The weekend is for work

Hi there audience,

So ever since I transferred to this school I realized that saying on campus for the weekend is terribly quiet. Not exactly something I am used, to coming from working and going to school in downtown Chicago for most of my life. I normally, like 80% of other students at this school, go home on the weekend. I head home on my normal CTA route of two different buses. This weekend I decided to remain on campus for a number of reasons. My first reason was because I noticed, while at home, I get very distracted with watching TV and playing video games with my brothers. I remained on campus to get some excess studying done. Mission accomplished, because of how incredibly quiet and empty the campus is during the weekend I was able to get more done than three days of the week. During the week, I am in class, hanging with friends, in guitar ensemble or improv, it can get tough to put school work as a priority. It is reversed here actually, fun is during the week, the weekend is for work.

The colors of spring

Hi audience,

So looks like there were a couple of events happening before the semester comes to an end. The president of the school hosted free food on Tuesday April 23. It was great for commuters and residents low on meal plan money. A great event upcoming is the Taste of SXU, now I have never been to this before but I have heard many great things, free food and events also great for students on a budget. The school is took students to a trampoline house for fun on a Thursday night, should be a great way to JUMP into the summer vacation attitude.

In other great news, the weather has been getting better for summer, the Color Run, which is a jog around SXU was delayed for this Wednesday. In detail, the Color Run is more than a simple jog around campus, at different stations there were students throwing color die at the runners. Lastly later today I have a gig with the guitar ensemble. I am still on tour.

Hello once again audience, now normally I am not one for procrastinating and working under strict pressure based on how little time I have left, but this particular essay I was driven by the power of Starbucks coffee. It was very convenient for me to live in Morris hall with a Starbucks on the first floor of our building.

Months have passed and I never entered the Starbucks because I never drink coffee, I usually eat night snacks from the Rubarbs shop. It was years of being told, “coffee is what you need to stay up!” and “I can’t wake up without my coffee.” That I decided to use it as a last resort. My psychology book even told me that caffeine in coffee is known to keep users alert, awake and focused.

The day before the essay due date came, I still procrastinated on writing it. I had a long lunch brake, I went to unnecessary club meetings and even played pool again with my friend Jose. After finally going to my dorm and realizing that sociology essay was due the next day I felt it was time for that cup o’ Joe. I drank it, and it was terribly disgusting to me. So for that reason, I had a cup of water to the side of it, so after every sip I drank some water to wash away the taste. As nasty as I thought it was, it worked incredibly. I was never that quick on the keyboard. I didn’t log onto or to watch movies. After drinking that coffee, it was me and the essay.

Thank goodness for the school installing a Starbucks coffee shop in one of their dormitory buildings.

Between Colleges

Hello there once again audience! Recently I took a trip back to my former college Harold Washington. I transferred to SXU a semester ago, after two years at HWC and one year working for FYE, a record store located one block away from HWC in downtown Chicago. After growing used to the lack of community and friendliness both at FYE and HWC it did not bother me day after day.

Eventually I transferred to SXU. I planed on going to this college since my second year of high school and attending a tour here for the first time. After the middle of my final year of high school I received an acceptance letter to SXU. Unfortunately it was more financially beneficial if I attended a more inexpensive community college for two years first.

I transferred here finally and grew used to the kindness and family this community has. I only recently realized how different it is compared to the city colleges until I took a trip back to downtown for HWC summer class registration.

Here at SXU I see my family of friends that I can approach with anything on my mind in improv club, psychology club, intramural sports or just having a lunch with buds after a simple text, “Hey meet me in the diner!”

While I was downtown I noticed how individual the students were. There was a man on headphones, another student on her cell phone. I could not find a simple group of friends in a family like social group. I also remember that was the main reason I transferred out of that school in the first place, aside from it being only a two-year school anyway.

Killing Time

I recently found myself, again, in the state of boredom. No tests to study for, or essays to write and not even any improv rehearsals to go to. It was an awkward time for myself simply sitting in my dorm room thinking. I came to realize there are things I do that have become so routine for me, I forgot these are what I do when I actually find free time to kill time. I was able to get laundry done, exercise at the Shannon Center. I even discovered an accessible rooftop area near the fourth floor board room, which by the way is a fancy place to get work done. A few days later I noticed a man flying a kite and remembered I love flying kites so I went home grabbed my kite and ran with it on the grass in the quad. It did not get much air. Another great way I kill time is using the Regina Hall pool table. Usually I meet up with my friend Jose at Regina Hall and wind up playing a game while we are there anyway. Being on campus and not having access to video games, TV, paintball guns and watching rock concerts around Chicago certainly opened my life up to new hobbies.

