Positive Attitude Generates Positive Results

1I hope that everyone is enjoying their weekend and are having an easy transition back into classes for the Spring Semester. On my end, everything is going really well, I must say. Classes are going fine and work is going nicely as well. I have realized that if you go into something with a positive mindset and that no one or nothing can ruin your day, then everything will work out for the best. So far, my positive mindset has paid off for me!

2As I have stated in previous posts, I am horrible at math. However, I must say that I am really enjoying myself in my math class so far. Everything is clicking for me in that class and it could not have happened at a better time. I’m really enjoying myself in this class and if everything continues to go as planned, I will conquer my biggest hurdle to graduate! Usually, I go into classes like this one defeated and aiming for the lowest grade possible to at least get by. That is not the case anymore, as the goal for every semester and in life in general is to excel to the highest of my abilities and to go into any situation focused and ready to conquer any obstacle tossed my way.

3A positive attitude in life is the best formula for success, at least for me. You must go into something head-strong and ready for anything that life presents to you. Of course there will be some bumps and hurdles along the way, but if you stay focused and determined with nothing but positive energy around you, you will surely accomplish any goal that you set for yourself.

5I hope that everyone enjoys the rests of their weekend and has a great week ahead as well!

Happy New Year! Have a Great Semester!

1Hello everyone, I hope that you all had a great winter break! That month off helped me greatly recharge my batteries and have optimism that this Spring Semester will be a great and much better semester. I’m not big on New Years Resolutions at all. I just take each day as it comes and strive to become a better person each day. Find greater goals to accomplish and strive for excellence in the process. During my break though, I hung out with great friends and became much healthier as well.


GlennMy girlfriend and I got a chance to just spend good, quality time together, which is always a great thing. It’s crazy because we live with each other, but with us going to different schools and our schedules being sometimes hectic, it’s a little bit hard finding time. However, it’s always great to just kick back and enjoy each others company whenever presented the opportunity. I love her greatly and I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else!


The Team #1My best friends and I go to different schools, so it is extremely difficult to hangout with each other on a consistent basis, but when we do, we always have a great time. We talk to each other almost everyday and we share some wild and crazy stories, along with some crazy times. These guys are my friends for life and has had my back when I felt as though barely anybody did. I love these guys and I wouldn’t trade them in for anything! Good dudes through and through. New Years Eve was no different as we just chilled, reminisced and had a great time.


My foot as finally healed for the most part. I still have a little bit of pain here or there, but I am able to walk without crutches or a walking boot, which is great. Hopefully this kind of pain will never happen again and I am taking great steps to prevent that from happening.

3This semester I am taking two classes that I truly dislike and that is math and science. I have no other options as I need these classes to graduate from college, so I am optimistic that I will get the job done. Whatever I need to do, I will do. As long as it means that I will be able to cross the stage, I’m all for it with math and science. I have faith that I will get the job done!

2With that being said, I hope that everyone enjoyed their first week back from break and enjoy the semester ahead. Have a great holiday weekend!

End Of the Semester Is Here!

1Hello everyone! I hope that you all are enjoying your weekend! It’s hard to believe, but the semester is winding down to a close. At Saint Xavier University, this upcoming week (beginning tomorrow), will be the end of the 2014 Fall Semester. With this bit of information, two things come to mind: One, I finally get to kick up my heels and relax me feet for awhile with no worries. Two, non-stop studying for Finals. The second one is obviously not a fan favorite to anyone, but it has to be done.

3Non-stop cramming for exams, staying up past two in the morning, making sure you get every inch of knowledge crammed inside your brain that you can use once your exams come around. I know from experience that it has to be extremely stressful on your mind and takes a toll on your body as well. However, what I have come to learn in my years of taking Finals is to not panic, don’t over-think and have complete faith in your capabilities that you have this covered.

2Trust me, I know that these three phrases are better said than done. At times we tend to over-think certain aspects of our life, with school being one of them. Don’t over-think your answers to whatever question is presented to you on your exams and have faith in yourself and believing that you can conquer any challenge presented to you. Don’t panic if you don’t know the answer or wonder what if you don’t pass. We’ve all worked too hard to give up or stress over things such as what if. Look at it as just another obstacle to is ahead of you, and it will be mastered by you.

4With that being said, I hope that everyone has a wonderful Finals Week and enjoys their much needed off time as well!

Thanksgiving Day Break!

1Hello everyone! I hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving Day breaking and enjoyed it will the people that truly matter to you. I had a great holiday break from start to finish. I got the opportunity to spend my break with some very special people in my life!


