Earth week!

Hello all!

So, this week with Mercy Students for Peace and Justice, and Eco Club we had Earth Week! It was a week full of information and other interactive activities that the student body took part in so I figured this week i’d share some of the knowledge that we gathered for this week.

First and foremost our main campaign throughout the week was to “Boycott the Bottle”.This is just some fancy phrasing to say we want people to use reusable bottles instead of plastic ones you buy from the store. This is for multiple reason. The most important one to me is because the plastic is being unnecessarily created, creating pollution, and is then left behind as waste. The bottles are being unnecessarily created because we are all capable of owning a reusable water bottle. Now, some people say to that “but tap water is nasty” and this brings me to the second reason why we shouldn’t drink bottled water: it is no better for you than tap, it is actually often times cleaner. This is for a few reasons. 1) the FDA has one person, who along with other tasks, is in charge of over seeing all bottled water, so you know it is not being checked. The bottled water companies actually do their own testing and then submit that. 2) Municipalities generally test each batch of water over 6 times a day but multiple people, this means it is monitored more than bottled water. 3) bottled water is filtered once, tap water is filtered at least 4 times. 4) illegal and dangerous chemicals were found in tested bottle water that came right off the store shelf.

Okay, so that was a lot about bottled water, now, let us discuss the ocean.


A common misconception that people have is that all our oxygen comes from trees, right? Wrong! The ocean is the largest carbon filter in the world. Within the ocean, we find plankton which are known as the grass of the sea. Plankton are the base of the food chain in the ocean, without them life in the ocean would not be possible. So, plankton, really important to the ocean and ocean really important to breathing. The problem is, in today’s ocean, there are 40% less plankton than there was in the pre-industrial revolution ocean; we have a higher population and yet the ocean has a decreased oxygen production. Not just this, but also there is 6X more plastic than plankton. The waste we create is really killing our environment


Wellllll, we need to become conscious consumers. Our system is based on capitalism and capitalism survives because of supply and demand. Without a demand for something, the supply is completely unnecessary and will be a waste. If we stop demanding, and stop using, things that create unnecessary waste, the resources required to create the items, the pollution caused by the production and the waste the discarded item creates could all be greatly reduced.

Sorry, I didn’t have time to take any pictures because I was talking about all this information and so much more!

Stay fresh and have an awesome weekend!

Give live love!


Music is a language in itself. Think about it, you need to learn to read notes; you need to learn to sing in key to be communicating with a guided intention. I have always felt connected with music and like it is deeply seeded in who I am, who I have been and who I will be. Music can set me in a mood; it can make me see light when I am in darkness. Despite my mood or what I shout, the music will be there to say exactly what I want to hear. I have always loved my music collection even though it really has a lack of correlation. Just like my friends, I refuse to settle with a group or genre. I listen song by song, my itunes library ranges from EDM, to Trevor Hall, to Kesha, and everything in between.

I have a song for anything. A boy breaks up with me? I have a plethora of songs that will raise me up as an independent women and strike him down as just another @$$ hole. My parents try to tell me to do something or control my life? I have songs that remind me I am in control of my life. I want to feel the love and energy of the universe around me? Got so much soul music <3


Here are some of my favorite songs/artists:


trevor-hall-10“The Mountain”

“Well I Say”

Trevor Hall

(and really anything by him)





“Budding Trees”PromoPhoto1-copy3

Nahko and Medicine for the People

(and really anything by them)




Ed Sheeran

(and really anything by him)



“Cough Syrup”

Young the Giant



“Remembering Sunday”

All Time Low





“Beautiful Rescue”

“Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”

This Providence“Partition”





“Scum Bag”

Bro Safari





(anything by him)





“Day Dreamer”





pink“Fun House”



(anything by P!nk)





I could literally name songs and artists for pages! These are definitely ones that speak to me and give me all sorts of feels.

Have a good weekend! We sat in the Quad for 5 hours today, Soak up that sun!


