So This is Goodbye

As it is the evening before finals week and knowing that this time next week I will be home, I feel as though there are some “thank-yous” that I need to say to those who made my freshman year so great.

To begin with, I want to thank SXU, I want to thank the students, faculy and staff who made this place home.


I never thought that being away from home, I would ever feel so at home like I do here. I am amazed at how much the staff strives to make each class as great as possible. It fills me with happiness to say that the staff, the people that clean and work so hard to keep things nice, by them just saying hello can just make my day. I can’t help but believe that this positive attitude starts with President Wiseman. For example, this last week the President of SXU served a free lunch to students. The way she welcomes guest speakers, seeing her interact with the student body, and watching her welcome those visiting campus just seems like so much more than her job description. Her positive attitude it clearly just part of the great person that she is.

I want to give a quick thank you to Laura Richardella, the lovely woman who hired me as an awkward little freshman in August, having some kind of belief in me that I would be able to write something every week for the Cougar Dairies. I would just like to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell my week to week college life and share that with the rest of the student body and SXU community.

I want to thank the SXU Campus Ministry, from Sister Carol and Sister Christa who lead weekly women’s prayer group, to the RPM’s and PM (Resident Peer Ministers, and Peer Ministers), to Tom and Dennis for getting me involved in the Bread Truck and information about service throughout the years.IMG_0828 To my Quest family, I appreciate the bond that we created in the beginning of the fall and having such a great group of people that started the year off so right. A special thank you to Mike, who is such an amazing person that is strong and such a loyal friend. I feel blessed to have you in my life. And to Tara, “my best friend” in campus ministry, to all the times you have made me laugh, I am so excited to be RPM’s with you next fall.

To my lovely roommate Brittany, thinking back to the beginning of the year and seeing how much we have both changed is.. well… I’m impressed with us, and hey, we made it!the B's and I I can’t believe how fast this year has went by and you were always by my side. From our talks as we were getting ready for bed, to somehow staying up ’til three in the morning talking, it’s something that I will miss next year. To me, you will always be my favorite roommate and although you are going to be living with our friend Breezy next year, it’s okay, I know in the inside I will always be your favorite too.

improvvvvThank you Netflix, for keeping Brit and I sane throughout the year, and for letting us bond over you. And Improv, thanks for the laughs, the last show was by far my favorite. Seniors, you did a great show and will be missed!

Miguel, please don’t graduate in less than a week, you have been such a great mentor support system for me this first year. I don’t know what I will do without you in orchestra. Like seriously. I wish you weren’t leaving, but I know you will do such great things in the world.

A “thank you” to Darlene and Ivan. Darlene is my Confirmation Sponsor back home in Minnesota, and whenever I am home, I would get to have breakfast or brunch with her. Getting to hear her story, of her, her family and her life, is something I’ve missed while away at college. Before leaving, I got to have breakfast with Darlene while her husband Ivan was out and about close by. They were both so excited about me heading off to college. Hearing about how proud they were of me, helped me believe that I could do this. Ivan, even though you aren’t with us anymore, I know that you know all about my first year of college.

My family, I want to thank my best friend, my sister Maya, who helped me go through with going to college away from home. If it wasn’t for you telling me why I should go, I probably couldn’t have went through with it.IMG_0410 To my little brother and youngest sister who always seem to bring a smile to my face, and seeing them grow; it amazes me. A thank you to my family out in Colorado, although I’m not going to school by you guys, you all were still so supportive of my decision and I love you all!

Grandpa, thank you, just for everything, for not only helping me, but our family. Thank you for all the silly joke emails that you send me to the educational articles. For always being willing to help, even when I didn’t know I needed it. And sometimes, most importantly thank you for saying how proud you are, and how proud Grandma would be of me. I miss her so much and just wish I could tell her all about how great college is like she always said it would be.

SONY DSCJon, thank you for keeping me sane, thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for understanding me when I don’t. Thank you for all the help in math or whatever the subject is and reminding me that I do know what I am doing, for reminding me that dropping out of college, when I have all A’s doesn’t make sense, and how once my hard work is done,it will all be worth it. Most importantly, thank you for being you.

To my Papi, thank you for as you so claim, giving me life. Thank you for raising me to know what hard work is, to teach me how to strive to do more.10472772_10152504120149031_7211664648222740597_n For showing me how important college is although you weren’t able to attend. Thank you for teaching me that the most important thing in life is to be happy, which is something I will always strive for. Thank you for picking up your phone whenever I call and having the conversations I think you always hoped we would, and now how much closer we are now.

And lastly to my Mami.. I’m tired after all this writing so, thanks mom!


Just kidding, love you momma! Thank you for being the most supportive person in my life. For pushing me to be better, leave home and attend the college of my dreams. You knew it was my dream school before I did! SONY DSCThank you for teaching me the importance of service and helping people and thank you for always listening to whatever the worry I had on my mind. You never made me feel as though it was unimportant. I guess it’s really impossible to say all the thank you’s to your mom, because there is really just so much they do. But thank you Mami, for being my biggest fan, to loving me unconditionally, and I guess to giving me life, that was cool. Picture with my grandpa and momma!

