Meet Bobby!

Everyone has that one person you can go to and I have tons of best friends in my life, but the one person I know that will always be there for me is my brother Bobby.


Bobby is a typical 19-year-old guy who loves hanging out with his friends, works, and goes to school. I can count on him for anything, and I really do not think that he knows how much he means to me.  Even though he is 14 months younger than me I look up to him, and he doesn’t even know it. Even though we fight at times, I would not trade him for the world.  He is one of the funniest people around and has a loving personality people would love to have!

Going away to school was hard for both of us. I hated not seeing him everyday or not going to school with him. We went to the same school for twelve years so that was a big adjustment. Keeping  a relationship with my brother has been one of my top priorities while being away. Being away has even made me closer to my brother and I look forward to going home to see my best friend.

No matter what- if you commute or live on campus hold onto the relationships with your family, especially your siblings. They are your life long friends, no matter what. My life would be so different and empty without Bobby, and I cannot wait to spend this summer with him!


Rain.. rain.. go away..

What a miserable looking Thursday and it matches the mood I think we all might be in cause of these long nights of work or school. Just think Summer is right around the corner and so is Friday! So if you finish your homework and things early what are some things you can do on a rainy day..

1. Take a relaxing shower or bath!- Do different spa things like painting your nails/toes, deep conditioning your hair, or even giving yourself a facial!

bigstockphoto_facial_beauty_1310925-s600x6002. Catch up on movies you have been wanting to watch.

3. Take a cat nap.

4. Workout.


Even though it is not the best weather I hope you enjoy your gloomy Thursday and make the best of it!

Let’s boogie our way downtown!

Whew! The week is almost over! ONE MORE DAY! And tomorrow is formal! If some of you do not know what formal means it is a dinner/dance that the Student Activities Board ( SAB) does. And it is at the Willis Tower (aka Sears Tower, the title shouldn’t have ever changed). I am super excited to go and have a break from tests and homework.

St. Xavier’s organizations and clubs put on so many different events throughout the school year. There is always something to do here whether it be going to a dance or go to “LATE NIGHT” which is a night filled with different games and activities in the Shannon Center.

Here is a picture of the Resident Housing Association’s event “Spirit Week.” This organization rocks!


I love all of the members in it and they do such a good job putting on all these successful events. Spirit Week is coming up for Residents next week! There is an event every day/night, so please look out!!

There is always something to do on campus to have fun, just look out for the fliers!!! Have a wonderful fun and safe weekend everyone!




Hey everyone!

I hope you have been doing good. Can you believe that we are almost done with school?! You know what that means.. SUMMER. I seriously cannot wait for the warm weather, I have had enough of this cold and crappy weather. With the weather getting nicer, I just keep thinking of everything I have planned this summer…

1. Work
I want to work both my jobs so I can keep saving up for after school plans and what am I kidding spend money on new things I probably do not need. I work at a hospital in Blue Island as a Speech Pathology Extern, it is really cool!  I also babysit for two families which I love so much, little kids are my favorite! I work in the Office of Admission as the training coordinator for the Student Ambassadors. I love both my jobs they are so awesome! Speaking of Student Ambassadors we are hiring so if you are interested current cougars- go to and the application is right up on that site! :)

2. Relaxing I cannot wait to just relax by laying out, sleeping in, swimming, hanging out with my family and friends, reading, and working out. I love all those things and they help me enjoy my summer.

3. GRE
Yup it’s that time.. To take the GRE ( the test to get into grad school). I am super nervous for it and I know I will have to take a lot of time studying for it.. A buzz kill in the summer, right ?

Thinking of these things .. Well except the studying part. is helping me get through these finals weeks of school, maybe you should try it , it could possibly help you too!!



Work it!

Hey everyone!

So I am making my way through the week anxiously waiting to get to Florida for Easter break next week! In order to do that I have been working out like a crazy person! I do not know how you deal with stress, but I deal with it through working out and getting my fitness on! It makes you feel so much better, and then if you have a little bit of sweets in the day you do not feel as bad.

I have always loved to run since I did cross-country and track in high school. Even though at times it becomes painful like shin splints, it is worth the pain to me. Some of my friends here love to work out and join me. I am always bugging everyone to join me on days I do not want to go alone! We have an awesome gym here for people to use, the Shannon Center. It has a fitness room with free weights, machines, ellipticals, stairmasters, cross trainers, and treadmills! Upstairs in the gym there is a walking/running track and a dance studio. There are free workout classes for students in the dance studio like cardio step, yoga, and zumba!


