I am NOT Superwoman

Hello, faithful readers! I hope you survived midterms and are ready to finish this semester!

IMG_1880On Monday, I was able to take a study break and go to pilates with Amanda. For almost two years, I have tried to attend pilates unless I am scheduled to work or can’t take a study break. For the most part, I am able to attend. If you are looking for a great workout that is very intense, I would for sure say Pilates is right for you.

This week for the Office of Admissions, we had our first special visit event! With my new job for the Office of Admissions, I now have the responsibility of supervising the first-year student ambassadors. Not going to lie:  I was nervous and wanted it to go well. AND IT DID! I am so proud of how great my first-years did on the panel. They handled themselves gracefully and recovered well on the tough questions from the prospective students. With open house just around the corner, I am looking forward to seeing them all shine for that and the upcoming year!

RA Liz and I designed my bulletin board for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I was especially thinking about my grandma and all the other women and men affected by breast cancer. IMG_2273The board has different facts and the monthly self-checkup women should do. My grandma survived both lung (even though she wasn’t ever a smoker) and breast cancer, but died from a third cancer a little more than four years ago. It’s crazy to think it has been that long, but I still feel like I need to call her to tell her when something exciting is happening, or just to talk to her about anything. But just the same, I know that I was lucky to have the time I got with her.

As many of you know, this semester is a busy one for me! I work five jobs and strive to continue my role with being on the dean’s list. At moments, it’s hard, to be honest, a lot of moments are difficult; I live at work, literally. This past week someone tried to create a meeting for the following day and I was completely busy from 7a.m. to 11 p.m., and when I said I wasn’t able to meet then, they made the comment “Oh you can do it! You’re superwoman!”

IMG_2171I know they meant it as a compliment. But in reality I didn’t see it that way. I am Genesis. I work crazy hard for everything I do, but I need sleep, I need to eat, I need time to study, and I need time to relax. As a result, I am now working on saying “no.” This might sound crazy, but saying “no” when I know I can’t do something or if I have too much going on is important. And this is okay.

It’s okay to say “no.” It’s okay to recognize everything on one’s plate and to be honest and say you have too much going on. It’s not fair to those relying on me to do a job well, if I can’t do it well. And lastly, it’s okay to say “no” because I am NOT superwoman, and you are not a super hero! We cannot do everything and that’s okay. There is no reason as to why we should feel guilty about not being able to do everything. Sure there is tons of things we have to do in the day that we don’t have a choice about, but when we do, we have a choice, even if it doesn’t feel like we do.

For this week, I hope that you are able to recognize what you want to do and what you don’t want to. Best of luck on this week of classes! I will leave you with a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt, “Remember no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

Homecoming Week!

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic week, as it was Homecoming Week!

This past week was once again another busy week! I am starting to believe that every week is a busy one… So maybe I should just drop the whole “it was a busy week” and simply believe that that’s the norm?! I guess a part of me wants to believe that my schedule will just chill out, but that has yet to happen, and SXU is going on Week 8 this upcoming week.

Chicago Public Schools are going on strike this week, so I needed to go in to complete my observation hours earlier then I had originally planned. I have felt completely lucky once again because my teacher is fantastic. For the most part, after the third grade, bilingual classrooms are not present and the focus is on English. As a middle school major, I knew that I wanted to observe a middle level even if it was not bilingual any longer. I was completely speechless when I got to the classroom to find how English and Spanish flowed from the teacher to the students. To me, it was exactly what I was looking for without realizing it. It was almost as if the teacher I was observing had read the textbooks I was reading for my ESL endorsement, and it was truly beautiful. I was honored to have been able to observe a classroom so welcoming and accepting of all students who entered the classroom. Someday, I hope to be a fraction of the teacher who I had the privilege to observe.

IMG_2140On Tuesday I was awarded the O’Brien Medallion Award. The award is given to those who are considered to be great leaders with a focus on service and the SXU core values. The O’Brien Medallion Award is given to 5 students, from each School of SXU: Education, Business, Nursing, and two Liberal Arts. I was shocked to find out that the School of Education picked me, and even more shocked to find out with whom I was receiving the award! I received the award with all seniors who I look up to. I’m truly blessed to have received such a great honor ,and I look forward to getting to wear the medallion when I graduate.

