End of a semester

I understand.  You’re exhausted, drained mentally and probably emotionally, exhausted

but be relieved my brethren/sisthren(don’t know if it’s a word, don’t care) for it is done, or almost done for those with Friday or, God forbid, weekend finals.  Now, you can celebrate surviving one more strenuous year living on this insane rock we call earth and playing this chaotic game we call Life.

The Game of Life

Congratulations, pat your self on the back, do a happy dance, eat your fridge, I don’t care how you celebrate as long as you do.  You deserve it.  Life is a hard game to play and you just leveled up another year, so you deserve a reward.  I hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  May your December be filled with holiday cheers, presents galore, and that one guy/girl who always gets drunk on the eggnog.  It has been a pleasure to entertain you with tales of SXU shenanigans.  Happy Holidays and, as always, enjoy life.

Media Services

On campus we have a department that loans students electronic supplies such as cameras and laptops.  The equipment are always the latest electonic equipment on market (which probably means they’re pretty expensive, so I suggest not breaking them…just a suggestion).

If a student is in a video/audio production class, then that student is allowed to rent a production kit which provides a professional use camera, 3 varieties of microphones, and a tripod in order to produce professional videos (or at least make it look professional so we feel better about crappy plots for our stories.  How can they notice I play 5 different characters if they’re to distracted by the High def picture).

I was going to film a lake once.  I choose to be lazy instead and film my dog.

I was going to film a lake once. I choose to be lazy instead and film my dog.

There are many staff members involved in the department.  When renting equipment, students will usually interact with one of the several student workers who will provide them with their requested equipment.  Although, when dealing with media services, there are two staff members students may get a chance to associate with on a regular basis to discuss renting procedures, missing equipment, instructions on electronic uses, and other needs or preferences.

Joshua Van Tuyl is the department’s associate director.  He is usually found in the student lounge area where media services can be located in order to answer any questions students or workers may have about equipment.  He also deals with procedure errors, missing equipment, or problems regarding late rentals, explains why him and I already recognize each other on a first name basis .

This is josh. There are many other joshs like him but this one is ours.

This is josh. There are many other Joshes like him but this one is ours.

Joe Verble is the department’s technical support manager which basically translates to the “fix-it guy.”  Just in case you couldn’t tell by the name, he fixes electronic equipment on campus.  If your computer is slow, got the blue screen of death, exploding, electrocuting all personnel within 5 ft radius, then he’s your guy.

Not so average Joe

Not so average Joe

Be sure to take a stop by media services for all of your electronic needs, and until next readers, enjoy life.

After Hour Activites

Even as a commuter, I tend to spend a lot of time of campus either working on homework and conducting extracurricular activities but, I also spend a lot of time hanging out with friends on campus.  There is plenty to do on campus after class hours are over.  While many commuters usually come to their classes and then go home, there are others who spend time on campus dealing with their homework using the Mac computers in the library, getting paid to conduct on-campus jobs, or just spending time on campus with friends.

For student’s who wish to engage in some studying after classes are done, the Robert and Mary Rita Murphy Stump Library offers a wide variety of services including upgraded mac computers that can be used to satisfy all student’s academic needs.  There is also a large variety of books and articles that can be used as extra study materials for students or entertainment.

SXU Library

SXU Library


If a student is interested in looking for some extra cash and have some free time after classes are over, I suggest attempting to obtain one of the on-campus jobs that the university provides to students, primarily those eligible for work-study.  A student can start applying for one of the jobs at www.cougarjobs.com.  Set up an account and start applying.



Lastly, if a student is just looking for a place to relax, the school offers a university lounge in the below the warde academic center where students can access a coffee shop as well as a comfortable sitting area.  There is also the cafeteria if a student wishes to grab a bite to eat.  Also, if a student has some resident friends, they can join them in their dorm in one of the 6 residence halls.

SXU Diner

SXU Diner


There is so much to do on campus that there really is much time for boredom if you can find a way to bind your time.  So have fun and enjoy life


Hello readers

My apologies for not posting last week, or on Halloween day…or even about Halloween!!!  Ugh, so many apologies but, rest assured there will be talk of Halloween next week.  SXU hosted a little Halloween bash on the 31st and I will let you know all about that next week.  Although, this week, in light of my need for apologies due to non-existent and late postings , I think now would be a good time to talk about time management.