This is my friend Sam who is a senior here at Saint Xavier University. This year when I was slacking she always got me to work out! She always gave me such good motivation to workout and eat healthy! My favorite thing she taught me was to eat greek yogurt mixed with peanut butter it is such a good healthy snack! We are gym buddies and it is always nice to have someone workout with you to give you that motivation! I have said to people all year that she is basically my personal trainer! My point is to have that buddy to encourage you, have that person like Sam is to me! It will make you stay on the healthy side of college, and you will be feeling great in NO TIME!

Have a nice weekend!



Meet Some of my Friends!

Hey Cougars! I hope everyone has been doing good.. I have had a rough two weeks. These weeks I have had stuff happen that I never imagined but thankfully my family and friends were there for me. Your friends you meet in college usually will be your friends for life. I can honestly say I have met the best people here at Saint Xavier University. Without them my life would not be the same! And you are all lucky enough to meet them through my blog!


Here is my first best friend I met here at Saint Xavier University. Rachel is a fellow blogger here on Cougar Diaries as well! We were matched up as roommates back home and it was one of the best decisions ever! Rachel always is able to calm my neurotic self down and always tells me the truth. You can say that is a best friend and I love that quality in a friendship.  She is one of the hardest workers I know and always has time to fit me in her schedule.  We have remained friends throughout these three years and even work together.. which is surprising she puts up with all of my crazy antics!


What to even say about Bridget/Beesh! She is always there to make me laugh when I need to smile. I can say she is my funniest friend I have here at Saint Xavier. She is so unique in her own way and puts up with my awkwardness!  She is so dedicated in everything she does and volunteers her time more than anyone I know. She has such a great love for her family which I admire so much. I love spending time with her going out or just catching up on homework. She is so beautiful and unique in her own way. I have known her since freshman year, and I can say our friendship has grown stronger each year.


This is Paige. Paige is a year older than me and I look up to her with everything. She is so driven in school and everything she does. She is such a strong girl and always puts others first before her. We grew up in the same neighborhood back home but I was never able to meet her, even though we had tons of mutual friends. She transferred here her sophomore year and I was one of the first friends she had- lucky her right?! But seriously she has made such an impact in my life, and has made me want to live my life to the fullest. I know she is going to be so successful in her career as a nurse!


This is Cathy COUG! I was lucky enough to meet this chica last year when she was a freshman! You cannot even tell that she is just a little younger than us because of how mature she is. She is so driven and literally is always ahead in the school game. Every time she does something she ALWAYS gives it her all, which is an awesome trait to look up to. She always makes me motivated to do my best in school, and to get assignments done way before they are due! I can just sit with her and not say a word for hours while watching movies and we still are having fun together. She has so much potential and I cannot wait to see her succeed.

beth and amanda

Bethany and Amanda are both sophomores here at Saint Xavier University. I met them through being involved in Campus Ministry. These two girls I can honestly say have become my best friends in just less than a year. They are always there with me pulling all nighters or staying in on the weekend and just making jokes. They both are so unselfish and would do anything for the ones they love. We are always joking around with each other and at times when we are serious we have to remind one another. Their friendship has been such a blessing and I cannot wait to see what beautiful ladies they turn out to be!



Finally my beautiful friend Sarah- who sadly I do not have pictures with! She is my boss in Campus Ministry, but yet I would consider her an older sister. I love her more than anything and look up to her in every aspect of life. She has changed the way I think in such a short time, and I cannot wait to see what an amazing woman, wife, and mother she will turn out to be. She is my rock at Saint Xavier University, and it will be sad to see her graduate, but I know her life is just beginning!



I would love to list all of my friends here at Saint Xavier University, but I know that list will go on forever. I love all of the beautiful and amazing friends I have met here, and they are all blessings in my life. I hope everyone can meet wonderful people at their college, and Saint Xavier University is a wonderful start to being new, exciting, and beautiful relationships!

Everyone please be safe and enjoy your Spring Breaks! Until next time Cougars!


So many tests and papers…

Hello everyone! So these past two weeks have been crazy! Tests upon tests and papers upon papers! At least Spring break is coming up soon at least, right? So last night I was really busy with my English paper, but before I started that I hosted an RPM event. You might be asking what a “RPM event” actually is? Well let me tell you..

