To the Cougars Who Need That Extra Push

Dear Student,

This is it. There are only about two more weeks left in the first semester and it sure can get hectic. You are making your last stretch to finish off the year on a high note. You are writing papers, studying into the morning hours and maybe even started drinking coffee. I am writing this to tell you to not slow down. The long nights and intense workload definitely isn’t fun but for what a college degree is worth in this world, it is something worth fighting for.


A college degree can open countless doors for you in the real world and could very well establish your future. Think about it; you made it to college. Not just a college, but a prestigious University. You worked pretty damn hard and made huge sacrifices to get here and giving up now would just tarnish everything that you have ever worked for.


I have noticed that some students, particularly fellow freshmen, second guessing their skills as a student. To those questioning their future, asking “What’s the point?”, it is quite simple. You are here for a reason. For my fellow Cougars who feel like they are struggling, just know that SXU saw something special in you when they accepted you. They saw potential. They saw you as not just a well-rounded student but somebody that can survive and thrive under pressure and become successful when it’s all said and done. They are giving you an opportunity to show everybody and yourself what you are capable of. Just last week, one of my professors told my class that she was proud of us. She said that some people don’t make it this far and for her to see us in the position that we are in really made her happy.


If you are questioning your future, I am personally telling you that you can do it. You should be proud of everything you have accomplished! If you have hit some rough spots in your college life, just know that it happens to everyone and you are not alone. You can never be successful without making mistakes. Trust me, it is all part of the plan. Take advantage of the tools here at school. The professors are always willing to help and you can go anywhere for assistance. Remember there is nothing wrong with getting some much needed help. Remember why you are here. I know you can do it. Take a deep breath, relax and have faith. You’ll be surprised of what you can accomplish if you give it 110%. This is your opportunity to make your mark and finish strong. Take full advantage of your chance to better yourself here at SXU. After all, “You don’t get another chance. Life is no Nintendo Game.” -Eminem


Believing in you,
Nicholas Vazquez

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