RA Genesis Reporting for Duty

Week three is down, everyone! Congratulations, and on to another week – here we go!

This past week has been somewhat crazy for me! I had my first exam of the year and had a whole bunch of meetings. On the exciting news front, I had an interview for a new work study position but won’t know for a while. I will update you all when I find out though, so send positive vibes my way!

IMG_1909This past week, I have been on duty in Regina Hall for a couple of evenings. Being on duty as a resident assistant (RA) involves me staying up and going through the building to make sure everything is all good. Part of this also involves answering residents if they have a concern or complaint about really anything. Being a RA means so much more than this job description. I love being a RA. I love being in the hall present for my residents. I love getting to live with our new first year class of 2020. I love the conversations I have had about their lives: how they want to get involved and listening to them share their hopes and dreams. I am truly excited to get to work with this whole building — even our staff is awesome! I feel truly blessed to not only have a great class that I get to work with but also a supportive staff team.

On Saturday, the first Super Saturday took place in Regina Hall. Super Saturday was sponsored by the Transition Peer Mentors (TPMs) program (another job I have). Super Saturdays are events that occur every Saturday while school is in session that gives residents a reason to stay on campus and is open to commuters wanting to get involved on campus. It’s a great way to have everyone come together! Every Super Saturday has a different theme and a different focus. Our theme was “Beach and Chill” and we had a fantastic turnout! There were different games, fruit kabobs, s’mores, and great music. This great and enthusiastic turnout makes all of us staff so excited about this year!

I have also been working on fellow RA Liz and my RA Board of the Month for September. I have never cut and traced so many letters! FullSizeRender (29)But I feel crazy lucky to have my freshman year roommate, Brittany, to help me trace letters! It still took me forever to work on it, but because of her, I saved me so much time. Thanks, love!

I hope everyone has a great fourth week of school. I am truly loving this weather, especially with it cooling off. I hope this lovely weather continues and wish everyone luck with classes. Thanks for reading!

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