1I got a chance to spend half of my break with my girlfriend’s family, which was pretty fun. This is our first Thanksgiving together and it was a great time for the both of us. We hung out at my mom’s house for a bit as well, and it’s always a fun time at my mom’s place. I got a chance to lay back and just chill for a bit. I most definitely wasn’t complaining about it either. The only downside about my break was the fact that my foot is still a little bit swollen and sore.

1It’s improved somewhat, but I still have to use my crutches at times, especially in the morning time, due to my foot being stiff. Over the course of the day, it gets a little bit better, but I cannot wait for this whole ordeal to be over with! I just want to be able to walk, without limping, having pain, being able to wear my shoes fully, etc. This injury most certainly makes you not want to take anything for granted! However, I put that to the side and celebrated my birthday!

1It was a great birthday yesterday. My girlfriend took me out to eat with good people, and it was just a breathe of fresh air! This was the best birthday that I’ve had in a long time. I was planning on going out to celebrate, but due to my foot, I have to wait another time. However, just the love, support and friends and family letting me know how much they love me and all, made this day enjoyable and special for years to come!

1I hope that everyone enjoyed their break and are hard at work with preparing for Finals. On the bright side, the semester will be over with next week. This allows us to finally have some free time and to finally kickback and enjoy our quality time!

Nice Break Coming Up!

1Hello everyone! I hope that everyone had a great, productive week and are enjoying their weekend as well! Only a few weeks left in the Fall Semester, so it’s time to buckle down and work hard to finish strong. Before that though, I’m sure that mostly everyone is excited for not only the short week this upcoming week, but also for Thanksgiving as well! I’m really looking forward to spending time with my loved ones and just enjoying myself and having a great time in the process. Not to mention that my birthday falls on the break, so I’m looking forward to celebrating it with close friends and family.

I feel so relieved and free and that I have finally finished typing up my last paper for the semester! I can finally breathe a little bit better knowing that. All I have left to do are two Finals and a presentation, than I am done! With this weekend coming up, I am just going to let loose and really enjoy myself.

I haven’t been able to go out at all this semester. With assignments due almost everyday and being in the hospital, it is nice to know that everything for the most part is done. Now it’s time to celebrate Thanksgiving and everything that it has to offer. I4 I am so thankful for so many things this year. From new-found relationships, my Mom, girlfriend, friends, family. I just cannot wait to see everyone and enjoy the break. After the break, get back to the grind of the semester and close it out strong like I always do!

With that being said, I hope that everyone enjoys their week and enjoys the Thanksgiving holiday as well!

Is The School-year Over With Yet?!

1Hello all! I hope that everyone is enjoying their weekend and are ready to get the week started! It is hard to believe that it is only a few weeks left until the end of the semester. I remember when school first started in August and I was not ready for it to begin. I guess “Senioritis” is very much real and you eventually get to that point in your undergrad where you just want it to fast forward so you can walk across the stage and receive your diploma. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen like that and you need to put in some serious work to make that happen.


2For myself, me getting the week off to just re-energize my batteries and rest my foot was vital. I feel fresh and ready for the home-stretch with classes and work. I need to finish strong more so then ever before, as I will only have one semester left for my undergrad! I’m feeling real excited about the prospect of graduating and the fact that it is getting closer and closer. Hopefully with the grace of God, everything falls into place and I can make it happen, which I am confident that I will.

3Classes are hard, but you have to get through brick walls to achieve your goal. Senior Seminar is by far the hardest that I have taken since I’ve been in college, but it is the best and most interesting class that I have taken as well. I have learned so much from the class and everything that it has to offer to Communication Majors. I am beyond appreciative of that and the valuable lessons are priceless.

4A busy week ahead with nothing but papers in my future, but at least I’ll be done with papers after this week. I also have to take a math placement exam to take the math class that I desperately need to graduate. My fingers are crossed with that one, but I just have to have a positive attitude and everything will workout for the best.

5Just take things one day at a time and I will be done before I know it. I hope that everyone has a great week and keeps on pushing forward!

Motivation and Determination

1Hello everyone! I hope that you all had a great past weekend and are having an exceptional week. As I’ve always said, to get what you truly want, you have to dig down deep and achieve it. A lot of bumps and hurdles will most definitely get in the way in the process, but that’s when we must find the inner-strength within to jump those hurdles, go through those brick walls, and whatever cliche you would like to add to it. Just get the job done!

