Simple Ways to Destress

Greetings readers, and welcome back to the blog! I hope you all enjoyed the weekend!

Whether you were taking advantage of the beautiful weather, or soaking in some Cubbies baseball, this weekend was definitely exciting. However, I know there may be a great number of you under some stress or anxiety. You could be overwhelmed with an insane amount of work, struggling to keep up at your job or you can simply be stressing out from life itself. You could be feeling down, confused or even lost. I have definitely been stressed in my lifetime, but the more times it happened, the more times I’ve found ways to fight it. Stress is an unfortunate part of life but there are ways to combat it and get back to a clearer, more positive mind. With that said, here are some great ways to destress and start feeling better sooner.

1. The first step to destressing is to stay positive. Now, I know many of you will criticize this thought process, giving me the “easier said than done” spiel. However, staying positive is my first step to distress, and I believe it is a vital one. One cannot simply calm down without wanting to. Feeling down on yourself is not a positive mindset to be in. Convince yourself that you want to feel better. You’ve got to want it! Now, once you are driven and in the state of mind to fight stress, do some basic activities that can get your mind off of the things holding you down.

2. One easy way to destress, especially for college students, is to get away from the situation at hand and meditate. Now, I use this term very loosely. You don’t necessarily have to break out the ancient Buddhist meditation methods (unless you’d like to), but putting your headphones on and playing your favorite songs is a fantastic way to destress. It doesn’t take much effort and it is a great way to take a deep breath and to relax to the comfort of your favorite artists and bands. It is a great way to simply recharge and take a mental break from whatever obstacles are blocking you from feeling positive. Even taking a nap is a form of meditation.

3. If you’d prefer a more interactive and physical approach to destressing, exercising is a great method to use. Going outside for a walk, hitting the weights, or even going for a run allows your mind to wander and recharge, while also keeping you nice and healthy. Personally, runs are the best way to destress. If you aren’t a runner, I highly recommend this activity if you are stressed. A simple run can get your mind to break from its negative barriers and allow you to restore your sanity. The sweat can even represent all your woes leaving your body

4. Most importantly, eat well. Students tend to eat junk food when they are stressed out. Examples include ice cream, cookies and chips. It is best to avoid eating junk food when you are stressed because your brain will find comfort in unhealthy snacks causing you to gain weight. It is scientifically proven that eating heathier foods will keep your mind focused. Foods such as fruits, nuts and even chicken (don’t even think about those McNuggets) are all healthy choices for brain food. Remember, a healthy body creates a healthy mind.

There are many other ways you can destress, but these are my personal methods that I use every time I find myself feeling down. A life without stress just isn’t possible, however, ways to fight through it are! There will be times in life when we are ready to give up and feel like shutting down. It is up to us to find our own paths to healing ourselves from stress, and I can tell you from experience that it is very possible.

In the immortal words of John Cena, “No matter how great the setback, no matter how severe the failure, you never give up.”

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