Doing Things That Make You Happy

11863237_1040415949324571_9133901594397760549_nMidterms are this week and the horrible stress weighs us all down. Times like this remind of well, any other week where the stress of midterms is not on me. So for this week, I’m going to be focusing on doing things that make you happy!

Yes, I know your first thought is probably, “Genesis said I don’t need to study for midterms, yippee!” and so of course my answer is no. I know of course there are things in life that we all have to do that we don’t really want to do; midterms is one of those things.

One thing that people always ask me is how do I do it all? And my answer is “I dunno. I kinda just do it.” This week, though, I realized that everything I do makes me happy. 12038305_1159419904072873_110222659428685842_nOf course some days I am more tired than others, some days are just crappy, and some days nothing goes my way. But there are days where simple little moments can make my whole day. Maybe it’s after a tour where a perspective student is so excited that afterwards they clap for me (which seriously is one of the best feelings ever). Or when one of my transition students is no longer freaking out and they feel better. Or even something as simple as having one of my residents hug me after being in distress. I love these simple things where I did something to help—even just a little. Honestly I think everything that I do makes me happy.

Today in one of my education classes we talked about how work isn’t really work when it’s something that you love. This really got me thinking about everything that I was involved in. From doing Broadview to being a Resident Peer Minister to every little thing in between: I love what I do.12032920_757997394306696_3591963017190083193_o Being happy makes doing so many things possible. Yeah, for sure, I do things that I don’t really want to do (like take my first midterm tomorrow…) but overall, I try to surround myself with activities and people who make me happy.

One awesome thing that happened this week was MSPJ’s October 2 trip to Broadview which was featured in the Chicago Tribune! Within the article it talks about SXU, Broadview, and immigration. I also have a couple of quotes within, so give it a look by checking out the link here!

I would like to wish everyone good luck on midterms this week! I know it’s going to be a long week, but we got this! Two things that I’m  looking forward to this week are the NSCS induction ceremony tomorrow and my sister Maya is visiting from Minnesota this week! So yay! Stay tuned next week to hear all about it!

So This is Goodbye

As it is the evening before finals week and knowing that this time next week I will be home, I feel as though there are some “thank-yous” that I need to say to those who made my freshman year so great.

To begin with, I want to thank SXU, I want to thank the students, faculy and staff who made this place home.


I never thought that being away from home, I would ever feel so at home like I do here. I am amazed at how much the staff strives to make each class as great as possible. It fills me with happiness to say that the staff, the people that clean and work so hard to keep things nice, by them just saying hello can just make my day. I can’t help but believe that this positive attitude starts with President Wiseman. For example, this last week the President of SXU served a free lunch to students. The way she welcomes guest speakers, seeing her interact with the student body, and watching her welcome those visiting campus just seems like so much more than her job description. Her positive attitude it clearly just part of the great person that she is.

I want to give a quick thank you to Laura Richardella, the lovely woman who hired me as an awkward little freshman in August, having some kind of belief in me that I would be able to write something every week for the Cougar Dairies. I would just like to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell my week to week college life and share that with the rest of the student body and SXU community.

I want to thank the SXU Campus Ministry, from Sister Carol and Sister Christa who lead weekly women’s prayer group, to the RPM’s and PM (Resident Peer Ministers, and Peer Ministers), to Tom and Dennis for getting me involved in the Bread Truck and information about service throughout the years.IMG_0828 To my Quest family, I appreciate the bond that we created in the beginning of the fall and having such a great group of people that started the year off so right. A special thank you to Mike, who is such an amazing person that is strong and such a loyal friend. I feel blessed to have you in my life. And to Tara, “my best friend” in campus ministry, to all the times you have made me laugh, I am so excited to be RPM’s with you next fall.

To my lovely roommate Brittany, thinking back to the beginning of the year and seeing how much we have both changed is.. well… I’m impressed with us, and hey, we made it!the B's and I I can’t believe how fast this year has went by and you were always by my side. From our talks as we were getting ready for bed, to somehow staying up ’til three in the morning talking, it’s something that I will miss next year. To me, you will always be my favorite roommate and although you are going to be living with our friend Breezy next year, it’s okay, I know in the inside I will always be your favorite too.

improvvvvThank you Netflix, for keeping Brit and I sane throughout the year, and for letting us bond over you. And Improv, thanks for the laughs, the last show was by far my favorite. Seniors, you did a great show and will be missed!

Miguel, please don’t graduate in less than a week, you have been such a great mentor support system for me this first year. I don’t know what I will do without you in orchestra. Like seriously. I wish you weren’t leaving, but I know you will do such great things in the world.