1Over the weekend, I ended up being back and fourth to the hospital over my foot, that was in so much pain that I couldn’t put an ounce of weight on it. I eventually decided to go to the hospital, only to have a not-so good time. Being stuck in the hospital for three days is far from being a joke, but thank God that my Mom, girlfriend and close friends had my back through this and that I am finally out of the hospital and I am at home getting much needed bed rests. Thankfully, I have great and understanding teachers, who are letting attend my classes through emails and discussion boards.

1However, over the past month, I have been through a lot. Dealing with personal issues with others in your family is never a good thing. I’m not going to let these issues interrupt what I am trying to accomplish. Graduation for me is right around the corner and I am not going to miss it for anything. I just have to stay determined and keep the positive people and things around me and kick the negativity to the curb!

Keep On Pushing and Striving

3Good day everyone! I hope that you all are having a great weekend and had a great week as always. This week and weekend was highly productive for me. I accomplished a lot, school wise anyway. I finished my biggest paper to date this weekend, which was for my Senior Seminar class. The class is difficult at times, but it is a great challenge as well. It tests your will for how badly do you want to succeed and graduate from college. That is what I love about my school and my major, which is Communications. It teaches you so much and gives you tools that you can carry out into the world and be successful as well, which is never a bad thing.


Over the weekend, I almost endured a tragic night with one of my family members. He is alright, but to just know that my family member could have been gone in the blink of an eye, was a huge eye opener for me. Never take life for granted and always tell your loved ones how much you love them. Thank goodness that nothing tragic happened and that he is doing fine.


This always happens though. When you are so close to achieving something that you waited so long to obtain, you get obstacles thrown in your way or a series of bad things tend to occur. You can’t give up and feel as though it is not meant to be. Keep pushing and striving obtain, because this is nothing more than a test of your will. It seems like a corny cliché, but it so true that we can achieve whatever we put our minds to.

4 I hope that everyone enjoys the rests of their weekend and keep pushing forward with the week ahead!


Great News!

imageHello everyone, I hope that everyone had a great week and are enjoying their weekend as always! For me personally, it has overall been a very productive weekend. Catching up on all of my assignments, which means that I have basically no social life whatsoever. It’s fine and it’s alright because I got some of the best news of my life earlier this past week.

On Tuesday or Wednesday of this past week, I was told after looking over my transcripts that I have the possibly of graduating this upcoming May and not in December 2015, as originally planned. That was the greatest news that I have received this year that was school related. This is one of the reasons that I love Saint Xavier University. They actually took the time to view my grades and see what classes I truly needed, which made the graduation date reachable. A ton of emotions started to run through me. It went back and fourth from being excited to me proving people wrong.

There was a few times that I honestly thought that this time would never come. However, I stayed dedicated to what I wanted to achieve and I didn’t pay any attention to people not having faith in me. I worked so hard to achieve this and I’m not about to get comfortable now. The finish line is so close and if I have to run on just fumes to get across, than so be it.

Some people can’t understand that this is an accomplishment I will not stop until it is official. Some friends don’t understand, which has led to damage in a couple of friendships. However, my true friends understand and are rallying behind me that is all that matters.

With all of this being said, I hope that everyone enjoys the rests of their weekend and the week ahead!

Great Information/Humbling Experience

1Greetings all, I hope that everyone had a great past week and are enjoying their weekends as well. My weekend has been going smooth overall. I went to do community service with my girlfriend and her friends. Doing something such as a hunger fund for children or anyone is a humbling experience and makes you grateful for the things that you do have . It also makes you eager to give back whenever you can. However, it’s back to the grind of school and it’s hard to imagine that it’s already close for the semester to come to a close. I’m not complaining about it one bit with the heavy course load this semester. This semester is much tougher than what I thought it would be, but I’m learning so much about my profession that I’m going into in the process.

3Being a Communication Major, I thought that you just give speeches and write a bunch a papers. However, there is so much more that goes into it (different platforms of communication, different ethics and more). This is why I am so grateful that I chose Saint Xavier University over all of the other schools. The teachers take the time and effort to teach us the fundamentals of the class that we are in and it helps us out tremendously. I am happy to be in the classes that I’m in, because I know that I am going to learn something new each day.


2The course load maybe difficult at times, but it’s well worth it. You’re going to come out learning so much more than what you went into the class knowing. I can’t begin to express how much I have learned just from being at Saint Xavier University in a little over a year.


4I hope that everyone enjoys their weekend and be prepared to end this semester strong. It’ll be here before we know it!