SXU’s Beneficial Resources

Greetings readers! I hope you all had a great weekend and are feeling fantastic. It is honestly hard to believe it is already October. Freshman year is going by quicker than I expected, which definitely has me thinking of how I cannot slow down when it comes to my academics. In just a little over two months, the first half of my freshman year will be over. This thought fuels me to continue to grind inside the classroom and stay focused on what is important. Though the year is going by quick, last week felt like my longest one so far. However, despite the large workload, I was able to power through it successfully, and I even did it with some assistance.

Saint Xavier has shown me that faculty and staff are genuinely determined to make sure their students succeed in life, especially in the classroom. There are many resources available to students to help them in their studies. However, for many students, there will always be that one subject that is more difficult to them than the rest. For me, it has always been math. I have known many people over the years that are in the same boat as me when it comes to math. I can understand some of it, but when it comes to complex problems, such as word problems, I always have difficulty comprehending it. One of the reasons I chose to go to Saint Xavier was because I liked the idea of small class sizes. The small classes give me the opportunity to receive one-on-one help from my professor if I ever need assistance. And I definitely took advantage of that this week. I have been in contact with my professors for help, and they have helped me every single time, no questions asked. In addition, I have also gotten help from other students and even taken a trip to the Learning Center. With all these options available, I was able to power through the week and successfully complete a chapter in math. It is a great feeling to know that whenever I need help, the University and my professors are there for me. It is vital for students to know that there is no shame in asking for help.

In addition to utilizing the resources to improve my academics, I have also used the resources to improve my health. Saint Xavier not only stresses the importance of doing well inside the classroom, but also preach about living a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy utilizing the University’s gym, as it gives me an opportunity to stay in shape. In addition to the gym, the University also has a variety of healthy foods to choose from on campus, especially at Cougar Fuel. Cougar Fuel in the Shannon Center is a great place for me to get a healthy meal or drink for a fair price. Wraps, smoothies and salads are just a few of the healthy choices to pick from on the menus. It is great to see the University push for a healthy lifestyle, as a healthy body creates a healthy mind. It is something I will continue to enjoy as my college career continues.

It is crazy to see that I am already in the month of October in my freshman year and I am enjoying every second of it. I did not think college would be going as well as it is, and I am definitely not letting up. It is inevitable that the school year will continue to get harder, but it is within those hard times that my work ethic will illustrate the determined student that I really am. With all the resources available to me to improve myself physically, mentally and spiritually, the sky’s the limit for me. I am eager to see what else the University has to offer and will continue to explore the ways to become better every week.

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