‘Til next time :)


Passion and Immigration

Happy Friday all!

I have had an exhausting, eye opening morning. After snoozing my alarm 4 times, I woke up at 6 a.m…. the time that I was supposed to meet at the front of Regina for the Broadview trip. I jumped out of bed, put on the first things I found, and ran up stairs. There was a 16 people crowd waiting up stairs- which is a great turn out for something so early!

Broadview Detention Center. Observe how hidden it is.

Broadview Detention Center. Observe how hidden it is.

We all gathered to go to the Broadview Detention Center for Immigration. However, it cannot be properly conceptualized as a “jail” or “prison” as is usual; it is a privatized center. Meaning people are making money from holding individuals there. In case you don’t know about the immigration system in the United States, read about it; it is a pretty profound and deeply broken system. This is exactly why we, as Mercy Students for Peace and Justice, join a group of activists who gather to observe and pray for the immigrants in front of detention center as an act of nonviolent protest, and also to show support. In the mornings while we are gathered outside, there are also families inside the building visiting their families that sometime join us in our solidarity.

This experience is so humbling and more so, inspiring. People need to be more passionate nowadays. There’s so much going on around us and to not care about at least a few certain things to a large extent is to almost not do your duty as a human, in my opinion. I’m always looking for ways that I can fulfill and work with my passions. I do a lot of work with MSPJ but just yesterday I went to the first environmental club meeting. There are so many things to do and get involved in that I feel like to at least not inquire and discover what these things are i’d be doing myself a disservice.

This weekend i’m going on my second retreat: Awakenings! I’m super excited:)

Stay fresh this weekend everyone!

Relax & Recharge.

Burn Baby Burn!

Me and Lizzy at the gym in High School, you can tell the lack of seriousness

Me and Lizzy at the gym in High School, you can tell the lack of seriousness

Did you know…

It’s been found: Americans are becoming healthier. Yes, over the past decade or so we have been known for becoming more and more obese but the trend is starting to correct itself. In high school, I always did excel gym and would push myself in the sports I took part in but I did not really have a personal drive to work out. It was pretty much the same story when I first started here at St Xavier. I went to the fitness classes (zumba, cardio kickboxing, nike training, ab blast and yoga are heaven sent) every week and worked really hard there but had no outside motivation or time put in.


And people, let me tell you, the Freshmen 15 is SO real its scary. The first thing that I did when I started noticing the physical weight gain was fix my eating habit. The diner has healthy options, but it also has greasy comfort food. I also stopped drinking juice everyday. I read in this ladies blog that is really cool that fruit juice is one of the highest empty calorie things you can consume. This shocked me and I started only drinking water and coffee with occasional indulgences. However, this really made no impact and my health remained the same.


When I came back from winter break- a time I spent hiking, sledding, and going to shows- I was refreshed and started going to the gym more. I used to run cross country but I hadn’t tried to run continuously in awhile and doing so really lit a fire inside of me. I had forgotten what the runners high felt like. My body was not quite what it used to be. I have been running a lot recently and have developed a true appreciation for the mental preparation and control that’s needed to run long distances. I just finished spending 2 hours in the gym, 1 hour was spent straight lifting and the other was lifting weights.


Let me tell you, I feel REFRESHED after a day like today! The first time I started going back to the gym I was only able to run for 20 minutes and was DYING afterwards. Now, even after the gym when before my body would be aching and all I would want to do is sleep, I feel light and renewed. Anything is possible to an extent and one can always get better. Everything in life is done best if one builds themselves to higher points instead of trying to start at them.

Stay healthy, stay happy, stay peaceful!

Until next week :)

Dorm Room Dining!

Okay guys, so this blog post is going to be about the ways in which, as a Freshmen with only one provided microwave and toaster oven for the entire hall, one can feed themselves late at night, early in the morning, or times like this, when i’m just feeling super lazy and dont want to change out of my pajamas to go to the diner.