A “thank you” to Darlene and Ivan. Darlene is my Confirmation Sponsor back home in Minnesota, and whenever I am home, I would get to have breakfast or brunch with her. Getting to hear her story, of her, her family and her life, is something I’ve missed while away at college. Before leaving, I got to have breakfast with Darlene while her husband Ivan was out and about close by. They were both so excited about me heading off to college. Hearing about how proud they were of me, helped me believe that I could do this. Ivan, even though you aren’t with us anymore, I know that you know all about my first year of college.

My family, I want to thank my best friend, my sister Maya, who helped me go through with going to college away from home. If it wasn’t for you telling me why I should go, I probably couldn’t have went through with it.IMG_0410 To my little brother and youngest sister who always seem to bring a smile to my face, and seeing them grow; it amazes me. A thank you to my family out in Colorado, although I’m not going to school by you guys, you all were still so supportive of my decision and I love you all!

Grandpa, thank you, just for everything, for not only helping me, but our family. Thank you for all the silly joke emails that you send me to the educational articles. For always being willing to help, even when I didn’t know I needed it. And sometimes, most importantly thank you for saying how proud you are, and how proud Grandma would be of me. I miss her so much and just wish I could tell her all about how great college is like she always said it would be.

SONY DSCJon, thank you for keeping me sane, thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for understanding me when I don’t. Thank you for all the help in math or whatever the subject is and reminding me that I do know what I am doing, for reminding me that dropping out of college, when I have all A’s doesn’t make sense, and how once my hard work is done,it will all be worth it. Most importantly, thank you for being you.

To my Papi, thank you for as you so claim, giving me life. Thank you for raising me to know what hard work is, to teach me how to strive to do more.10472772_10152504120149031_7211664648222740597_n For showing me how important college is although you weren’t able to attend. Thank you for teaching me that the most important thing in life is to be happy, which is something I will always strive for. Thank you for picking up your phone whenever I call and having the conversations I think you always hoped we would, and now how much closer we are now.

And lastly to my Mami.. I’m tired after all this writing so, thanks mom!


Just kidding, love you momma! Thank you for being the most supportive person in my life. For pushing me to be better, leave home and attend the college of my dreams. You knew it was my dream school before I did! SONY DSCThank you for teaching me the importance of service and helping people and thank you for always listening to whatever the worry I had on my mind. You never made me feel as though it was unimportant. I guess it’s really impossible to say all the thank you’s to your mom, because there is really just so much they do. But thank you Mami, for being my biggest fan, to loving me unconditionally, and I guess to giving me life, that was cool. Picture with my grandpa and momma!

And to everyone else who helped make my first year at SXU, thank you. I’m sorry I didn’t include you, but I really should be getting to bed. Good luck to everyone on finals week! Have a great summer of warmth! To those who are graduating, congratulations and you will be missed!

A Sick Week

Hey everyone, so this week I got the bug that was going around Saint Xavier for the past two weeks. And it was terrible. Honestly terrible. So with this being said, it was a very uneventful filled week with me sleeping between classes. After classes. Before classes. Sleep was a constant event throughout this week. Even with this all of this sleep, I was still almost sleeping throughout my classes. The past two weeks have been so busy that this week had been a week of sleep, and coughing and sneezing.

The one eventful thing about this week was that I found out that I was going to be a RPM (Resident Peer Minister) next year in Regina Hall, which I feel so honored to have been picked. I would also like to congratulate all students on leadership positions while also I hope that we all realize how lucky we were to have been picked because so many students were not picked.

I hope everyone has a great week and a great Easter Break this week!


Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great spring break! As my previous posts have been about me being excited about my service trip, I finally went on it. We left in the early hours of the morning to meet 10958008_936323116377777_51659184_oat the chapel, then to load up the car, and head out on our day of driving. Our car was driving to Mississippi, where we got to stay in Holly Springs at the Scared Heart House. Our group was pretty happy that we got the house to just our group because the Wall’s location, which is the main location, had many other groups. Our first full work day was Monday, where we worked on giving the deck rain protection and fixed the stairs. After we got this done it sta11035258_936860446324044_1369751294_orted to rain, which threw off our plan on working on the roof of the house, because there was another group working on the inside we were unable to do anything more without needing more supplies so we had our first southern meal! The food was all very good and the restaurant we went to had a small hometown field to it. After we finished eating we got to go exploring in the little town of Holly Springs which was a very old fashion southern town. All the meals that we had were made by our group, which for a bunch of college kids, I was pretty impressed with us! One of our group leaders Rob thought we would be eating ramen the whole time, but instead we had full out amazing meals. We all would help1061621_938384049505017_1167109535_n out on cooking, cleaning, setting up that it was never a problem! The second day was one of my favorites because we had to prepare to make food for the café, which was pretty much a soup kitchen but the state of Mississippi doesn’t allow soup kitchens, so it’s called a café. This was one of my favorite days because we got to talk to the committee members as we eat, and I found a little family who use to live a block away from me in Minnesota which I thought was pretty cool. How both of their children were born in the hospital that my dad currently works at, just brought everything they said to home. Getting to hear people’s stories about their lives, why they are in this little town, what they do to barely make money,11051435_937295079613914_2119065227_n it shows in their stories. For the following week we work at Ms. Diane Jones’ house working on cleaning, organizing, and making her home livable. Our group was only step one of the work on her house so we didn’t get to see the finished project, but just knowing that after day one, she cried from seeing how amazing the house had started to become will always be with me. One thing that I did learn from this experience was, service can be anything. A lot of times people go into it with a lot of expectations but really, you can’t. You can’t go in with the idea that you can fix all the problems, you can’t go in with the idea that you can help thousands. What you can do though, is go in with an open mind and do everything you can as best as you can. Because cleaning someone’s house may not change the world, but its helping one women have a better home.


Everyone is Holding Hands

wall of looeI hope everyone had a great week! This week was a busy week! Everyone wrote on the hall of love this week and it was so great to see everyone write what they loved, who brought them love, and what love means to them. Love is such a powerful, amazing thing, but I’m just not that into Valentines, but as many of you know, I tried this year. So maybe a few of you wondered how it played out?

To begin with, I got cupa cute stuffed puppy, a whole lot of chocolate, and a beautiful necklace. While I made him a cup! And it turned out to be pretty awesome! Once we did gifts, the search for food started! Our favorite restaurant in the world wouldn’t take reservations on Valentine’s Day. So my boyfriend and I decided to just wait it out, right? Wouldn’t be that long? It was. The line was to the door, and people were going on an hour wait, of course at that time, we were hungry. Really hungry. The idea of possibly waiting another hour was not okapastay, especially with just the smell of our favorite restaurant from the back door. It was not fair. So we walked another two blocks, disappointment filling our stomachs. Neither of us could think of anything else that this oeneven sounded good. We turned another corner and saw the La Macchina, a cute little Italian restaurant that one of Jon’s TAs said we had to try, so we thought, what have we got to lose? So we went in, got a cute little table lit dinner, and it was the best Italian food of my life. Even now, a day later, my mouth is watering… We had chocolate covered strawberries and Lemon Sorbet. It was amazing. So it may have been my third Valentines with my boyfriend but my first time actually celebrating it, and it was fun. But, we both realized that we didn’t really like Valentines, even though we did have fun, it’s just not our thing. I want to get to have fun dates just because, I don’t want to hold hands because I am supposed to. So yeah, we tried Valentine’s Day, we kind of liked it, but it wasn’t really us.

This Monday I was abFood Truck Picturele to do the Bread Truck and it was great. I got one of my best friend’s Jerry to join me! I also got to know one of the girls who will be joining me on my serve trip next month to Mississippi which only made me more excited because she is awesome! Email Tom at if you would like to go and help the hungry people of Chicago!Ireland

This Tuesday I joined my roommate Brittany at the traditional Irish music concert by the Dirty Wellies! It was a fun and great concert! Lots of fun to listen to! And they all had so many beautiful accents that were so pretty! They played so well! But no Grandpa or Mom, I do not want to play the fiddle, so please don’t start again. But please people! Look them up!

I would also like to apeacepologize, I made a mistake! I thought that Broadview Deportation was last Friday, but i’ts actually this upcoming Friday! So this Friday it is happening, so please attend! We will be leaving at 6:15 am from Regina Hall so please attend! Also MSPJ will be hosting a movie night this week about immigration so look out for all of the flyers! Hope everyone has a great week! Thanks for reading!

Walk Through Week

I am super excited this week because I did a lot of great things. This was my week. Check it out!

MONDAY! Michael and his best friend Matt are going to start a podcast! Whenever they are together they have a blast! They laugh about nothing and everything at the same time. They are definitely good vibes to be around when you’re having a bad day.

Ice Cream Time!

Ice Cream Time!

Sudying/Breakfast at Denny's

Studying/Breakfast at Denny’s

TUESDAY! This day was very nerve wrecking and exciting at the same time. I received an email from Career Services quite some time ago about an internship. At first I didn’t make much of it until I read it. It was a PAID internship and all I needed to apply was my resume and a cover letter. I sent it in so now I am just waiting! Pray for me! HAHAHA

WEDNESDAY! I worked all day…. Don’t talk to me about Wednesday…. BUT I had COFFEE so it wasn’t too bad. Denisse bought me lunch too! #CommuterProblems HAHA! Hey girl, hey! I see you.