Thursday afternoon, I went to the Tutoring Center for the first time this semester. The Tutoring Center is a great resource for SXU students to use. It’s already included as a part of our tuition, so everyone should use it. I always tell people on my tours that it can be the difference between a B and an A in a course. The tutor who was assigned to tutor Physical Science for Teachers was fantastic! She helped all of us so much. If a tutor is not assigned to a course, as a student you can go to the Tutoring Center and request a tutor in that subject. The Tutoring Center really works to assist students in what they need help on. So if you need help, go to the Tutoring Center and get the help that you need to finish the semester strong!

On Thursday, Mercy Students for Peace and Justice (MSPJ) had their first Open Mic Night. It had the theme of “Voice your Vote,” while in between acts we talked about the importance of voting and talked about the candidates for the election. We also had computers and details about how to register to vote, how to vote absentee and what to bring along with you when you go to vote. We had a great turnout and so many talented SXU students showed off their talents!

On Friday evening, I was able to attend the Heritage Ball. FullSizeRender (37)Those who were invited were SXU leadership from University Housing Staff, Orientation Leaders and board members for Registered Student Organizations. It was a really fun night and I was lucky enough that I got to bring my boyfriend along. They also recognized the O’Brien Medallion Award recipients. It was a fun night with those who work so hard at SXU, and it was a great break from school!

On Saturday, SXU had our Homecoming game. AND WE WON!!!!! It was a great game, and it was a close one! Although I am not the biggest football fan, I still had a blast and surrounded myself with those who love football. FullSizeRender (36)Shout out to my great friends who always show their Cougar pride and are great to be around! Part of the reason I enjoy my time at SXU is because of you.

A quote that I received from my Peer Minister Team is “In my experience, being busy and working hard is the key to sanity and happiness” by Jemima Khan. So let’s forget my earlier statement about wishing school would slow down and get less busy and lets all keep pushing for what we love! Have a great week, everyone!

Events to Events

Hey everyone! Homecoming Week is around the corner, and I am so excited!

This week has been a busy one. For the Office of Admissions, I had multiple orientations for the First-Year Student Ambassadors. I will be supervising 40 first-year students, and I am truly excited because it’s a great group of ambassadors!

IMG_2094On Tuesday, I got to attend a workshop presented by Julie Veloz about her life and overcoming many obstacles to get to where she is today. I personally felt connected to her story for multiple reasons: being Latino, living in our society, being true to herself, and having curly hair (and accepting it!). This workshop became one of my favorite events that I have had the chance to attend, and it was a great reminder to myself about who I am and who I want to be.

Some of the female Regina Hall RAs and I had our first event on Thursday. IMG_2106It was called “Floor Code,” which had different bonding activities, including a spa night. The event was a success and a lot of fun to host! So many of the residents didn’t want to leave, but it was getting late.

This Friday, I had a sad flashback of what it is like to be part of a Minnesota sports team. About a month ago, I bought tickets to see the IMG_2120Sox versus Twins game, and they were really good tickets. The tickets were right next to home plate, so I was super excited! Just last week I found out that SXU Student Life had tickets available for students because that evening was Saint Xavier on the field! So it was a REALLY fun game because I got to see SXU students — except the Twins were completely crushed, and it made the Minnesota fans (my boyfriend and I) really sad.

I did some shopping for the Heritage Ball and also for an award I am receiving next week.(Will share pictures for next week’s post!) During that evening, there was a fun Super Saturday party connected to Hispanic Heritage Month that had great music and food. I wish I didn’t have to be on duty that evening, but for the short time I got to be there, it was great!

I hope everyone has a great Homecoming Week! Check out the list of events to happen this week below!

And I am ending this week’s post with a quote by Maya Angelou that reminds me of the workshop from this week: “My wish for you is that you continue. Continue to be who you are, to astonish a mean world with your ashes of kindness.”FullSizeRender (33)


One Thing to the Next

Greetings, all! This past week has been busy — not only with work but with so many great events taking place at school!

