Great News!

imageHello everyone, I hope that everyone had a great week and are enjoying their weekend as always! For me personally, it has overall been a very productive weekend. Catching up on all of my assignments, which means that I have basically no social life whatsoever. It’s fine and it’s alright because I got some of the best news of my life earlier this past week.

On Tuesday or Wednesday of this past week, I was told after looking over my transcripts that I have the possibly of graduating this upcoming May and not in December 2015, as originally planned. That was the greatest news that I have received this year that was school related. This is one of the reasons that I love Saint Xavier University. They actually took the time to view my grades and see what classes I truly needed, which made the graduation date reachable. A ton of emotions started to run through me. It went back and fourth from being excited to me proving people wrong.

There was a few times that I honestly thought that this time would never come. However, I stayed dedicated to what I wanted to achieve and I didn’t pay any attention to people not having faith in me. I worked so hard to achieve this and I’m not about to get comfortable now. The finish line is so close and if I have to run on just fumes to get across, than so be it.

Some people can’t understand that this is an accomplishment I will not stop until it is official. Some friends don’t understand, which has led to damage in a couple of friendships. However, my true friends understand and are rallying behind me that is all that matters.

With all of this being said, I hope that everyone enjoys the rests of their weekend and the week ahead!

Great Information/Humbling Experience

1Greetings all, I hope that everyone had a great past week and are enjoying their weekends as well. My weekend has been going smooth overall. I went to do community service with my girlfriend and her friends. Doing something such as a hunger fund for children or anyone is a humbling experience and makes you grateful for the things that you do have . It also makes you eager to give back whenever you can. However, it’s back to the grind of school and it’s hard to imagine that it’s already close for the semester to come to a close. I’m not complaining about it one bit with the heavy course load this semester. This semester is much tougher than what I thought it would be, but I’m learning so much about my profession that I’m going into in the process.

3Being a Communication Major, I thought that you just give speeches and write a bunch a papers. However, there is so much more that goes into it (different platforms of communication, different ethics and more). This is why I am so grateful that I chose Saint Xavier University over all of the other schools. The teachers take the time and effort to teach us the fundamentals of the class that we are in and it helps us out tremendously. I am happy to be in the classes that I’m in, because I know that I am going to learn something new each day.


2The course load maybe difficult at times, but it’s well worth it. You’re going to come out learning so much more than what you went into the class knowing. I can’t begin to express how much I have learned just from being at Saint Xavier University in a little over a year.


4I hope that everyone enjoys their weekend and be prepared to end this semester strong. It’ll be here before we know it!

It’s all a part of growing up…

2Hello all, I hope that everyone had a great week and is enjoying their weekends as well. I’ve been enjoying my weekend thus far. Spending time with my girlfriend and her family was good and just hanging out. As always though, business needs to handled as well. I spent some time time in the library to work on my school year long Senior Seminar Project. It goes without saying that the project can get frustrating and annoying at times, but it will be well worth it at the end, hopefully.


3With this being my Senior year, I am learning how to prioritize my time and be more responsible in the process. It’s extremely hard, especially seeing your friends going out and always asking you to come out too. You want to say yes, but you know that you have three major papers that are due at the same time. You have to pass, no matter how painful it may be for you. That’s the price you pay for being in school and becoming an adult as well.


4Speaking of prices, this is how I feel at times. Every time I turn around, something needs to be paid for or I have to buy something that needs to replace something. It’s alright though, it’s all a part of growing up. Some people fail to get that concept that things change over time. You have to learn what’s important in life. It’s cool if you only have $3 in your pocket if you have taken care of important matters first. Good things come to those who wait.


1I hope that everyone has a great upcoming week and enjoy the rest of their weekend as well.

Learning Experience!


Greetings all, I hope that everyone had a great week and is enjoying their weekend as well. It’s hard to believe that we only have two months left in this entire semester. Soon, December will be here before we know it. Overall, I am enjoying my first semester entering my senior year of college. I have met new people and every day seems to be a learning experience that I can take with me for years to come. At the same time, this semester is filled with a lot of hard work and tons of assignments it seems to finish this senior year strong.




This picture describes me 100%! I feel like I have accomplished so much, but I feel as though I have so much more to go. Working on Senior Seminar is no easy task. It takes a lot of time and energy to work and stay committed to it. At times I feel like throwing my hands up in the air and just be finished with this class. However, hearing that I can do this and the confidence coming from people all over, including my teachers helps me out a lot.



Over at Saint Xavier University, they arguably have some of the best teachers that you can ask for. They don’t mind taking time out of their busy schedule to help you with whatever you need on a regular basis. Most are even avaliable on the weekends as well. Just knowing that I can ask my teachers anything, no matter how obvious the answer may be, helps me out a great deal. I am thrilled to be at Saint Xavier University and there would be no other school that I would want to attend. The learning experience is tremendous!



Enjoy the rest of the weekend that you have! Spend time with the people that matter most in your life and live each day to the fullest as well as being productive in the process as well!

Happy Homecoming Weekend!



