Election Views from SXU

This year’s election, from start to finish, has been unlike any other election that we have ever seen. It was comical, odd and serious all at the same time. It was definitely the first time in a long time that schools and universities have paid so much attention to an election. Now, I’m not here to preach about my political views. I’m not here to push an agenda or reject another. I’m here to simply talk about the madness that was the 2016 Presidential Election and how it effected Saint Xavier.


There were many candidates at the beginning of this presidential campaign, however, only two became their party’s nominees and would lead the way to the most talked about presidential campaign in history — Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. These two were as opposite as opposite can get. If one candidate supported a certain belief, the other believed the exact opposite. If one candidate talked trash, the other would retaliate with the same amount of smack talk. It was almost like watching two little kids fight. They both pointed their fingers at each other, both made some bold claims and even called each other names. It even got to the point where the two participated in a war of words over Twitter. TWITTER. However, despite all the games and antics that kept it so entertaining, the two candidates also brought some negativity within the country. America has become horrifically divided, and with that division came anger and sometimes violence. It has been all over the news and supporters for both candidates engaged in some pretty ugly behavior. Social media even became a hostile environment to talk about politics. Many immature Americans were exposed this year due to their childish behavior, and it really did sadden me to see the country I love look so divided. It seemed that everywhere I went, and every social media platform I went on, hostility from both sides followed. I did, however, catch a break when I went to school.


To be quite honest, I was extremely impressed with the way Saint Xavier handled this year’s election. The professors did a great job of not showing any bias toward a certain candidate. Even if the election were brought up in a class unrelated to politics, the professors would allow both sides to be heard. The student body was also very mature about the election. No ugly words were ever used between students, and if a debate began, it would be done so in the most civil way possible. I happened to catch a debate between two students in the diner and the way they carried themselves could not have been more civil. Both students were respectful of each other’s opinions, let each other talk and never engaged in hostile behavior. It just goes to show that even in a time where everybody is so divided, respect can be found in the smallest of places.


Of course, citizens will always have different opinions, it is inevitable. However, debating the right way is what is most important. Being calm, respectful and civil with one another are all important factors when debating over things such as politics, and so far, Saint Xavier has impressed me with the level of maturity throughout this election, through the faculty and staff and the student body. There are many other universities in the country who have failed to follow SXU’s example and they have become hostile environments for students. I hope, within these next few years, that the country and its people can learn how to get along with each other. Because after all, united we will stand, but divided we will fall.

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