Day for Getting Ahead

There are definitely some nights, even weeks, where it is just too chaotic to get anything done. Everyone experiences it at some point; it is inevitable. I felt this way within the past couple of weeks between balancing work, school, home and keeping a social life. I indeed had to make some of these responsibilities suffer to catch up. Falling behind can happen in more than one way that it is out of your control. Although, in one day and with one organized list, you can get right back on track.


First thing to focus on is organizing around both your work and school schedule. With your class schedule set at the start of the semester, if you work, you are usually able to set your work schedule around your classes. From there, once you know what your free time looks like, you can then get on track with the rest of your responsibilities.


Finding extra school time to study can help you get ahead of schedule. On Tuesday, I had the whole day to catch up on my math and to get ahead so that I could finish early. The reason I could do this was because my classes were cancelled, so instead of being lazy, I did extra work for my classes.


Home life is tricky, especially for students who live far away from home. This weekend, I had to work long hours and could not make it to a family event. So, to make up for this, I went home today, where I got to see my family as well as my dogs. I picked my siblings up from school. We did our homework while eating snacks. After we had finished our homework, my family and I went for burgers together. Simple things like this make spending time with the family that much more special.


As far as my social life, I value spending times with my friends. We had the chance to catch Game 1 of the World Series and eat at Gilhooley’s. We discussed our day off to one another, and we showed off our Halloween costumes to get opinions on how to improve them. We even expressed our stress about exams and homework due at the end of the week. Yet, we are all excited for Halloween weekend and to go to Regina Hall’s Super Saturday Halloween party.


With one day, you can catch up on all the responsibilities you had allowed to suffer. If you do, you’ll be able to accomplish important tasks, or even get ahead with your responsibilities. I’m about to write my next couple of blog posts right now actually!


Getting ahead and staying on track with responsibilities helps when you have a day off of school to work everything out. If balanced correctly, I shouldn’t fall behind again.

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