And to everyone else who helped make my first year at SXU, thank you. I’m sorry I didn’t include you, but I really should be getting to bed. Good luck to everyone on finals week! Have a great summer of warmth! To those who are graduating, congratulations and you will be missed!

Its coming to an End

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great week, now that this school year is coming to an end, it’s weird to think about how much I have changed… Now, I don’t think the change is bad, but I have noticed that I am different, I think this is true for many freshmen though. For many of us, this is our first time truly being independent from our parents. For me, at home I had many responsibilities, but me going away to college is my first time being responsible for only myself. It’s a weird feeling, being the oldest of four awesome siblings and not seeing them on a daily basis. Although I don’t get to see or talk to my siblings as much as I use to when I was living with them, it has reminded me how valuable our time is together, which is why I am excited about this summer. One nice thing about this year is how close I have gotten to my dad. Since I have been in college, I call him at a daily basis. Sorry mom, I swear I love you, you are just busy every time I call. Next year’s goal?

running blog

So my friend Briana and I have started the 6 week 5k and 10k running program, we started last week and it has taken my workout to the next level. In high school, I was ran varsity track, and I have missed running so much that it feels good to be back. This summer, in addition to taking summer classes, I am going to be working on running in my daily work out.

miguel and i blog

This past Friday evening, Miguel had his senior presentation. Well he did an amazing job! I have now learned about how likely it is to get a musical injury… From his presentation, I learned that the pain in my hands and wrist may possibly be carpal tunnel and/or tendonitis… First off, I would like to say that I thought the soreness, the numbness in my fingers, cramping was normal. Secondly, I will start warming up and using the tips that Miguel gave us. He has also given me hand exercises that will help! And lastly, I will be talking to my private teacher about it because now I know that pain is abnormal… So thanks Miguel!

girls and i at feild blog

sorry mn blog

On Saturday, Minnesota heard that I was going to be going to the White Sox’s game with Student Ambassadors and sent rain to Chicago. So much rain that it cancelled the game. I’m sorry Minnesota. I truly am. So once we found out that the game was cancelled, we decided to go to the Field Museum and it was so awesome! First off, it’s the museum from the Night of the Museum, which I thought was really cool because I loved the movies and have seen them so

jon and i at field blog

many times because of my siblings. It was an awesome day with awesome people, so even though the rain cancelled the game, it was still a great day. So good luck to everyone on their last week of classes and finals the following week!


A Sick Week

Hey everyone, so this week I got the bug that was going around Saint Xavier for the past two weeks. And it was terrible. Honestly terrible. So with this being said, it was a very uneventful filled week with me sleeping between classes. After classes. Before classes. Sleep was a constant event throughout this week. Even with this all of this sleep, I was still almost sleeping throughout my classes. The past two weeks have been so busy that this week had been a week of sleep, and coughing and sneezing.

The one eventful thing about this week was that I found out that I was going to be a RPM (Resident Peer Minister) next year in Regina Hall, which I feel so honored to have been picked. I would also like to congratulate all students on leadership positions while also I hope that we all realize how lucky we were to have been picked because so many students were not picked.

I hope everyone has a great week and a great Easter Break this week!

Dance to Dance

girls formalHope everyone is transitioning back into the swing of things! This past week has been so busy and so much has been going on that I can’t wait for this upcoming week because I am telling myself it will be less busy. . . (This is called living in denial.  I know this.) . . Still, it was a great week!

This Friday, I had a lovely time with great people at the Spring Formal; it was so much fun! My beautiful roommate and I got ready together and took pictures with ourban dates. This dance is now the seventh dance that I have gone to with my boyfriend and it never gets old, it amazes me how much fun it still is, if not more! And the food was amazing as well.  One of my favorite parts of dances is seeing everyone all dressed up and fancy! The music was a great mixture and there were two levels for dancing, so if you didn’t like one song, then you could go to the next! And the view while we were on the Odyssey’s observation deck was so beautiful, getting to travel the shore and see the lights of downtown and the north shore was absolutely amazing. By the end of the night, though, my feet were killing me, so I was pretty happy to call it a night and reunite with my bed. . .

The following day I had the opportunity to attend the Presidential Scholarship Ball with student ambassadors, S.T.R.O.N.G. members, and staff in hope of raising moneyball' to aid with scholarships. For those of you who do not know, every single student at Saint Xavier University has a scholarship, which if you think about is a big deal! This was such a great experience and I had so much fun being able to take part in it. I got to see so many important faces from President Wiseman to the mayor in Arizona for the town where our new location is to my boss for Cougar Diaries itself, Laura Richardella to Mrs. Spelman who is in charge of the elementary and middle level for education. I also got to meet so many more chair positions in the education department, it was such a great experience! Getting to meet so many of the people who help aid not just me, but all of the Saint Xavier students was an honor.  We are all so thankful for them. After the lovely dinner and auction, we were able to get everyone on the dance floor and had a blast!

