The Wolf of SXU

Here at Saint Xavier University I knew exactly which major I had wanted to choose, which was business marketing. Many people ask me why I chose to be a business major, and I won’t lie my decision was not only heavily influenced by family but media as well. This is a very serious topic for me, which I hope you’ll find inspiring. And if you’ve read this much, then I’m quite sure you will finish the rest.

The deciding factor for me choosing my major was not just the hope of successfully landing a job straight out of college but was because I had watched movies like “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Now before you go and start judging me for basing my decision of my educational future off this film — hear me out! I completely get that this movie is over dramatized, but the core of the plot of this true story is what I am mainly focused on. It’s about a man who worked all his life as the little guy and made a couple smart decisions that made him a millionaire. There is also that drive given whenever you see or hear stories to further understand what exactly is going on in the business world as well as how to get in the game yourself. All business majors are not in it just to learn about business; they are in it to get smart about the world of economics and make money, at least in my opinion.

Watching this movie the first time, I was heavily confused on the terminology that the characters were using until I had taken a few business courses here at SXU. Going to classes such as Business 101 and even macro/microeconomics heavily improved my knowledge on the business world. Now, when I watch the movie I’m not confused about terminology like GDP or concepts, such as product differentiations.

Here’s a short list of my favorite business movies to check out that not only are entertaining but informative in a way as well.

1. The Wolf of Wall Street

2. The Big Short
3. Margin Call
4. Joy
5. The Greatest Movie Ever Sold
6. Food Inc.
7. The Intern
8. Wall Street (1987)
9. The Pursuit of Happyness
10. The Company Men

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