A Sick Week

Hey everyone, so this week I got the bug that was going around Saint Xavier for the past two weeks. And it was terrible. Honestly terrible. So with this being said, it was a very uneventful filled week with me sleeping between classes. After classes. Before classes. Sleep was a constant event throughout this week. Even with this all of this sleep, I was still almost sleeping throughout my classes. The past two weeks have been so busy that this week had been a week of sleep, and coughing and sneezing.

The one eventful thing about this week was that I found out that I was going to be a RPM (Resident Peer Minister) next year in Regina Hall, which I feel so honored to have been picked. I would also like to congratulate all students on leadership positions while also I hope that we all realize how lucky we were to have been picked because so many students were not picked.

I hope everyone has a great week and a great Easter Break this week!


Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great spring break! As my previous posts have been about me being excited about my service trip, I finally went on it. We left in the early hours of the morning to meet 10958008_936323116377777_51659184_oat the chapel, then to load up the car, and head out on our day of driving. Our car was driving to Mississippi, where we got to stay in Holly Springs at the Scared Heart House. Our group was pretty happy that we got the house to just our group because the Wall’s location, which is the main location, had many other groups. Our first full work day was Monday, where we worked on giving the deck rain protection and fixed the stairs. After we got this done it sta11035258_936860446324044_1369751294_orted to rain, which threw off our plan on working on the roof of the house, because there was another group working on the inside we were unable to do anything more without needing more supplies so we had our first southern meal! The food was all very good and the restaurant we went to had a small hometown field to it. After we finished eating we got to go exploring in the little town of Holly Springs which was a very old fashion southern town. All the meals that we had were made by our group, which for a bunch of college kids, I was pretty impressed with us! One of our group leaders Rob thought we would be eating ramen the whole time, but instead we had full out amazing meals. We all would help1061621_938384049505017_1167109535_n out on cooking, cleaning, setting up that it was never a problem! The second day was one of my favorites because we had to prepare to make food for the café, which was pretty much a soup kitchen but the state of Mississippi doesn’t allow soup kitchens, so it’s called a café. This was one of my favorite days because we got to talk to the committee members as we eat, and I found a little family who use to live a block away from me in Minnesota which I thought was pretty cool. How both of their children were born in the hospital that my dad currently works at, just brought everything they said to home. Getting to hear people’s stories about their lives, why they are in this little town, what they do to barely make money,11051435_937295079613914_2119065227_n it shows in their stories. For the following week we work at Ms. Diane Jones’ house working on cleaning, organizing, and making her home livable. Our group was only step one of the work on her house so we didn’t get to see the finished project, but just knowing that after day one, she cried from seeing how amazing the house had started to become will always be with me. One thing that I did learn from this experience was, service can be anything. A lot of times people go into it with a lot of expectations but really, you can’t. You can’t go in with the idea that you can fix all the problems, you can’t go in with the idea that you can help thousands. What you can do though, is go in with an open mind and do everything you can as best as you can. Because cleaning someone’s house may not change the world, but its helping one women have a better home.


Spring Break? Sorry, I’m a broke college student.

We are 8 days away from Spring Break! I am NOT going anywhere though. haha I wish I could go to the Wisconsin Dells and relax on a mini vacation or maybe go to Florida and soak in some sun and melt the sadness in my frozen heart.

March is Women’s History Month and here is the flyer of all the cool things going on around campus.

Women's History Month Flyer

Women’s History Month Flyer

After spring break, time is going to fly on by. We have no breaks, except for Easter with is the first weekend of April. After that, it’s time to go hard at those books, work, and studying. I have set some higher goals for myself since I always struggle with school towards the end.

This semester I am taking 18 credit hours and time management is very very hard for me. It always has been. But I excel in organization. I invested in a pretty pink planner that I know I will use and constantly use. I also invested in a expandable folder so I am able to keep track of all my papers and it was seriously the BEST INVESTMENT EVER! I am so on top of all my school work. I am actually having fun.

Did I mention I am obsessed with office supplies? Well….. I am! Hahaha. Especially Post-It Notes :)

Find the thing that you find fun and integrate it with your school work! You won’t regret it.

Good luck on your Mid-Terms SXU!

A Beautiful Weekend For the Minnesota girl in the Windy City

heart Hello all, so the end of January is around the corner and the beginning of February is here, a perfect month! And the day that many dread is near, Valentines day. Now technically I do have a Valentine’s, and I have for the past two years, but I still am not the biggest fan of it.. The idea that I’m suppose to tell my significant other I love them, the same day as everyone else and do a date just as everyone else.. It sounds controlling and weird right? Or no? Well, this year I have decided to end the protest of Valentine’s Day and I am stepping up! Now I can’t say what my plans are just yet because my boyfriend might actually read my blog.. But after Valentine’s Day I shall tell ya how it went! Now for those like me who love history you need to watch the link about Al Capone! Super cool because he was in Chicago when he did it, but yeah, he made Valentines cooler. http://www.history.com/topics/saint-valentines-day-massacre

The SXU student I want tobre highlight this week is Breanna Nelson, or what she is known as by her freshman as Brea! Brea is a sophomore here and she is my RPAL! She has been there for my academic break cries, to working out together, she really knows how to give a pep talk as well! Really getting to see her in the halls just brightens my day! She is always cheerful! Even if she is studying with her heads in the books in the cafeteria she always greets you to a hug!  chicago baby

And hopefully this beautiful picture will make you happy with the views of downtown Chicago! Friday was so nice and warm! I hope everyone had a great week and has a good one for this upcoming one! Get those Valentines thoughts going! And remember, you can’t be as bad as Al Capone!



