Living with Roommates

Residence life is a great way to not only get involved with the school but make friends on campus. While living on campus, I have made so many friends. Since attending Saint Xavier University, I’ve dealt with almost every scenario with a roommate. Each thing that had occurred though had made me learn a valuable life lesson on handling situations. I’ve made lifelong friends as well as grown distant with some friends, none of which I would take back since it has made me grow as a person.

Regina Hall (Freshman Year)
My first experience with a roommate was my freshman year, and she was LITERALLY non-existent because my roommate never showed up. I had a room all to myself, and believe me, it was great! I had been given the chance to decorate my room however I wanted. I had a spare bed for my friends when they came to visit. I combined both desks to form a “super desk.” I even used the extra dresser as a pantry to store all my snacks. The only problem was that sometimes it would get really lonely. Even though I had so much space, there were times I wish I had a roommate to share experiences with as well.

For four weeks, I had a room to myself until I met a girl who was on the cheerleading team with me. We instantly became friends, and when she told me she was having issues with her roommate, I offered for her to come live with me. That week she moved in, and I no longer had that feeling of being alone. Not to mention when she moved in, the room looked much livelier, since there was more stuff to fill the room. We would have late night conversations, snack, do each other’s hair and makeup, go to practice together and rescue each other.

There were two girls who lived directly across the hall from us whom we both became close friends with. We instantly knew we were destined to be future roommates, including our close friend who lived six doors down the hall. It came to the point that we would just leave our doors open so we could easily come in and out of our rooms to hang out. Our little group would eat, sleep, study, motivate, sing, dance, play games, and even play pranks on one another. We would even have conversations from our separate rooms because the dorms were that close to each other. We had formed such a strong bond that we couldn’t imagine living with anyone else.

O’Brien Hall (Sophomore Year)
The four of us girls from that second floor of Regina Hall couldn’t wait to move into our new building we currently live in. We finally had our own microwave, toaster oven, and bathroom. (If you’ve lived in Regina Hall, you’d understand the struggle.) Having these girls as my roommates is a dream come true. I mean who wouldn’t want to live with their best friends. We do all the stuff we did before and more. The first week back we had all binged watched in our living room the Netflix series “Stranger Things.” One of my roommates and I designated a napping schedule. Our sleep schedules have become so in sync that we wake up in the middle of the night around the same time.

Studying has become not only easier but a lot more fun. We do our studies in our living room and when someone is stressing out over something, we tell a joke or share a funny story to lighten the mood. My roommates and I even motivate each other to do better in everything that we do. Our support system is strong and gets stronger with every day that passes. I can’t thank Saint Xavier University enough for not only giving me a place to call home but for giving me my best friends. There’s no better feeling than coming back to my dorm at the end of the day and seeing three girls smiling and yelling with excitement “Amber’s back!” It’s honestly the best thing ever having roommates — especially mine!

My roommates and I wearing matching SXU rain jackets

My roommates and I wearing matching SXU rain jackets.

Glow Run 2016

Saint Xavier offers a wide variety of events and activities throughout the year to help get students more socialized with each other. SXU’s Welcome Week was a great kickoff to the school year by having a special activity/event each day of the week.

Some of the events that I had attended was the SXU Foam Party held in the quad, having my picture taken in the SXU photo booth, having henna painted on me in the diner and the opportunity to pet some of the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen in the Student Lounge. All of these activities were extremely fun as well as exciting. Although, for me, the best activity was the Glow Run, where I had a blast!

Check out my Glow Run 2016 video!

The Glow Run is a one-mile run around campus that is filled with not only excitement but anticipation. I had a night class that ended at 8:30 p.m. but that didn’t stop me from attending this event. Walking out of Graham School of Management, across 103rd to the Shannon Center, I signed my name up for the run. At the registration booth, they had given out a bunch of glow sticks that people were using as bracelets, necklaces, and even headbands. They also had body paint that you could use to paint on yourself or even other students. My roommate and I had painted little cougar paws on each other not only because of SXU pride but because, you know … Friendship Goals.

At nine o’clock promptly, all of the students in Glow Run lined up and when the signal was given everyone started to make a bolt for it so they could be the ones to finish first. There were students who were sprinting, jogging and walking toward the finish line. One student was wearing flip flops, tripped, took their shoes off and ran barefoot for the full mile. It was truly something to watch, as he was determined to win at all costs. I, on the other hand, took my time heading toward the finish line and when I got back to my dorm, I ate a giant cookie all by myself. Since I did all of that working out, I felt I deserved a treat!

Overall the event was a ton of fun and something I look forward to every year. This event gets me excited about the Cougar 5K held during homecoming week in October. Until then, I will just be focusing on my school work, friends and my light training for the 5K held here at SXU.

Saint Xavier is a great school that allows students to get excited about school functions since they are indeed exciting.

Returning to my home away from home

My name is Amber Burke. My entire life I grew up on the Northside of Chicago being educated by Catholic institutions. Now, here I am on the Southside of Chicago attending SXU. I have always been the type of person to look around and take in my surroundings. When I had stepped back onto campus this year, I had thought of just how happy I was to finally be here. Saint Xavier to me personally is my home away from home.

The first week of classes here at SXU had given me so much promise of not only a fulfilling academic year but an eventful one as well. In every class I attended, each professor had excitedly greeted me with such warmth. Cracking open my new textbooks and beginning a new chapter gave me the sense that this is my year. Seeing and embracing my friends in the hallways after not seeing them over summer break, makes it that much more exciting when we tell each other our class schedules with the hope of us being in our next class together.

My expectations for this semester is to not only be able to do well academically but personally as well. I want to be able to take the knowledge that my professors are teaching me and find a way to apply it to my life. I hope to be able to enrich my inner self with the new information from classes and events that I will encounter this semester. Saint Xavier University is the place where I know I can be able to do this. This is the institution that will give me many opportunities to become lifelong lessons as well as memories.