So, there’s obviously Ramen, easy mac, oatmeal, and pretty much any other preprepared microwaveable product that would be an easy fix. However, trust me, after a while, you get sick and tired of eating pizza rolls. That’s why, the best thing you can do, is figure out when you get here what kind of things you miss eating from home and how you can recreate them! Personally, I try to make as much stuff for myself as I can because the diner food doesn’t aim to necessarily be healthy and keep my body looking hot.

Here are some of the recipes that I like:

1. Oatmeal, Peanut butter balls! I’m actaully pretty positive this is not the legitimate name but my friend amanda makes them all the time and they are great! It’s just oatmeal, peanut butter, nuts, flax seed, vanilla, honey, and anything else thrown into a bowl, mixed together and then formed into balls. This treat is a no bake, instantly ready snack that is healthy and yummy!

2. Apple slices! Okay, so I know you read that one and you’re like “yeah Danielle, you can totally eat apple slices easily and without anything other than an apple and a knife” BUT, my favorite thing to do with apple slices is put stuff on top of them. Grab some fruit from the diner and top it with peanut butter, craisins, coconut, nutella, granola, chopped nuts, etc. The possibilities are endless!

3. Cookie Dough Greek Yogurt! This one I found on pintrest way back when and it is one of my favorite deserts all time. Here’s how you make it: add 1 tbsp peanut butter, 1 tbsp sweetener, 1 tbsp mini chips, and 1/4 tsp vanilla to Greek yogurt. This snack tastes legitimately like cookie dough, takes 5 minutes at most to prepare, and is a lot lower calorie than real cookie dough!

4. Fruit pops! This is another thing my friend amanda and I love to do. Get some fruit, I prefer kiwi, but literally anything you want. Cut it into pieces and stick the pieces on popsicle sticks. Next, you need melted chocolate and you just coat the fruit in that. You then put the fruit covered in chocolate on wax paper in your freezer (or just turn your fridge up really high) and wait for the chocolate to harden!
5. Microwave Cheesecake! Okay, so this one i’ve only done twice and have yet to perfect it quite yet but man, the possibilities!
Here are the ingredients:
 2 ounces low fat cream cheese, softened to room temperature
1/2 cup low fat sour cream
1/4 teaspoon vanilla
2 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons egg white, slightly beaten (egg whites in a carton work fine)
1/2 teaspoon lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon cornstarch (prevents liquid from forming)
and here’s the step by step directions on how to make it:
6. English muffin pizza! These are so awesome! It’s like a bagel bite but better ingredients and made by yourself! All you need is an english muffin, pizza sauce, cheese, and any other toppings you enjoy. Simply throw it together like a pizza and then pop it in the toaster oven for a bit on 350, mke sure you monitor it!
There are so many other types of recipes that you can make in the dorms room with some ingredients and creativity! I hope you enjoy these recipes and let me know how they go if you try them out, and also let me know if you have any other cool recipes for me to try :)
Stay fresh and go see Divergent (a really awesome book series) tonight!!!!


Hello world and all its beautiful inhabitants!


Yesterday was my birthday, and man was it a good one! I’m usually always sad on my birthday, I don’t know why but I am. So, I wasn’t expecting much. However, at midnight, my wonderful loving friends showered me with presents (okay, so 4 people did, but I wasn’t expecting anything) and it made me feel very appreciated. I had two friends from high school who were the only people outside of my family who ever gave me gifts because they loved and appreciated me. These things were always kind of small and usually stolen, or they were artwork which i absolutely love and have hanging in my dorm room (shout out to A-hums).

Now, material items don’t define whether or not somebody appreciates me, however, to see the thought behind the gifts- how perfect and excited I got for the gift in general- gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling.  My friend Amanda got me a super cute dress, but the card that she got me brought me to tears of joy. I am literally amazed by how good of a birthday I had. Everything was provided to me for my celebration and I didn’t even have to ask. My friend Felecia, along with getting me a super cool yoga book, got me a tiara that said “birthday girl” and doused me in confetti 6+ times throughout the school day. Which, angered the janitors and caused everyone in my classes enjoyment as they watched me try to fish confetti out of my shirt.

