The First Second

The first second after you wake up is the most peaceful thing I can think of. That one second you don’t remember anything – what you ate yesterday, who you talked to and even how the night before history was made. It is the moment where a person is at complete bliss since they haven’t had a thought cross their mind yet. An emotion hasn’t been selected yet, their eyes are about to open and for that one second nothing has come to mind. Although, that second second is when the gates of ideas, memories and emotions open up and flood the mind. This is what I had experienced today.


When I woke up, I looked at my phone where I had received hundreds of messages from my friends, family, and peers, all pertaining to the results of the election. Most messages were filled with anger, others sorrow but one was filled with hope for the future.


My mother had sent me a message at 8:14 a.m., and the main idea in it was that we must rise above, have faith in God and in our country. “We will get through this,” she said. This was the first text I had read this morning and it had connected with me deeply. This message set the tone of my mood to be at ease and be hopeful. My mother was right – that to rise above we must come together as a country and have faith.


The next set of messages I received were from a few friends discussing how they were disappointed with the results. They were very angry and filled with hate. I sent them a screenshot of my mother’s message to me and told them the same thing as she told me, to essentially not be filled with hate or fear from this news. It is okay to disagree with others opinions, just don’t diminish them for their different beliefs and ideas. Years of history will not be set back if we don’t allow it to be. The strides made by us as a nation should not be set back by one person. Our ancestors who made the largest impact on our lives and government did not approach the situation with anger and disgust, they came up with peaceful acts, protests and legislation to better our nation.


I normally write about school-related things. This post is not any different. I know my peers here at this school will respect each other both intellectually as well as spiritually. If that is not the case for some, I know that students would stand up for those who cannot speak up for themselves in a respectful nondemeaning manor. For me personally, I as a Latina woman will not have the hatred of others affect me. I will not approach situations with hatred or anger, but instead with faith, hope and love. I believe that everything happens for a reason. This is a test not only for me but for everyone in our nation to be strong, keep our heads held high and to overcome whatever is to be thrown our way.

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