I hope that everyone had a great week and enjoyed their weekend as well. This weekend was Saint Xavier University’s Homecoming. This weekend came with not only the football game to look forward to, but also different events and functions to be a part of as well. Unfortunately, I was under the weather and couldn’t attend, but I’m pretty sure it was fun nonetheless.



Saint Xavier University held their 14th Annual 5K Run/Walk. It’s a great event to participate in to get some exercise, plus prizes are included. A great event and great way to participate in something. Hundreds routinely come out in the run and I’m sure this year was no different.




Congratulations to the Saint Xavier University football team for winning on Saturday by beating Saint Francis. Along with the run, the win was a great way to kick off homecoming. Hopefully this is the beginning of a great season for the football team, which I believe it will be. Great win!




For myself, I will have no social life this semester and probably this school year. Working on countless papers and exams, along with work and other activities, this is no time for a social life. It’s find though, no one said that life would be easy, especially with this being senior year. All this will pay off in the end. I just have to keep telling myself that when I feel like it’s too much. I hope that everyone had a great week and weekend!

The Beginning Of A New School Year!

I hope that everyone had a great Summer break and now it’s back to the grind of the school year. New classes, teachers and the goal of graduating is on everyone’s agenda.

For myself, it is my senior year of college. Whoever said that your senior year is your easiest year, must’ve had only one of two classes. My semester will consist of me typing papers almost every weekend, doing countless amounts of research for projects, such as my senior seminar project and with hard work and dedication, I will be graduating. Always better said then done, but I’m looking forward to the opportunity.

For the incoming freshmen class, this is a whole new experience for them. First time going to college, meeting new friends and getting a feel on how everything in college works. What better school to get the full college experience than Saint Xavier University. We have one of the best faculty and staff that I have ever met and they are always willing to help out whenever they need to lend a helping hand. One piece of advice is to never be afraid to ask too many questions. That is what the teachers and staff are here for, to help us and to obtain our ultimate goal of graduation. Remember, no question is a dumb question.

This school year, like any other school year, will have a lot of ups and downs and you’ll feel like giving up at times. We all just have to remember that not everyday is going to be a great day and that things will eventually get better. Just keep on striving and pushing forward.

I hope that everyone has not only a great semester, but a great school year as well!


Summer-break Has Officially Began!



i hope that everyone had a great week and weekend, especially the people who graduated! It can’t be said enough how proud you all should be of yourselves for graduating and moving on to the next level of your life. It’s a huge step, but I am sure that you all are prepared for it and will look forward to taking the challenge up head-on. No matter if you’re graduating kindergarten, junior-high, high, college or from graduate school, it’s a monumental milestone regardless and everyone should be proud of themselves for making it all happen. My girlfriend is graduating from college this Saturday and I am very proud of her for staying committed and not allowing any outside influences distract her from achieving her goal of graduating. She deserves this more then anything and I can’t wait to see her go across the stage to get her diploma!




Now that school is over, it’s finally time to enjoy Summer-break! You can hangout with your friends, who you probably haven’t seen in forever, going to bbq’s hanging out with your family, and just enjoying all the positive energy that Summer has to offer. Hopefully there is no negativity for anyone and that violence doesn’t come anybody’s way. It’s a shame that we can’t fully enjoy Summer without looking over our shoulder hoping that no one who has a hidden agenda comes our way. This cannot happen and we all need to stay positive and to not start any senseless, useless drama with others.




Here’s to having a great Summer and getting our batteries re-energized! I hope that everyone has a great Summer-break and enjoy the weather and positive atmosphere! It goes without saying, but I will say it anyway. I hope that everyone has a great week and weekend as well!

Finals Week and The Beginning of Break!



Hello everyone! I hope that everyone had a great and productive past weekend and are now ready for Finals Week, especially at Saint Xavier University. Hopefully none of us have to go through what the guy in the above picture was. Calculating what score you need to get a passing grade in the class, or at least a respectable grade in the class. I’ve been there before and it is not fun at all. It just adds to the pressure and that is something that none of us need. Just handle your business at the beginning of the semester and you will not have to worry about the negative towards the end of the semester.




Thankfully, I only have one final this week and that’s tomorrow. My other projects that was due, I have gotten out of the way so when I take this final tomorrow, I can be completely done with everything. Everyone is going to be feeling this way, especially the seniors that are moving on and are heading into a different, new world. No matter if you’re graduating from 8th grade, high school or college, it is going to be apples to oranges. It’s a whole other world out there, but I’m sure that everyone is well-prepared for it. It may take some adjusting, but it’s well worth it to be able to move on to the next level of your life.




With finals week ending this week, that means that Summer break is upon us. That means that we can sleep in just a little while longer than normal, we can enjoy going to different events and hanging out with our friends as well. Just a little nice break that is well needed for the hard-working students and teachers. It’s time to just kickback and relax, for the most part, and enjoy all of the positive vibes that Summer has to offer to us this year!