After having such a wonderful birthday, I am sort of in awe. I have only been at SXU, what, 5 months? Maybe more, but regardless, less than a year and I have met such wonderful people who have given me one of, if not, the best birthdays I’ve ever had. I am so thankful for all the wonderful people I’ve met at this school because they have truly already made such a large impact on my life. My goal for this new year of my life is to find the love within myself. I give a lot and often times feel underappreciated. This birthday showed me I am appreciated. I am going to learn to be okay being alone and to have my deeds behind the scene remain unseen because I AM LOVE. I have enough love within me to love myself fully and love others.


Alas, I am currently in Indiana on my way to Kentucky for my cousins Regionals dance competition so I should probably sleep (seeing as it’s midnight;).

Keep it real guys. Live give love.

& have a great break


Yoela! However this may sound, I’ve never been to a retreat before.

I mean, I’d heard of them but never actually experienced one myself…. Until last weekend! Here at Saint Xavier University, being a Mercy school and all, they offer a number of retreats throughout the year. Being a Freshmen, there is an exclusive retreat called “Quest” that only people in your class can attend. I wasn’t originally all that interested but just the fact that I could only go on it as a Freshmen made me feel like I’d be missing out if I wouldn’t have gone.


So, we packed up our things for a weekend, met at the chapel at 5pm and we were off by 5:30. The bus ride was fun, we played this game with everybody where one person stands up and everyone else yells whatever questions they could think of. I had much fun thinking of abstract questions like if you could be either a land animal or aquatic creature, which one and why?


We got there Friday night and did some ice breaker games and had a dance party/ chill session for the end of the night because it was like 8 pm. The cabin was up in the middle of no where Michigan so I thoroughly enjoyed going on a nighttime stroll in the surrounding forestry. On Saturday, we had a couple of hours to go snow tubing and cross country skiing! It was so cool!


Now, one of the rules of quest is that you can’t give away the magic of it. What I can tell you is that people opened up; they touched your heart. We were assigned into small groups and the people you were in a small group with all trusted. It was such a beautiful, friendship building retreat! Since the retreat, I’ve seen fellow Questies, we’ve made Quest game days in the diner, and last night we went out for Quest family dinner at Gilhooleys!



Some people say SXU doesn’t have anything going on. And like, yeah, we are a small religious school so we don’t have a bunch of sorority and fraternity nonsense, don’t have giant streets like SIU were the only people living in those houses are students, and our school doesn’t have giant concerts like the University of Iowa.


BUT, there’s so much to do- as long as you’re willing to make sacrifices. This place is homey and you get to know almost everyone. It’s comfortable and accepting; Warm and inviting.


Happy Love Day readers!


Hope you are all openly and outwardly expressing your love on this fine day!

This week has been full of love for me. Sure, I actually had some pretty bad drama and people talking behind me back but literally the event I’ve been working since Wednesday showed me that none of that matters.

I am apart of Mercy Students for Peace and Justice (MSPJ). We focus on bringing peace to campus and inspiring people to help us make a difference with various social issues. This weeks event, because it’s the week of Valentines Day, we started of GiveLiveLove campaign. The purpose behind this campaign is to help people feel more comfortable with openly and outwardly expressing their love for everyone and everything they feel it for.


Wall of Love after day 2!

Everyday we’ve had a “Wall of Love” up. This is where fellow students are encouraged to write on a post-it note about anything they love- where they love, how they love, who they love, what they love- and then they post it on our wall. We’ve had great success and it’s awesome to see so many people willing to express an emotion that is so pure and beautiful. We are doing different things everyday of the campaign besides the Love Wall.

The boys working the table!

The boys working the table!

On Wednesday, it was Thank-You day. We designed thank yous and encouraged students to take them and give them to friends, family, or even better strangers.