Hello 2015! Welcome back SXU!

Good morning SXU!

I hope the holidays were wonderful for you and you got to spend lots of time relaxing and eating and just doing nothing.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Now that 2015 is here, it is time to set goals for yourself, manage your time, and reach for them. We are now entering the spring semester. That means another step closer to graduation and becoming adults with careers. Doesn’t that sound great?!

Here’s how to have a great semester with rocking grades!



3. GET ORGANIZED! Use a planner to write down due dates and homework assignments. Get a notebook to write down notes. Make sure you are neat and you understand what you’re writing. Phrasing is very important when given a big load of information and you need the main idea(s). Color coding with higlighters or color pens makes everything fun and pretty. Make sure that you have a classmates phone number, email, or facebook in case you need to get in touch with someone.

Use a planner to help you have a great semester.

Use a planner to help you have a great semester.

4. MANAGE YOUR TIME! Use your planner to schedule time to read, do homework, study, and socialize. Remember that school comes first so when you’re supposed to be reading, actually read and not read facebook statuses or tweets. It’s okay to say “no” to going out if you have work to do. Making lists is a fun way to make sure you don’t miss anything.

5. STUDY SMART! Find a good place to study where you will focus and not get distracted. Get started as soon as possible and do not procrastinate. Figure out how you learn best (hands on, rereading, flash cards, listening to the lecture again, etc.). Organize how you’re going to study.

Ask questions, take good notes, and study.

Ask questions, take good notes, and study.

6. BE SUCCESSFUL! Do all your work & complete assignments. Sit in front of the class. Be on time. Participate! Communicate with your professors and establish good relationships with them and they’ll usually give you the benefit of the doubt (although not all of them will). Use services available like tutoring, open labs, etc.

Once you get the grades you want, you can reward yourself. :) that’s the best part. Make sure you have a great, fun semester!

Go for it!

Go for it!

Just Keep Swimming!

finals1Hey y’all, it’s that time of the year, where everyone is stressed, talking to themselves as they walk, and if you ask them how they are doing, they look lost. It’s the week of finals. Now as a freshmen I thought I knew what finals would be like, they would be tests. Nope. It’s so much more. How many papers can one person write? Well let’s take that limit, and times it by ten, and that’s how many papers we all can write!! Through out the semester the thought of, “man, I’m stressefinals and purpled, there is so much I need to do!” But that was before this week.. So many papers. So many readings. So many things. It’s just. Well how I thought college was going to be. Stressful. And this whole semester was working up to this up coming week.
So even though I am a freshman, I have been given a few tips on how to live through this up coming week so I thought I would share!:sleeping at work
#1. Get sleep. It doesn’t do you any good to stay up till 4 am on coffee and power drinks to only be at your 8 am exam sleeping..
#2. Don’t procrastinate! Try and get assignments and papers done before they are due! Work on what is due soonest and just keep pushing till it’s done!
#3. Eat healthy! It’s so important! Eating unhealthy weighs you down! If you can pick food that will give you energy for the day not just an hour that will help you in teating healthyhe long run! This also being sad don’t load up on energy drinks and pops! You might feel awake for an hour or so but after that you will crash! And that isn’t good, and really they are just unhealthy for you!
#4. Try and work out! I know it’s a stressful time, and we all feel like we have no time, but if you can try and go for a run or hit the gym for half an hour, it really will give you a break from studying and it’s good for you!
#5. Take breaks! Studies show that studying one thing for more then an hour doesn’t do you any good! So study for 45 minutes, take a break, work on another subject for a bit, and keep pushing!
#6. Lastly, you are just human, you are one person, try your hardest, it’s not the end of the world! Breathe!
I hope everyone does fantastic on there finals! We are almost done then it’s home for the holidays! You can do this! I can do this! We got this! Just keep swimming! And have a great break everyone! just-keep-swimming

Walk Through Week

I am super excited this week because I did a lot of great things. This was my week. Check it out!

MONDAY! Michael and his best friend Matt are going to start a podcast! Whenever they are together they have a blast! They laugh about nothing and everything at the same time. They are definitely good vibes to be around when you’re having a bad day.

Ice Cream Time!

Ice Cream Time!