First off, let me be clear, I am not an expert on time management, or even good at it, or even do it regularty, but, regardless of my bad choices, its very important to insure that you don’t have loads of assignments, responsibilities and other due dates piling up on you. Regardless of whether you are in high school, college, or even a working citizen, time management and prioritization is a necessity to achieve success.  In which case, ask your self

“Say self”

“Yes, self?”

“What should I be doing right now?”

“My guess is playing videogames, eating all the foods, and flirting with the new starbucks server.”

“No! Bad self, Bad!”

We are in school, in which case school work should probably take priority.  Of course there are a few serious cases where you may be hindered from this priority.  Please do not try to do your homework if there is searing pain coursing through your body, you should really get that checked out.

Work is also a top priority because Work=Money and money is good.  Same with the school work, if there is searing pain, please see doctor first.

Oh money, how I love thee.

Oh money, how I love thee.

Afterwards, once all the school and work is done then of course comes the miscellaneous responsibilities that may or may not be unique to us, these usually should be attended to after school and Work is done but there are just some responsibilities that just won’t go away until it gets your full attention, prepare adequately for this.

You never know when you got to deal with a roaming triceratops. Be prepared.

You never know when you got to deal with a roaming triceratops. Be prepared.

Make sure your time is appropriately adjusted so that all of the top priorities are handled before you decide to play videogames, eat all the foods, and flirt with Starbucks employees. Trust me, you will save yourself a lot of grief.  Until next readers, enjoy life.


Ahh…Midterms.  The papers meant to cause you much stress and torment about 2 months before your finals cause you even more stress and torment, but never fear!  No, on second thought, fear, fear with every scary bone in your body. The Midterms are Here!

The Horror!

Although, midterms are a great way to prove your prowess in class as well as show your Midterms-3professor that you are truly a bright intellectual, or, if you’re like me, it’s a time of regretting not paying more attention in class and studying all the material at the last minute.  Good times.  Luckily, we are not alone in this war of valor and procrastination.  Professors understand that midterms and finals are some of the hardest academic times in a student’s career, so if you are terrified of exams as much as I am, it’s best if you take and cherish the help they provide to you, such as study guides and access to previous lectures.  Even if you aren’t sure as to what to study, your professor should be willing to help point you in the right direction.

Listen to the picture.

Listen to the picture.

Finally, the midterms are done, your coffee reserves are depleted, and your brain is dealing with the after effects of exploding from an information quantity overload.  Now, all you have to do is deal with the slightly not so stressful homework and class projects due the following week, but don’t worry there is plenty more that SXU provides than stressful assignments and we will discuss what those things are next time.  Good luck readers and until next time, enjoy life.


Social Life

I spend a lot of time with my friends talking usually about things that are either irrelevant to all life or so philosophical that it causes those of lesser intellect heads to overload and explode from sheer Awesomeness, so it can get messy. Since these people pretty much sum up my social life, I would like to tell you about them.

The Corner, which is actually just a small section of the cafeteria, is where my people and me cause all the head explosions and chaos. We all come together for the sole purpose of enjoying life…usually through very nerdy gaming. The corner is my place of insanity and joy and it continues to be for all newcomers, so now that you know about The Corner, lets meet a couple of them.

Let’s Start off with Austin Regan

Austin and his Vanguard

Austin and his Vanguard


Austin Regan is like my brother from another mother, which basically means i mooch off of on a regular basis for food. Austin is a fellow gamer so our interests are usually parallel. He is also our “group/clique/people’s” adorable red panda.

My head is just slightly bigger than Austin's...slightly.

My head is just slightly bigger than Austin’s…slightly.

Next we will talk a bit about Autumn Cano

Don't let the smile fool you, she's a fighter.

Don’t let the smile fool you, she’s a fighter.

She is a new member of “The Corner.” A freshman whose love of Magic the Gathering rivals even my own. She has slowly integrated into the corner and become one with the cult thus making here a friend, ally, and TCG sister.

Just a few other Corner members:

Corner Newbie Identification:  Moira Woods

Corner Newbie Identification: Moira Woods

Corner veteran Identification:  Nishil Patel

Corner veteran Identification: Nishil Patel

Lastly, Let us discuss Craziness generator Brittany Hewing

Brittany uses Sleep.  It's Super Effective

Brittany uses Sleep. Antonio is Fast Asleep.