With that being said, I hope that everyone has a great finals or had a great finals! I hope that everyone did great with their classes. Also, congrats to the seniors that are graduating! You all deserve it and hopefully all goes well in the real world. Have a great and weekend to all!

Stopping The Violence In Chicago!



Hello everyone, I hope that you all had an excellent weekend and that we only have one week left of classes and than we go on a much needed break! I feel as though if you have a voice and/or a platform do address any issues that you feel strongly about, you should do it. No matter how small you believe your voice may be to reach the masses, if I get to a few people, I will feel good about that at this point. I’m only a college student, so I don’t know how big my voice is but I will try to reach some, I will feel as though I made some kind of difference. Chicago is a wonderful place, I was born here and I love my city. Unfortunately, all of the senseless violence that has been going on, just brings a dark cloud over the city and makes people very hesitant to even come to visit or come to certain places in Chicago.




It doesn’t make any sense why anyone, especially little children are being killed left and right. Every time my television is cut on, there’s a report on the news on how someone has killed a child and for what? Because a child was crying for too long or they did something that little children do? Or maybe it’s because it was mistaken identity? Regardless and what the case maybe, it’s still wrong. We are slowly, but surely killing off the kids and people that are suppose to lead us into the next generation. Soon, we will have no next generation or no leaders, and that is the most unfortunate thing out of all of this. We need to let these children grow up and be able to become what they want to be and achieve all of the success and accomplishments that they desire. Children are losing parents and parents are losing children. This all needs to stop and allow these people to reach their full potential.




As I stated, we need to stop this senseless violence. We all need to learn how to become productive citizens in this world. Children can’t even go outside and more just to ride their bikes and hangout with their friends anymore. My parents and older people always talk about how back in their day, they were always able to go outside and be free and hangout and walk to the corner store. You wouldn’t have to worry about being shot or someone getting mad at you because they don’t like the way you look. I am longing for those days at this point. We’re bringing back so many styles that were relevant in the 70′s and 80′s, maybe we should bring back the ability for children to be able to be children without any consequences for doing so. Allowing anyone to walk down the street or start up a rally towards stopping violence and being killed for no apparent reason. It brings a bad light to the whole city and you have to wonder if these people watch the news or if they just don’t care.




Instead of spending all of this energy committing crimes, put your time into something useful. Play sports, get active in your community, provide meals to the homeless, after-school programs, playing in the park, etc. This is just the tip of the iceberg with a litany of things to do to become productive and putting our time to good use. Who knows, putting the time and effort into these different avenues may lead to a scholarship, starting up a business and the sky’s the limit at that point. We have the ability to be anything we want to be in this world for the greater good, don’t waste your potential or doing stupid things such as violence and crime.




I can’t stress enough on how beautiful Chicago is. We need to start taking pride in our city instead of making it a war zone. However, this isn’t just for the city of Chicago, it is for everyone. Violence is happening too frequently and it needs to stop. High-school shootings, mass movie shootings, people getting killed because they declined to go to prom with someone. We all need to do better and it starts with ourselves. This is for everyone, race, gender, etc. We all have the ability to do better and we need to start doing better.

Summertime Chicago!



Hello, I hope that everyone had a great and pleasant week and weekend! The weather was perfect for change and it was great seeing so many faces having fun and enjoying life without no negativity surrounding them as well. I love summertime Chicago, especially downtown because of so many different activities that people can do on a consistent basis. For example, the Buckingham Fountain opens back up when it starts becoming warm outside and that’s always a sight to see. Just look at the picture above to get a glimpse of how the fountain looks. It’s always a beautiful and wonderful sight to see and enjoy with friends and family!




Another place you can enjoy in the Summer is Navy Pier. It’s always a lot of things to do at Navy Pier, the picture is just a taste of what you can do. It’s always a good time and a joyous event whenever you come to visit Navy Pier. You have a wonderful fireworks show that always captivates the crowd with a wonderful sight. Numerous rides that not only can adults enjoy, but children and a family can enjoy as well. Ferris wheels and rides of that nature are always a good and laid-back time for everyone. Check out a movie at the IMax Theatre, different museums and a host of other events that are a lot better to enjoy once the Summer rolls around!



The Taste of Chicago is always a great event for families and the youth to enjoy as well. Even though the event isn’t what it used to be, it’s still a great event to enjoy. You get to try out various foods that you never heard of before, and most of them keeps you coming back for more. It’s a great event with lots of things to do there and it’s always a great time going there as well.



Lollpalooza is always a great event in the Summer to enjoy various artists that you love! Different artists that we listen to on a consistent basis, comes out to perform from all genres of music. It’s a music festival that takes place in the beginning of August. It also provides some comedy and dance relief as well. This years event provides a bevy of different, great artists as well. The likes of Eminem, Lorde, Outkast, Skrillex, Calvin Harris and others will be performing in front of a sold-out crowd at the event. This is a can’t miss event as it always is each year.




That is just a taste of what is offered in Chicago in the Summer. Great events with great friends and family. Hopefully we all can enjoy this Summer without any violence or negativity as well! I hope that everyone has a great week and weekend!