My Best Friend!

My Best Friend!


Nothing special… I went to work. I had a caramel burlee lattee from Starbucks. My dirty little obsession.


UNIDOS had their Ice Cream Social for Diversity Week. It was a success! We have 4 different flavors plus a special treat called Mangolada. It’s a mango purree/sauce and you add chamoy which is a chile sause and tajin which is like chile powder. You can add ice cream to it and lemon as well. It was great!

Follow UNIDOS on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram

Follow UNIDOS on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram


This was my mommy’s birthday! She is now in her late 30′s. She’s so amazing. She recently started working on the weekends and I see her less than I already used to and it makes me realize how much I miss her and how much work she does at home. It feels empty without her.

This is my mother and her 4 kids.

This is my mother and her 4 kids last Christmas.


Today was nothing special. I had a photoshoot with Michael for one of our friends photography class. It was interesting. AND….. THE BEARS WON TODAY! I predicted they would win today. I am a proud Bears Fan.

Go Chicago Bears!

Go Chicago Bears!




Sky View

Hello Everyone!

This weekend has been quite an interesting one. On Friday, I literally sat at my dining room table for hours! My teacher was out of town for the day and we had out of class assignments. Both were criminal justice related. I had to watch an hour long video and write a 2-3 page paper on both of the videos and relate it to what we have learned in class. :l My back still hurts from sitting at the table all day LOL

Saturday was a better day. I received wonderful news about another criminal justice paper I had turned in earlier the week before. I met with my professor about it and got feedback! Because of this I did a “superb job” on my paper and got an A+. I was beyond happy.

Saturday night, Michael and I went on a trip downtown! We went up to the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower A.K.A The Sears Tower! Yes, the Skydeck ladies and gents. It was my first time up there and it was sooooooooo high. LOL I’m scared of heights so it was a lot of fun. They were closing at 8pm so we spent maybe a total of 5 mins in the actual box and like 30 minutes in getting up there along with all the waiting. Here are some pictures! Check it out!

Michael and I

Michael and I

Michael an I

Michael and I

Michael & I

Michael & I

Michael & I

Michael & I

Diversity Week is this week! UNIDOS is having an event on Friday, November 14, 2014. Our event is an an Ice Cream Social and Loteria (Mexican Bingo). We will have free ice cream and some typical Mexican ice creams. Join us in the Diner from 12pm – 1pm. It will be a ton of fun! We will also have a booth at Multicultural Night! Here is the flyer for the other events going on this week.

Diversity Week Flyer

Diversity Week Flyer

Don’t forget to follow UNIDOS on Social Media

Follow UNIDOS on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram

Follow UNIDOS on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram

Have a great week everyone!


College Runway

Good Morning Cougars!

School is starting to kick my butt! My criminal justice classes are definitely kicking into high gear with exams, papers, and projects. This semester I am taking 4 criminal justice classes (Juvenile Justice, Victimology, Corrections, and Stats & Research 1) and I dropped my 1 political science class (Political Theory). It was totally NOT my thing :(

Next semester is going to be fun! I am getting more of my gen-eds out of the way and I will be taking 3 criminal justice classes, 1 English class because it’s like taking out 5 birds with 1 stone, and a history class as well. I cannot stress how important it is that you make sure you have enough credits to graduate! It’s not just about finishing up your classes. I will be taking 3 extra classes my last semester here because I will have finished my major but I would be short on credits. I am taking suggestions on fun, easy, interesting classes! LOL

In the UNIDOS world, please follow us on our social media pages!

Follow UNIDOS on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram

Follow UNIDOS on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram

We are beginning preparations for our 2nd annual mass in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe who is such an important and influential saint/angel in our Catholic religion. If anyone would like to participate, please reach out to UNIDOS through our Facebook page. We need lots of volunteers and help!

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady of Guadalupe

I am like getting into this thing called exercise… Have you guys heard of it? What are your experiences like? What are some beginner exercises you recommend to get into shape? I used to play soccer in high school but that was like 3 years again… I feel old :( LOL

Fall is in full motion! What are some of your favorite things to do this time of year? I know I promised a post on DIY Halloween costumes but I just found an awesome video on YouTube that I have stuck in my mind so I’ll share that! I will be posting Halloween pictures on my next blog.