Hispanic Heritage Month is a tradition at SXU, and it has been a blast! One of my favorite events is having a bilingual mass. Growing up, my father, who is a native Spanish speaker, and mom always tried to find a church community that offered both languages. So when our chapel offered a bilingual mass, it was a little piece of home to me! 34FA7D91-2D91-49A7-ACF8-2CD353A71ABD

On Wednesday, noon classes were cancelled so students could take part in Mercy Day and attend mass. Mercy Day focuses on Saint Xavier’s history and its founding by the Sisters of Mercy and what they went through to provide an education for children and women as well as their move to the States from Dublin, Ireland.

This week, Mercy Students for Peace and Justice (MSPJ) held our first meeting. I love how MSPJ works to involve not only our school but also our surrounding community. We focus on answering the call of our fundamental human concern for others by following the example of our Mercy tradition. At its most basic level, MSPJ draws inspiration from our collective human desire to alleviate the suffering of our fellow human beings. They empathize with other people and long to relieve their suffering. MSPJ strives to encourage and nurture that concern for others and channel it into contemplation and action so that we may better ourselves, our families, our community and our world.

On Friday morning, I woke up early at 4:15 a.m. because I led the Broadview trips. We make the trip to stand in solidarity with the families who are being broken apart because of the immigration system. To me, being in Broadview and leading it is a huge honor because my father is a immigrant and anyone in my family could easily be those who are being deported. The trip itself is about 45 minutes, once we are there, we pray for the families in both Spanish and English. Seeing all the small children who had to say goodbye to their parents was heart breaking.

For those of you who don’t know, here’s some facts about immigration:

  • It costs $40,000 of taxpayer money to deport just one person.
  • The government deports people every Friday and Saturday morning at Broadview Detention Center. Those who are held in Broadview wear chains on their feet, hands and neck linking them to each other, and are treated like murderers when most of them have come here for a new beginning.
  • One-thousand one-hundred people in America are deported every day; while 100,000 children have lost at least one parent to deportation in the last 10 years.
  • Four-hundred thousand undocumented immigrants were detained and deported from the U.S. in 2011 alone.
  • There are more than 400,000 undocumented immigrants in the detention centers in the U.S. at all times. This is a broken system. The buses that take people away have someone’s father and mother on board. They are people who belong to our family.

If you are looking for more information, check out these websites:

I really could not be more proud to attend a school with so much focus on helping all humans, including immigrants. FullSizeRender (32)Being able to learn from the Sisters of Mercy and see how they serve so many is inspiring. And I truly feel so honored to be a part of the trips, especially when this trip had so many new people who were attending for the first time — even more so that every seat was full!

Later that Friday, I was able to make my first visit for PALS for change. This was something that was completely new to me, but that I wanted to try it, and it amazed me how great it was! I never had the opportunity to work with those who have physical disabilities. I made a great connection with one of the women, and we just had a great time talking and doing different activities, and we just hit it off. I look forward to going again next month!

D7A26BF9-244B-4675-B570-EF23E9EDC7D7This past Friday was also my sister Maya’s birthday. She is studying music education in New York and she is having a fabulous time! I am so proud of her! She made a huge jump going to school across the country, but it sounds as if it is the perfect fit for her, so I could not be any happier! She is truly becoming a lovely young woman!

This week’s post is dedicated to a quote by Yousuf Karsh: “Character, like a photograph, develops in darkness.” Have a great week everyone! Thanks for reading!

A Busy Dreamer

Welcome all to another week of the Cougar Diaries!

IMG_1972On Monday, I got to attend Pilates with Amanda in Pacelli Hall, and it was great! Pop Pilates is something that I started last year and haven’t stopped since. Ask my family: I did it almost every day back home and they all thought I was crazy. But it’s such a good workout to do in a short amount of time. And what I love about it is that you don’t need weights or machines; you use your own body and work for a stronger self.

