Homecoming Week!

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic week, as it was Homecoming Week!

This past week was once again another busy week! I am starting to believe that every week is a busy one… So maybe I should just drop the whole “it was a busy week” and simply believe that that’s the norm?! I guess a part of me wants to believe that my schedule will just chill out, but that has yet to happen, and SXU is going on Week 8 this upcoming week.

Chicago Public Schools are going on strike this week, so I needed to go in to complete my observation hours earlier then I had originally planned. I have felt completely lucky once again because my teacher is fantastic. For the most part, after the third grade, bilingual classrooms are not present and the focus is on English. As a middle school major, I knew that I wanted to observe a middle level even if it was not bilingual any longer. I was completely speechless when I got to the classroom to find how English and Spanish flowed from the teacher to the students. To me, it was exactly what I was looking for without realizing it. It was almost as if the teacher I was observing had read the textbooks I was reading for my ESL endorsement, and it was truly beautiful. I was honored to have been able to observe a classroom so welcoming and accepting of all students who entered the classroom. Someday, I hope to be a fraction of the teacher who I had the privilege to observe.

IMG_2140On Tuesday I was awarded the O’Brien Medallion Award. The award is given to those who are considered to be great leaders with a focus on service and the SXU core values. The O’Brien Medallion Award is given to 5 students, from each School of SXU: Education, Business, Nursing, and two Liberal Arts. I was shocked to find out that the School of Education picked me, and even more shocked to find out with whom I was receiving the award! I received the award with all seniors who I look up to. I’m truly blessed to have received such a great honor ,and I look forward to getting to wear the medallion when I graduate.

Thursday afternoon, I went to the Tutoring Center for the first time this semester. The Tutoring Center is a great resource for SXU students to use. It’s already included as a part of our tuition, so everyone should use it. I always tell people on my tours that it can be the difference between a B and an A in a course. The tutor who was assigned to tutor Physical Science for Teachers was fantastic! She helped all of us so much. If a tutor is not assigned to a course, as a student you can go to the Tutoring Center and request a tutor in that subject. The Tutoring Center really works to assist students in what they need help on. So if you need help, go to the Tutoring Center and get the help that you need to finish the semester strong!

On Thursday, Mercy Students for Peace and Justice (MSPJ) had their first Open Mic Night. It had the theme of “Voice your Vote,” while in between acts we talked about the importance of voting and talked about the candidates for the election. We also had computers and details about how to register to vote, how to vote absentee and what to bring along with you when you go to vote. We had a great turnout and so many talented SXU students showed off their talents!

On Friday evening, I was able to attend the Heritage Ball. FullSizeRender (37)Those who were invited were SXU leadership from University Housing Staff, Orientation Leaders and board members for Registered Student Organizations. It was a really fun night and I was lucky enough that I got to bring my boyfriend along. They also recognized the O’Brien Medallion Award recipients. It was a fun night with those who work so hard at SXU, and it was a great break from school!

On Saturday, SXU had our Homecoming game. AND WE WON!!!!! It was a great game, and it was a close one! Although I am not the biggest football fan, I still had a blast and surrounded myself with those who love football. FullSizeRender (36)Shout out to my great friends who always show their Cougar pride and are great to be around! Part of the reason I enjoy my time at SXU is because of you.

A quote that I received from my Peer Minister Team is “In my experience, being busy and working hard is the key to sanity and happiness” by Jemima Khan. So let’s forget my earlier statement about wishing school would slow down and get less busy and lets all keep pushing for what we love! Have a great week, everyone!

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