Sudying/Breakfast at Denny's

Studying/Breakfast at Denny’s

TUESDAY! This day was very nerve wrecking and exciting at the same time. I received an email from Career Services quite some time ago about an internship. At first I didn’t make much of it until I read it. It was a PAID internship and all I needed to apply was my resume and a cover letter. I sent it in so now I am just waiting! Pray for me! HAHAHA

WEDNESDAY! I worked all day…. Don’t talk to me about Wednesday…. BUT I had COFFEE so it wasn’t too bad. Denisse bought me lunch too! #CommuterProblems HAHA! Hey girl, hey! I see you.

My Best Friend!

My Best Friend!


Nothing special… I went to work. I had a caramel burlee lattee from Starbucks. My dirty little obsession.


UNIDOS had their Ice Cream Social for Diversity Week. It was a success! We have 4 different flavors plus a special treat called Mangolada. It’s a mango purree/sauce and you add chamoy which is a chile sause and tajin which is like chile powder. You can add ice cream to it and lemon as well. It was great!

Follow UNIDOS on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram

Follow UNIDOS on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram


This was my mommy’s birthday! She is now in her late 30′s. She’s so amazing. She recently started working on the weekends and I see her less than I already used to and it makes me realize how much I miss her and how much work she does at home. It feels empty without her.

This is my mother and her 4 kids.

This is my mother and her 4 kids last Christmas.


Today was nothing special. I had a photoshoot with Michael for one of our friends photography class. It was interesting. AND….. THE BEARS WON TODAY! I predicted they would win today. I am a proud Bears Fan.

Go Chicago Bears!

Go Chicago Bears!




College Runway

Good Morning Cougars!

School is starting to kick my butt! My criminal justice classes are definitely kicking into high gear with exams, papers, and projects. This semester I am taking 4 criminal justice classes (Juvenile Justice, Victimology, Corrections, and Stats & Research 1) and I dropped my 1 political science class (Political Theory). It was totally NOT my thing :(

Next semester is going to be fun! I am getting more of my gen-eds out of the way and I will be taking 3 criminal justice classes, 1 English class because it’s like taking out 5 birds with 1 stone, and a history class as well. I cannot stress how important it is that you make sure you have enough credits to graduate! It’s not just about finishing up your classes. I will be taking 3 extra classes my last semester here because I will have finished my major but I would be short on credits. I am taking suggestions on fun, easy, interesting classes! LOL

In the UNIDOS world, please follow us on our social media pages!

Follow UNIDOS on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram

Follow UNIDOS on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram

We are beginning preparations for our 2nd annual mass in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe who is such an important and influential saint/angel in our Catholic religion. If anyone would like to participate, please reach out to UNIDOS through our Facebook page. We need lots of volunteers and help!

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady of Guadalupe

I am like getting into this thing called exercise… Have you guys heard of it? What are your experiences like? What are some beginner exercises you recommend to get into shape? I used to play soccer in high school but that was like 3 years again… I feel old :( LOL

Fall is in full motion! What are some of your favorite things to do this time of year? I know I promised a post on DIY Halloween costumes but I just found an awesome video on YouTube that I have stuck in my mind so I’ll share that! I will be posting Halloween pictures on my next blog.


In about 2 weeks, keep an eye out for my first video blog! It’ll be my first time doing something like it so I hope all goes well LOL

Catch you soon! Live Life, Love Life, Live Large!

-Jess :)

Why You Should Sail an Intern”ship”

Okay, my title is a little corny, but internships aren’t!

I am currently in the process of applying for and landing an internship for the summer after I’ve graduated and hopefully a following one in the fall. While a lot of students are looking for jobs, vacations, or even enrolling to graduate schools, I’m taking a different route. I would like an opportunity to learn more about different aspects of the media industry and also further explore where I fit. During college, I’ve also had internships and would like to share some reasons why they’re so important and how having internships has helped me.

Below is a video that shares the experiences and skills of one of my most recent internships!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lbe_m87I6HI&w=560&h=315]

So, why are internships so important, you ask? It’s an education in the real world. You get to put tools and knowledge you learn in the classroom to use. As an intern, you’re expected to need training and you should receive direction and guidance. However, usually your internships relate to skills you’ve already began practicing. For example, during my creative services internship, I was asked to edit video clips. I was required to use skills I learned in my video productions class. Internships also help build your resume. My current resume is filled with three different internship experiences. This makes me more competitive and eligible to apply to various opportunities.  During internships you will grow as an individual. You learn who you are in the career environment and how to overcome challenging situations. My internships helped me get over feelings of nervousness, fear, and inferiority. Internships can additionally help you find your interests. Sometimes you don’t really know what you like to do until you experience what you don’t. During internships you get to test work environments, schedules, and types of work, to help define what best suits you.

Saint Xavier’s Career Center  helped me find an internship program by sending an email blast. One of the programs they sent to Communication majors interested me, I applied, and was accepted. So, don’t underestimate the resources that college centers can offer you. Also, if your school semesters are busy, just take an internship during the summers like I did. There are a variety of paid summer internships available.

Now that you’ve read, care to join me in the journey?

-Until next time,