This past week was a sucky one because one of the worst things that can happen to a student occurred. I got sick. Now I know that sounds dramatic and all, but as a college student and a busy person, getting sick means not only a stuffy nose but a stuffy head. And to me, that’s my least favorite part. Especially this past week, I felt as though every instant was slow and painful, but Liz and I did get our first board completed. IMG_1980

The Mark Sterner presentation occurred last week. Every first year student is required to attend the event. I have attached a short video of the Sterner presentation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5M78HnKVnWUIt’s a great presentation to show our students how to drink responsibly, especially when it comes to driving. This past week for class, I had the opportunity of leading my Transition Class over the discussion of the presentation while our instructor was out of town. I love being a Transition Peer Mentor for our first-year students; it’s a great opportunity for me because it gives me classroom experience. We had one of our best discussions, so I am looking forward to the rest of the semester with them – even though I was sick.

This week, I also got a surprise visit from my boyfriend who surprised me with lovely flowers. And not only that, but I got a package from my mom and also my little sister Luna from back home. I love packages – especially when they come at a time when I have a cold! And for some reason when I get sick, it makes me miss home a little bit more than usual.

On Friday, I also found out about the job that I had interviewed for last week: I got it! I am now going to be the First-Year Coordinator for the Office of Admissions! That means I will be taking my job as a student ambassador tour guide a step further by supervising the first-year student ambassadors on special visits. So thank you to all who had me in their thoughts and prayers, and I am really excited to see what this position will hold for me!

On Saturday, I woke up feeling healthy and well again! So I was able to enjoy my weekend by getting my work done and getting up to speed on the sleep I have allowed myself to lose (which probably resulted of me getting sick), and it was great!

This week, I am going to end my post with one of my favorite quotes, even though I am by no means a morning person.

“Yes, I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is the one who can find his way by moonlight, and see the dawn before the rest of the world.” - Oscar Wilde

RA Genesis Reporting for Duty

Week three is down, everyone! Congratulations, and on to another week – here we go!

This past week has been somewhat crazy for me! I had my first exam of the year and had a whole bunch of meetings. On the exciting news front, I had an interview for a new work study position but won’t know for a while. I will update you all when I find out though, so send positive vibes my way!

IMG_1909This past week, I have been on duty in Regina Hall for a couple of evenings. Being on duty as a resident assistant (RA) involves me staying up and going through the building to make sure everything is all good. Part of this also involves answering residents if they have a concern or complaint about really anything. Being a RA means so much more than this job description. I love being a RA. I love being in the hall present for my residents. I love getting to live with our new first year class of 2020. I love the conversations I have had about their lives: how they want to get involved and listening to them share their hopes and dreams. I am truly excited to get to work with this whole building — even our staff is awesome! I feel truly blessed to not only have a great class that I get to work with but also a supportive staff team.

On Saturday, the first Super Saturday took place in Regina Hall. Super Saturday was sponsored by the Transition Peer Mentors (TPMs) program (another job I have). Super Saturdays are events that occur every Saturday while school is in session that gives residents a reason to stay on campus and is open to commuters wanting to get involved on campus. It’s a great way to have everyone come together! Every Super Saturday has a different theme and a different focus. Our theme was “Beach and Chill” and we had a fantastic turnout! There were different games, fruit kabobs, s’mores, and great music. This great and enthusiastic turnout makes all of us staff so excited about this year!

I have also been working on fellow RA Liz and my RA Board of the Month for September. I have never cut and traced so many letters! FullSizeRender (29)But I feel crazy lucky to have my freshman year roommate, Brittany, to help me trace letters! It still took me forever to work on it, but because of her, I saved me so much time. Thanks, love!

I hope everyone has a great fourth week of school. I am truly loving this weather, especially with it cooling off. I hope this lovely weather continues and wish everyone luck with classes. Thanks for reading!

Long Weekend!

Hello everyone! I hope you have all had a great nice relaxing long weekend! This past week has been a lot of new experiences for me!

FullSizeRender (28)For those who followed along with me last year, I try my hardest to eat healthy and to be active. So to push myself to stay at it, so this past week I was a part of the glow run! And I have also joined not one, but two Intramural sports: softball and soccer! Not going to lie, softball hasn’t been a strength of mine since the fifth grade practice when I got a black eye. Since then, I have been afraid of the ball. But I figured this was the time to push myself and play. After the first game, I am not sure I will go back  . . . . IMG_1853But soccer was great! I have played on and off for a lot of my childhood: traveling soccer from middle school to part of high school. Soccer was also loads of fun because we won! So yay! I am a really competitive person, so part of the fun is winning!