Brittany embodies all the insanity and chaos that The Corner loves and cherishes. When you see her she is either laughing, hugging, biting, beating, eating, throttling, yelling, or loving at something or someone, and we all return it to her tenfold, well, we at least attempt to do so. She provides fun and delight and anarchy to all around her, which is why she is loved by all around her.

Chris Sanchez (Back) uses confusion.  It's super effective

Chris Sanchez (Back) uses stalker face. It’s super effective.

I love the corner because many of us, as is expected, come to the group not really having many close friends on campus, and, as is also expected, being with a group of people on a regular basis will cause relationships to develop…or we’ll just slowly suck you into the cult. MWAHAHAHAHA!!! I hope that all you prospective students find your group of weirdos and cherish them as I do mine.  And don’t worry, there out there, somewhere, in this crazy wilderness we call life.  Until next time readers, Enjoy Life

Fun times with Clubs

Now that school has officially been active for month, almost everybody has adjusted to the routine of SXU Life. Class, work, etc. Things get pretty predictable and, for those who allow it or have not time for anything else is, boring. No me gusta boredom. Luckily, there are ways to avoid the boredom from overtaking your college life. Now, can you have as much fun as colleges portrayed in movies and other media have, probably not…probably, but there are options. For me, clubs, campus events, and people are a good way to occupy your free time(and sleep is definitely something you’ll learn to love and want for. Trust me, you and your bed will have a very close relationship, if you don’t already).

Just in case you didn't see the flyers obnoxiously posted everywhere!

Advertisements obnoxiously posted everywhere!  Refusal to take down ads equally obnoxious.

Clubs will definitely keep you busy if you don’t have anything to do. If you have a hobby or just some activity you enjoy doing, there is probably a club for it. And if there isn’t, you can make a club for it. I’m currently in the process of creating the club “Gamer Madness” which is a club for gamers. What type of gamers? Every FPS, TCG, RPG-ing one of them!!! Every gamer cult you can think, Trading card game, video game, Role-playing, if the game exist, we will probably play it. It’s a work in progress but I have high hopes for it.

Did I mention obnoxious advertisements.  Well, just case, here's another.

Did I mention obnoxious advertisements. Well, just in case, here’s another.

Also, there is improv club. Any one that has been an executive to a club or a coordinator of any kind to a group knows that it can be time consuming and difficult, but it is worthwhile to see everything come together and to work hard to make events better and more entertaining to members and admirers. And, of course, the hilarity that ensues when you put a bunch of people dedicating to being stupidly funny and having fun.  Regardless, We have had are first show this semester and was a…




The good Nerds

No, not those nerds.

This will be my 4th year being a part of an anime club, and Fierce anime club does not disappoint. Fun events related to anime as well as, of course, watching anime. I wish I could attend more meetings but you’ll find your time on campus will run out quickly if your involved in many different organizations. As well as the time your homework will take out of that. I’m not much for scheduling, but it can definitely be helpful.

Fierce Anime Club Picture

Whew, so much to do, and so little time. Although, it’s much better than having so little to do, and so much time. Keep busy readers and enjoy life.

Allow me to Introduce myself

Hello readers, my name is Antonio Davis and I will one of your new SXU bloggers. I will be blogging to you about my time here on SXU. I’ll be talking about the challenging academics to the very friendly community to the fun, and other exciting events happening on campus, but that is all for another time. Until then, I hope you won’t mind if I tell you a bit about myself.
First thing you should now about me is that I am a comedy lover which is why I am in such clubs as Improv club and Stand-up comic relief club. Currently, the stand-up club is disbanded but that won’t stay true for long. Until then the improv club provides me with all the laughter and fun a man could ask for.

Advertisements.  Advertisements Everywhere

Advertisements. Advertisements Everywhere

Second thing you should know about me is that I am a huge nerd. Now, I am not the socially awkward, napoleon Dynamite looking nerd, but more of the anime loving, Card game trading, video gaming playing nerd. I have been a gamer and anime lover since I was a young lad, and not much has changed since then except for which game and anime my obsession calls for at the moment. Currently, I am a huge Magic the Gathering Trading Card Gaming Fanatic, but do I let it completely take over my life? Well, maybe just 3 or 4 days a week.

Lastly, I am a lover of companionship and the SXU community provides it in surplus. As blogs go on, I will be telling you about this great community of students and faculty as we survive our Academic Quest of Glory and A+s.
There is more about me to learn and the same goes about SXU, and we will explore them both in the many blogs to go. Thanks for reading and until next time, Enjoy Life.