On Thursday, we had the compliment challenge. This is where any student who wanted a button or sticker we designed they had to give out 3 compliments to 3 different people in the Diner.

Today, we have candy and pre-made valentines that have fellow MSPJ member’s artwork on it.


Cougar posting their love <3

Cougar posting their love <3

Jam Band!

Hello all!

Okay, so I’m supppppper excited for tonight! My friends from my hometown, like an hour and 15 minutes away, have a band called Crybaby and they are playing a show at the Bottom Lounge! Now, I’ve seen them multiple times but this performance is super special for multiple reasons.

Da band!

Da band!

Firstly, this is the first show where they will be doing 100% originals. Like most garage bands, they have built up their fan base and talent by doing covers of songs. Recently though, they have been writing originals left and right and I have been informed this show is going to be dropping three never-heard-before songs!


Secondly, the Bottom Lounge is a big venue (compared to the local bars and stores they usually play at). I just recently over winter break went and saw The Werks at the Bottom Lounge. This is a place where big artists play at so the fact that my friends are getting to bless the stage with their jam band rock is super exciting and mind blowing.

Me at a Crybaby show over winter break

Me at a Crybaby show over winter break

Their evolution as a band is finally coming to that “ahhhh, finally” moment. It’s nice to have a group of people I can be overly proud of. One of the things that I love most about going to school in the Chicago area is the fact that I can go to a show every weekend if I wanted to. Public transportation has become my best friend- though  was afraid to use it at first, just got to make sure you have a buddy!

But yeah,

Imma have fun!

Hope you all have fun tonight and this weekend!


‘Til next time.

On my honors!

So, I really like learning. Wait, I really like LOVE learning. It’s always been a passion of mine. I came to college to develop my brain and my thinking, and that is exactly what I intend to do. To me, having this goal as opposed to going to school for a degree and income, is encouraging and fulfilling beyond belief. St. Xavier offers an environment where I feel comfortable and free to be myself and strengthen my mental ability in every area.


What more so encourages me on my mission at SXU is the honors program, which is what I’ve decided to dedicate this post to writing about.

IMPORTANT: If you think this sounds cool and you are an early student (Fr/So) and you have a good GPA and staff that know you as a student who really likes to engage in learning, it is possible to get into the honors program; they welcome people! Mary Beth Teagan, a wonderful women, is the lady you need;)

There are many things about the honors program that were actually deciding factors in me attending this school. It’s an excelling program. Individuals within the program are assigned an overlying theme in which their honors classes will incorporate to which class. For example, I took honors English semester and we dealt with social justice pieces and things that addressed different types of governing systems. Personally, why I want to become a more critically thinking individual is so I can impact the world with positivity and a humanitarian outlook to the best of my ability. Already because of both the honors program and the classes I choose as well, I have discovered pertinent knowledge about social justice movements that were successful in the past, and insight into human mind and action in general.

The honors classes specifically are cool for other reasons besides the over arching theme. You are specifically only with other honor students in your specific class so you get an intimate and comfortable feeling in your classes. Already, in just the second semester, I felt totally comfortable going into my honors humanities and philosophies classes because I knew pretty much every face sitting in the class with me. This causes a lot more class participation. I’m one to participate a lot in any class that I am taking (cause I lurv it!) and it’s really nice to sit in this class and have great class participation and interest from the start.

Along with this comfortable factor we do some cool things. Yes, it is a bit more challenging than a regular class because the professors expect more and ask more in depth questions (the material is actually pretty much the same). But we also get some cool perks occassionally. Along with free printing, my humanities class gets to attend two theatrical productions- one is picked by the professor and the other is picked by the student. This reminds me so much of a field trip from back in those infamous tween days, and I’m super excited for it because I love the theatre!


I apologize for the lack of pictures, I really don’t like using pictures that aren’t mine. I donut have a smart phone so I can’t really take pictures and my silly Mac doesn’t have a slot for my photo card for my digital:p But I declare, pictures shall come!


Stay well everybody! Search your souls and revaluate goals!