I have no idea how people are able to do college sports. It is such a huge time commitment! But doing intramural or club games is my own preference so that I can study, work, and also enjoy college through all the stress! Not saying that college athletes can’t do all of those things, I just don’t know when they would sleep!

For me, and for many others, college is about trying new things. So although I have danced at family holiday parties, I decided to attend a get together for the SXU Bachata dance team. And I am so happy I went because it was so much fun! We will be learning different dances and practicing them! I had such a fun team that the time just flew! I am really looking forward to being an active member!

For Labor Day weekend I went with my boyfriend to visit his family in Davenport, Iowa. We are both from Minnesota but still love Chicago. Our trip was a nice relaxing weekend away from the city life. And the land was truly beautiful! IMG_2963The hills, valleys, and land were actually breath taking! Part of the reason we also went to visit was that my boyfriend’s family recently got a puppy and she was part of the highlight of the weekend for me! She was so cute! We had a little bit of trouble with signal and car issues! But just the same I was on time for my first class so no worries!

I wish everyone good luck on this short week of class! Thanks for reading!


Greetings to Another Year of School!

5D1FC65F-9994-4AA1-BCD7-BB01CEC842F2Hello all and welcome back to another year of my blog!

For those you who have been constant readers for the past two, going on three years now, thank you. It’s always amazing to know you are reading these posts. For those of you who are new to Cougar Diaries, welcome! Cougar Diaries is an up-close and personal view of SXU students during their time at SXU. I love getting to share my own experience at SXU with others because I love SXU!

Here’s a little introduction about me: I am a Junior with a Middle School Education Major, and endorsements in Language Arts, Reading, Social Science, and ESL Studies. I hail from the shivering cold Minneapolis, Minnesota, where winters are long and summers are under construction. I am the eldest of four siblings. IMG_1334My sister Maya, 18 years old, starts her first day of college tomorrow in New York, our birth place. I’m extremely proud of her for making this huge step into adulthood but know I will miss her. My brother, Emiliano, is 13 years old and although he is my only brother, he is my favorite brother! He has great taste in music, movies, and we can talk about Pokemon GO. And the baby of our family is Luna, 7 years old, and she is one of my favorite human beings in this world. She is the sweetest, most passionate, Snow White princess I know.

This is my third year living in Regina Hall, the first-year resident hall, and I could not be more excited about it. Like last year, I am living on the third floor but this time as a resident assistant. So far, the third floor ladies have been nothing but outstanding, and I am so excited to be serving them this year!

A8A8A554-9917-4691-8185-E0BCBAC56A0FOne thing that stood out to me when I first visited SXU was the community that made the campus home. This year I will be a student ambassador, going on my third year in the program. I have loved getting to work with prospective students and their families as a tour guide. One of the things I love most about this job is getting to meet the students who I gave a tour to. On those days when I’m crazy busy with work and classes, knowing that the conversations I had with touring students made a difference makes me feel great.

I will also continue my involvement with campus ministry by being the Justice Peer Minister, a completely new position this year! My role will involve me working with campus ministry and the SXU community on social justice issues. This will work with my positions for Mercy Students for Peace and Justice (MSPJ). My board positions for MSPJ are the vice president and the immigration head committee. At its most basic level, MSPJ draws inspiration from our collective human desire to alleviate the suffering of our fellow human beings. We empathize with other people and long to relieve their suffering. MSPJ strives to encourage and nurture that concern for others and channel it into contemplation and action so that we may better ourselves, our families, our community, and our world. We draw inspiration from the Sisters of Mercy, the religious order that founded Saint Xavier University. The special characteristic of the Mercy mission includes a consideration for, and service to, the poor and marginalized of society. The Mercy tradition emphasizes compassion, concern and action. We invite students, faculty, and friends to embrace this tradition and draw upon it in their lives.

This year I will be doing my second year as a Transition Peer Mentor (TPM) where I will be working with an instructor on a one-credit course on how first-year students transition into college. Last year I had a great class, and after one meeting this past week, I am looking forward to working with these first-year students on making the most of their college experience.

