Those Sky Flowers

There was an energy in the air on Wednesday night. The usual chatter of rowdy college students outside was absent. They were all inside. The chips and salsa were out and the soda was bubbling away in our red party cups as our eyes were glued to the television screen. Everyone had a nice comfy seat which they refused to sit in. We were all standing. Everyone held their breath in that 10th inning as another Cleveland batter took to the plate. So close but so easily taken away those last few minutes could have been. And when the final score came, everything became a shout fest.


The quiet stillness of hallways was shattered, as an overly enthusiastic viewer ran down the hall barefoot shouting at the top of his lungs, “They did it!” The sound of fireworks bellowed in the distance on cue lighting the night in an aura of brilliant lights. Excited and exhilarated screams and cheers echo in the empty streets around Saint Xavier on Wednesday as the Cubs finally won! And when I went to the window and heard the collective cry of the campus residents in united celebration, it made me reaffirm my reason for living on campus. It was a good day!


After the school day is done and the commuters return home, there is a silence in the air that tells me that the day is over, and yet I must linger. As the sun fades behind the clouds and the day dims as cars depart and less and fewer people are seen walking the sidewalks and paths of the campus, there is a sadness that I feel, like watching a dear friend leave on the train while you remain. Perhaps this is just my family’s famous sentimentality that got my grandfather through the losing side of a World War or my father through years of hard labor to afford me this moment to stand idle in the silent of an American campus. But either way, there is something I find special about living as a resident here at Saint Xavier.


Campus life can be a mixed bag at times, especially as a person that works with the maintenance and housekeeping staff here. It can be difficult with certain folks who, for whatever reason, were not taught by their parents to clean after themselves. But besides the occasional workplace gripes as in any place, the students are respectful and generally try to keep their home away from home clean, or at least tolerable for us workers to step in time. On occasion, depending on your personality, you might get into arguments with your fellow residents and dormmates as is to be expected. But for the most part, there is a sense of community here and it is emphasized regularly. It’s an almost comradery among those of us that have no place to go during those holidays when the dorms are closed. And as I look out the window watching the grand explosions of brilliant lights from my door room with the cheers of my fellow residents in the distance, I can’t help but know at least here, there is a gentle peace.

Perks of being on a small campus

There are definite perks to attending a small campus like Saint Xavier that make college life great. I personally enjoy being able to walk around campus and not feel a sense of being lost. But aside from that, these are a few more things that sold me on the SXU experience:


Knowing Everybody

The great thing about being on a small campus is that you know a great deal of students, teachers and faculty. It is much easier to find a group of friends that you feel comfortable with much faster than at a larger school. Networking with successful alumni also becomes more accessible, helping you to stand out more for guidance when it comes time for the career world. You can get to know people one on one and make lasting relationships academically, as well as socially.



On campus, everyone can have the opportunity to join an athletics team. If a team or particular sport is not available, you can join an intramural, where they have such sports as as dodgeball, ice skating, basketball and even ping pong. Getting involved with one activity encourages you to get involved with others, not just athletics. Many of my peers who are involved with sports are involved with other clubs and organizations. As students, our eagerness to get involved supports a strong and active SXU community.


Small Class Sizes

Having smaller more private classrooms allow students to become less distracted and gives professors more of an opportunity to work one on one with you, helping with communication. I have had the opportunity of being able to message my professors and had been given a response within minutes. Not to mention when you aren’t in class, they take notice. This makes me feel at ease since it shows that they care about their students.


Another thing is that the campus is small enough where you could get to your classes in less than 10 minutes approximately. (I should know – I wake up 15 minutes before classes and only take 5 minutes to get ready.)


Last but not least, small classrooms also mean the opportunity for you to keep running into your friends… who can save you a seat in class!