Service Retreats

Service trips are an inspirational, moving experience for students. SXU takes over fifty students to different areas of America to renovate homes of unfortunate families. Different locations include, Kansas City, Chicago, St. Louis, Nazareth Farm, Bethlehem Farm and Appalachia Service Project. When I was in high school I was able to attend both Appalachia Service Project and Nazareth Farm. The retreat allowed me to meet people from around the country. Though these service retreats I was also able to gain home and construction skills. I learned how to install floorboards, cinder-block supports for a falling home and ramp construction. This was a moment to relax away from the city, school work and family. I was able to make a new family at ASP and Nazareth Farm as well as have fun helping with construction. Taking the hourly trips to each location even allowed for my fellow volunteers to grow stronger in our relationships. For me it was more of a vacation than community service. I know of many friends that went to different retreats here at SXU. “I was able to find myself spiritually. I now know where I need to be in life.” -Torie Blaser. This is a very moving opportunity. I regret now not finding enough money to go on a service retreat this semester as they also told me of how much fundraisers they were able to do. My friend Becca was able to raise money for the trip by doing weekly bake sales. Next year I will definitely do everything I can to vacation away to a service retreat.

Before the break

Hello again!

A few more days until Spring break and my calendar is filled with events, essays and tests. It can get overwhelming knowing I have this much to do, but great at the same time. Having this busy of a schedule reminds me that I am taking full advantage of SXU and what it has to offer. In addition to three midterm tests, I have soccer intramurals planned for the week. I map everything out on my calendar and this much hard work makes finishing everything I scheduled
and relaxing on Spring break much more enjoyable. Here is what other students thought about the busy week before Spring break:

Under the weather?

Hi hello,

Today I thought I would tackle how people feel about the transportation each student works around and how they feel about some extreme weather conditions that may occur. As a resident, this is paradise living five minutes from class. It’s incredibly convenient, from two straight years of commuting to my old college in downtown Chicago via CTA train and bus, to a four minute walk.

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The Music Power of SXU

The music program is extremely diverse here at SXU. There are over seven different music ensembles, ranging from smaller groups, like the guitar ensemble and the jazz combo, to the bigger groups like marching band and orchestra. For me, they were a great way to improve my performance skills and have fun meeting new people who share the love of music as I do. I feel it’s diverse in the styles of music the different ensembles can play. The Jazz Combo plays jazz music from Miles Davis to quartet tunes and the Jazz Band plays big band arrangements of swing jazz songs to Frank Sinatra. If you are into more classical music, there is the orchestra and the guitar ensemble playing Bach to Mozart. Finally, if you are more into modern tunes and love supporting the school’s sport teams, the Marching Band is for you. I heard them do a big band cover of the Led Zeppelin song “Kashmir”.
I have had a great time performing my personal favorite, jazz music with the Jazz Combo. For me. it I felt it was our own rock-star experience. The other students and I even thought of a fun name to call our band. We were the “Cycle of 7.”There were seven of us in the band, myself on guitar, Genevieve on saxophone, Mark on saxophone, Felix on the trombone, Denote on drums, Mike on the bass and Tom on the piano. We toured all around the SXU campus, bringing the house down at Starbucks, to playing for bar-hoppers at Gillhooleys. If you are looking for a rock-star experience I strongly recommend the Jazz Combo.

SXU Diner

The SXU diner is for all students, commuter or resident, where the community of SXU unites for food, activities, socialization, and studies. The food has a selection from soups, salads, healthy sandwiches to great fast food like cheeseburgers and fries. This, however, is not what makes the diner so great. The SXU diner is for students to come together to socialize, play games and even study with each other. In different areas of the diner you will notices different groups on campus from the Service Club to TableTop Club having fun and enjoying the area. Even sports teams unite at the diner in their team jerseys coming together to promote their team. With free wi-fi around campus students are able to access the internet from any mobile technological device. Comes in handy for commuter students who would like to kill time with their friends or sit to work on their studies. In the SXU diner I was able to promote my created club the SXU Bowling Club. It was through the diner I was able to find a group of friends who I see on a regular basis to study with or socialize with. Sometimes myself and other SXU improv members even use the diner to promote our club and tell students about shows that are going to happen.
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