Something new that I will be a part of this year is Schmitt Scholars!A0435816-45F9-4114-AF87-97946EC9E26D The Schmitt Scholars Program promotes the development of promising Saint Xavier University student leaders, helping participants advance their leadership efforts at SXU and preparing them to make a broader impact on the world after graduation. Schmitt Scholars receive a merit-based scholarship and participate in a program of activities that provide them with opportunities to reflect on and develop their leadership potential. I am looking forward to the growth and development that will occur throughout this program.

This year I do have a lot going on, but I look forward to sharing my involvement and activities with you as a reader! Posts about cute siblings, puppies, and exploring Chicago are guaranteed! Please continue reading throughout the year and let me know if you have suggestions for what I should include in my posts.

The End is Here!

Hello, loyal readers! This is the last post for this school year! Crazy, right?! Where did the school year go?

This past Monday, I started my week off at Columbia Explore Academy for my last hours for middle school education requirements. Although it wasn’t my last day going, it started to hit me that this was the last week of classes… It flew by so fast!

IMG_0113 (1)On Monday evening, I was able to attend the Scarlet and Grey Awards. The previous week I was notified that I was nominated for the Cougar Award. They had such great nominations for this award I feel blessed to have been nominated. Although, I didn’t get the Cougar Award, I did receive the John the Baptist Award with the description of “for calling us to a deeper commitment to our faith, challenging us to act for justice, and witnessing to a life of truth and love.” I just feel so blessed and taken aback about being awarded this award!

On Tuesday, I started off my morning with a tour. Being a student ambassador is one of my favorite things that I get to do on campus. I love getting to work with prospective students! If anything, it reminds me of where I was once at, and how fortunate I am to be at a school that I consider my home.

IMG_0124That evening, right before my last teaching ESL course, I stopped to grab some free food that was being served by President Wiseman. Maybe it’s just me, but how cool is it that the president of our university serves students food? How many presidents do you know who do that?

If anyone has the chance to take a class with Professor Hilton, I would for sure do so. Out of all my best professors I have had so far in the School of Education, he truly got me excited about teaching middle school. IMG_0131 (1)His experience before teaching at SXU was all middle school education. His stories and experience truly brought the class to life. His assignments had us students thinking about who our support system was, who our great teachers had been, and why we wanted to be teachers. And it’s just a great class. Every assignment, project and presentation, I feel like I learned so much… Sad to have it end… (Ana and Professor Hilton in picture.)

I am sorry to say that Wednesday wasn’t all that exciting of a day for me. I started my day off with a tour, then class, and then my last meeting with Bridget for the year. (Bridget is my campus ministry advisor).

IMG_0146On Thursday, I started my morning with my lovely 8 a.m. class and then I got to go to my last day at Columbia Explore Academy. I had to go an extra day on Thursday because my ESL endorsement requires extra hours. I know I have talked about this observation a lot, but it truly was such a great experience. My teacher allowed me to actually teach! And you could truly see a connection from Ms. W to her students; something that I hope to have someday in my own classroom. Everyone was so sweet that they even signed a card for me. I will miss getting to go to the Columbia early Monday mornings.

On Friday, I had my last class. (Yayyyy!) Later on Friday, I finally found out where I will be living for University Housing next year. For those who missed the previous post, I am currently a RPM (Resident Peer Minister) in Regina Hall (the first year hall) on the all-girls floor. I have completely loved my job every step of the way. IMG_0174I love getting to work with first-year students and hopefully, provide them with the support and guidance they need. Next year, I will be going on year three living in Regina Hall, and I will be just down the hall from where I currently live now. I am going to be a RA (resident assistant), and I am so excited for the staff for next year and to work with them all. I feel especially proud because two of my residents are now RPMs. To make it even better, Susie, one of my residents that I consider a friend, is literally taking my current job and room. Could not be prouder of her! (Susie and I are presented in the picture.)

On Saturday, I had a chill day prepping for finals week and working on papers. Not all that fun, but necessary.