In about 2 weeks, keep an eye out for my first video blog! It’ll be my first time doing something like it so I hope all goes well LOL

Catch you soon! Live Life, Love Life, Live Large!

-Jess :)

Midterm Mayhem

We are officially reaching the middle of the semester. We are in Week 7 and Midterms are taking over. I am freaking out because I have exams to study for and papers to turn in. In the past two weeks I have had 2 papers to turn in plus a midterm paper. Talk about writing my fingers off. But on the bright side I have been having mini-adventures to release stress and get away from the books. On Monday, October 6th, Michael (my boyfriend) and I went to the Bulls Preseason Game vs the Wizards. Even though the Bulls lost, we took lots of pictures! Check it out!

20141006_193247 20141006_175009 20141006_174949 20141006_173318 20141006_173246 20141006_173216 20141006_173141 20141006_173135 20141006_173049 20141006_173019

I’ve been working really hard to finish up the details of our UNIDOS events and I am excited to say we will be hosting a dance to celebrate the end of Hispanic Heritage Month! Check out our flyer! If anyone has any questions or ideas for events they want to see from UNIDOS, feel free to shot us an email at

Screenshot (2)

UNIDOS is also on social media now! Check out our flyer and like our page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter & Instagram.

Screenshot (7)

This weekend is a super special one. Michael has family coming in from California and we will be spending Saturday downtown. We’ll probably be going to the field museum and doing a lot of shopping! I better lock up my wallet. It’s going to be hurting pretty soon. I will be uploading tons of pictures so keep tuned!


Halloween is coming up! I will have a post dedicated to Halloween and costumes and other fun DIY projects for you guys to try out!


Campus Ministry is having a Women’s retreat! I went on this retreat as a freshman and met some of the most amazing women. I made a lot of good friends and got closer to my best friends. I was also a leader on this retreat and gave a speech on beauty. I encourage all you queens on campus to sign up and experience this wonderful program. You will not regret it. It is truly captivating. Here is the flyer for more info and some pictures from my experiences.

148423_10151132875085949_324091329_n 407628_3310768947082_1193167717_nScreenshot (8)

Good luck with your midterms! Stay positive & reward yourself. It’s the little things that count. I want to have a video blog one day. But I’m a little stuck on things to talk about. Let me know your ideas or questions or topics you think I should touch on! All your support is greatly appreciated!

Peace, Love, & Blessings!

So It’s Starting To Feel A Lot Like College?!

Hey everyone, so its starting to feel real, college. We are going on the seventh week now, and the time is flying! As a freshman, everything is new. SomeonBrit and I for BLOGe from a different state, it really is all new. Now, Minnesota is really similar in weather, except it’s colder. I think I’m starting to get the hang of college though, starting to have some kind of understanding. What I have learned so far, is to take it one day at a time. I will be the first one to say that I can’t wait to go home during Thanksgiving break to see my family, and that I talk to my family daily, but when missing home, you gotta take it one day at a time. And before I know it, I will get to be home again! (Or that’s what I am telling myself anyways…) Really though, this campus is starting to feel like another home, and one pev and I for blogrson who has helped me so much with living here for the past two months is my roommate, Brittany. She really is one of the best people I know. It is amazing how close we have become, she is just so great to be around and I love her, even when we match! (My roommate and I on the right.) One person who has both of us both transition into college is our amazing RA (resident assistant) Valencia, or V as we like to call her. She has helped us get use to living with each other, and seeing her through out the day. She is just sunshine! To make things even better, I found out that for student ambassadors, I will be shadowing her for our tours on Friday morning! Couldn’t be more excited to be learning from her! So if you are thinking about going on a tour here at SXU, do it on Friday and you will get to meet Valencia and I!breadtruck

Getting involved around campus really helps when it comes to meeting people! The Bread Truck has become a weekly activity that I have grown to love at this college. The ability to give food directly to those who are in need is such a great action. It really is so much fun as well! I have always thought that I knew how lucky I was, but through working the bread truck it has really opened my eyes to people who are in need. I really cannot stress enough how great the Bread Truck is and how everyone should email Tom about volunteering for an evening! And really though, how could anyone say “no” to an evening with Antony? Work the bread truck!chicago on the train

Now, to sound totally not “Chicagoan”, I got to ride the L, without an adult (even though I am an adult) by myself, even though I had a friend with me to make sure I didn’t get lost.. So I guess I wasn’t by myself.. But it was a blast! Waiting at stops and getting to hear the music come alive as people played in the tunnels, it was so amazing! And the art work in the tunnels, it’s beautiful! Hopefully next weekend the weather is better so I get more time to explore this exciting city! Until then the windy city!