sunrise. You could also take a walk on the path along the lake.

Lake Marion : the go to spot

Lake Marion is the No. 1 go-to spot!

2. My second favorite place to go on campus is the center of the quad. The school’s crest is engraved in the pavement. There are trees all around the crest along with benches to sit on. This is the place I go to whenever I want to meet up with my friends who live in different dorms and just goof around. This is also a great place to sit and read a book before class with a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. On my way back from class, I prefer to walk through this area because of not only its beauty but for seeing the friendly faces on campus.

Center of Quad : the hangout

The center of quad is another great hangout place.

3. My third personal favorite place to be on campus is Mercy Circle. It is an area that is similar to the above stated places, but it is a lot more quiet and closed off. It is a place I go to just study and relax. The pine trees encase the area so it is private. There is a statue of the Virgin Mary, and I’m normally on the ledge of the area by the statue. This is a perfect space if it is a gorgeous day outside and you need a minute to yourself after class.

Mercy Circle: the spot to go to for peace and serenity

The Mercy Circle is the perfect spot to go to for peace and serenity.

I hope you check out these places for yourself and feel free to comment below what your favorite outdoor spot on campus is.

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