So RPM stands for a Resident Peer Minister, which I am in McCarthy Hall! We are based out of Campus Ministry, here at Saint Xavier. I am just a helping hand in the residence halls for the students incase they ever need someone to talk to, or be there for them. And no I do not unlock doors like Resident Assistant’s do! Residents always come to me for things like that, and it is quite humorous.  Anyways, RPM’s like to host fun things for the residents, like I did last night!

So last night I held an event that was called “ Meet your Peer Ministers” that was held in the link! Incase you do not know what the link is, it connects the two Residence Halls : Rubloff and McCarthy. Anyways, the event had free pizza but only if you donated a canned good to charity! It is always nice to see how much the residents care to give back to others, and at the same time receive a free meal themselves, which is always a plus!

Campus Ministry has a lot to offer students! They are always welcoming students of all faiths and have different organizations you can become involved in such as: Resident Peer Ministry, Peer Ministry, Bible Study, Retreats, Service Trips, and Prayer Groups. Mass is offered during the week and the student mass is offered every Sunday night at 8pm, where students can participate in the mass as Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers!


Here is a picture of the Chapel at Saint Xavier.

Campus Ministry is a welcoming family on campus, and we love to meet new students! I hope you have an awesome weekend Cougars!

Try and Stay Warm- Snow, Snow, Go Away and Never Come Back Another Day!



Hey everyone!

Coming from high school to college is a big transition.  I know in high school I felt like I had a lot of homework, but I always did it last-minute, but I always ended up finishing it! When I came to Saint Xavier I tried that for the first semester, and even though I did good, I learned that procrastination DOES NOT WORK in college! Anyways I don’t want to bore you with my study tips but this leads me to my next point..

Our library here is awesome! Saint Xavier has study rooms that students can use in groups to study for tests and catch up on homework. It’s really cool because there are also flat screen televisions in each room, so students can hook up their laptops to the big screen. Pretty cool huh?! Well at least I think so..

There are tons of computers in our library and this really cool scanning system that is totally FREE. I know right? You do not hear “free” a lot in today’s world. The computers are all macs but don’t worry PC users you have a choice to switch the system over to PC too.. even though Apple is cooler anyway!!

There are movies that you can check out and even TV series too, which is pretty cool. Everyone is always at the library so I am sure you will end up seeing one of your friends there, some people like to just go there to relax since it is a pretty sight!

Defiantly check out the library, even if you don’t want to do homework. Sometimes I go there and just look out the window and daydream about being far, far away….somewhere warm.

pic for blog

This is usually what I am dreaming about…

Then I look out the pretty windows and it’s snowing?! Hey, welcome to Chicago it’s worth a shot, right?!

Cougars have an awesome weekend! Peace out!


Hey, I’m Amber!

Hello Everyone! My name is Amber Prskalo and I am a new blogger on Cougar Diaries! I am a junior here at St. Xavier University. I am a Communication Science and Disorders Major, or like most people call it a Speech Pathology Major. I also like English sometimes, so that is why I decided to become a minor in it. Pretty cool, huh? Well honestly everyone was picking up minors except me so I decided to jump on the bandwagon and get a minor in something.

Anyways I am pretty excited to start blogging on here! I am involved a lot on campus so I will be talking about my organizations a lot on here, so I hope you don’t get annoyed with that! I promise the things I am involved in are pretty cool… well hopefully to some of you. So I know you are all wanting to know more about me.. so here we go..

I LOVE LOVE LOVE football! The Chicago Bears are my favorite followed by the New England Patriots and the Houston Texans. Yup I am obsessed with Tom Brady and JJ Watt, they are my favorite men in the NFL. And no I don’t just like football cause of the good looking men to look at, I like it because of the game, and then good eye candy is a plus too! I also love my family more than anything in this entire world. I have one brother, Bobby who is my best friend. We are super close in age so that’s nice to have someone to always be around the house with. My Mom and Dad are awesome too, along with my dog Payton. Payton is NOT named after Payton Manning , but after the great Walter Payton, duh! She is my baby and I am always missing her when I am not at home.


This is Payton who is turning 12 in June!

I am from Mokena, IL, which is about 25 minutes away from St. Xavier. And yes I chose to live here, which is an awesome experience because I do not think I would enjoy school as much without getting the whole “ away from home” experience. It makes you appreciate being home more when you’re there.

Well that is enough about me! I am looking forward to blog more each week. Later everyone, have a good week. Only two more days till Friday… we can do it. Until the next time Cougars!