IMG_0194On Sunday, I convinced my boyfriend to join me downtown for some exploring of the sites. We went to the Field Museum and got to see the Terracotta Warriors exhibit, which was great. I love history and being a history major can somewhat suck sometimes because going to museums normally means that I already know most of the information… But it was amazing getting to see pieces from the burial site.

Sunday evening, I attended the last service for this year at SXU. With a focus on finals we had “Blessing of the Brains,” which is just a blessing for everyone before going into finals.

I wanted to end my post by saying thank you to everyone in my life…

I want to thank Campus Ministry for not just giving me a job but also giving me a place of faith, service, and meaning. One person who I could always come to within Campus Ministry to talk about service and life was Meg Laville. She will be doing long-term service next year and will truly be missed by anyone who knows her.

I also want to thank my residents. They’ve shown me the true beauty of being excited and fresh to school. My residents who have a hunger for adventure and trying new things remind me of when I was in their place. Their ability to create a new community and relationships is to be admired. Thank you to all my residents who made my job so great to have!

FullSizeRender (24)Thank you to Brittany who somehow is still my friend after this crazy year… I know that you are a great friend and that I can always depend on you. Also want to give a shout out to the only other middle school education major that I spend my whole day, Ana. Thanks for dealing with my over controlling organized self in all our classes. And especially thanks for driving to get tacos. Love the tacos!

Jon, thanks for dealing with my crazy self. Thanks for feeding me! (Just kidding… kinda.)IMG_0210

And thank you to my lovely family For the calls to being supportive, sending pictures, keeping me somewhat up to date, and just unconditional love. Can’t wait to be home this summer, even though I will be missing SXU and Chicago!

I want to thank SXU itself as a whole for creating a community that I could have never had imagined so many opportunities and such a great place to call home. I can’t wait to be back in August. See you in August, SXU!

Time to Take Action!

Hey all! The weather is warm and life seems great right now, right? Well somewhat! This week I got sick and had a lot happening in my classes, which makes sense because the end is near. This upcoming week is SXU’s last week of classes and then onto finals.

I have somewhat mixed feelings about the end of this school year. This semester is by far the hardest semester I have had. With the most late nights, early morning work sessions, and full day of work, I feel ready to be done with it. At the same time, it seems strange to think that after these two weeks, I will officially be halfway done with college. Although this week was filled more with group projects and homework, I did do some fun things.

IMG_2124On Wednesday, I had my first trip to Springfield attending a MAP rally. Although SXU missed the rally because our bus was two hours late, we did get to go inside of the capital and occupy the building with other schools. It was a great opportunity that allowed us to meet with different representatives from our Illinois area.  On Friday morning, I received an email from President Wiseman saying that:

It is rare that action by committed people produces a tangible legislative result in just 24 hours, but today there was movement in the legislature. Congratulations to all of you! This morning we received word from Rep. Kelly Burke and others that legislation was passed today which would appropriate (release) some of the MAP funds now owed to students in Illinois. That bill should be sitting on the governor’s desk as I write this, waiting for his signature. Keep your fingers crossed!


In the meantime, I want you to know how proud I am of our SXU students and your ability to intelligently communicate your stories and your situations to our legislators in Springfield. I heard from my colleagues at other universities that our students were most impressive.  More importantly, our legislators have seen you in action. This is greater success than any of us has experienced yet!IMG_2071


In closing, please be sure to thank Rep. Kelly Burke, Senator Bill Cunningham, and Senator Mike Hastings. They obviously were very influential in passing this legislation and sending it on to the governor.


I am personally grateful to all of you – and to our staff who accompanied you to Springfield.

–President Wiseman

IMG_2112It truly shows how connected President Wiseman is to SXU and how us young people can actually make a difference. And really, how many university presidents are this awesome?

On Sunday, I had the privilege of working the Breakfast with the Deans for Office of Admissions. I was especially excited about this event because I was working with the School of Education students who will be attending in the fall. It was exciting to get to answer their questions and work with the students who will be the future of SXU.

I wish everyone good luck on the last week of classes and to finish strong! Believe in yourself and keep pushing it! Another year is almost complete! So to end this week’s post I will leave you with a quote by Rivers Cuomo, “With each step I take, I see that my ability to perform gets a little better. So until it starts getting worse, I’m going to keep moving forward.”