I hope everyone has a great week and good luck with all of your classes! Hopefully the warmth stays with us and soon summer shall be upon us!

Spring Break is in a Week Huh?

One more week until spring break everyone! We got this! I am so excited! I get to go to Mississippi, Sacred Heart and serve those in the community. My group andbrit and 19 I are going to have an eleven hour car drive in a van! So we are going to get to know each other for sure! I am a little nervous about having enough manual strength but I have been working out more to improve my own strength so I think I will be able to work on the houses and everything else we will be doing!

This upcoming Tuesday is my lovely roommate’s birthday, she turns 19! This evening we had a somewhat surprise birthday party gen and britfor her, it was somewhat surprise because she knew she was going to have a party, but didn’t get to take part in the planning because it was her surprise! Overall, I would say that the party was a success! We had games, snacky food, pop and juice, and of course cake! It was a great time with great people!

Are you excited about the Spring Formal? It’s the Friday after Spring Break and it should be lovely! I just got my dress this Saturday and I am so excited to get to wear itbook. When I was on the L this weekend, this man saw that I was reading and asked me what I was reading, I told him it was the Republic, and he smiled because he claimed he that he had just finished reading it. He then went on to tell me that he had this book, and he thought I was the right kind of person to read it. So he handed me the book and asked me if I was interested, it was titled “how to change the world” by David Bornstein, he said went on to tell me that I could have it, and even if I did not finish it, or got tired of it, to pass it on the next right kind of person, I agreed. So who knows, maybe you will be the next person to read it after me?

Good luck this upcoming week everyone! Keep on pushing it! Almost at spring break!

A Beautiful Weekend For the Minnesota girl in the Windy City

heart Hello all, so the end of January is around the corner and the beginning of February is here, a perfect month! And the day that many dread is near, Valentines day. Now technically I do have a Valentine’s, and I have for the past two years, but I still am not the biggest fan of it.. The idea that I’m suppose to tell my significant other I love them, the same day as everyone else and do a date just as everyone else.. It sounds controlling and weird right? Or no? Well, this year I have decided to end the protest of Valentine’s Day and I am stepping up! Now I can’t say what my plans are just yet because my boyfriend might actually read my blog.. But after Valentine’s Day I shall tell ya how it went! Now for those like me who love history you need to watch the link about Al Capone! Super cool because he was in Chicago when he did it, but yeah, he made Valentines cooler.

The SXU student I want tobre highlight this week is Breanna Nelson, or what she is known as by her freshman as Brea! Brea is a sophomore here and she is my RPAL! She has been there for my academic break cries, to working out together, she really knows how to give a pep talk as well! Really getting to see her in the halls just brightens my day! She is always cheerful! Even if she is studying with her heads in the books in the cafeteria she always greets you to a hug!  chicago baby

And hopefully this beautiful picture will make you happy with the views of downtown Chicago! Friday was so nice and warm! I hope everyone had a great week and has a good one for this upcoming one! Get those Valentines thoughts going! And remember, you can’t be as bad as Al Capone!



Are Weekends a Thing of the Past?

Welcome back!

I hope everyone had a productive week and a relaxing weekend! I traveled home to the south suburbs for the weekend to visit my family. It was a much needed break from campus! As much as I enjoy Saint Xavier, I think living away from home is a bit trying for everyone at one point or another.

As part of my weekend activities I took a break from my many hours of homework to go on a brief shopping trip. When I say brief, I mean that in the most literal sense. I stopped at a couple stores, I didn’t even buy anything. One of the main reasons I did not buy anything (besides being strapped for cash) was that my phone was absolutely blowing up. For those who don’t know what that means, I was getting an over abundance of texts and emails all at once. When I’m out, I tend to leave my phone in my purse unless I receive an important call, I like to focus on the task at hand. But as I shopped around and my phone continued to buzz and ring I had to look at it because I figured it must be something serious. It turned out to be texts and emails from a professor demanding my response…on the weekend!


This certainly is not the first time this has happened to me. As a matter of fact, I find that due to technology I feel as though I am in class 24/7. It’s finally starting to make me question whether or not thats fair. I recognize that my future career may require me to be available or reachable via technology at all times. But I also know a lot organizations that allow you to be out of the office for the weekend…including texts and emails. Technology has numerous benefits and has broadened our world in so many ways, but at the same time, I feel shackled to it.  Gone are the days when a weekend is actually time off for me. Does anyone else experience the same thing?

I might just have to make it a personal mission to “unplug” myself from technology during the weekend and deal with the consequences on Monday!

On a lighter note, on Thursday, I ventured downtown with a few friends to see one of our favorite local bands, The Personnel. They’re a friendly and charismatic group of guys that covers 90′s hits. As a 90′s kid, their performances always take me back! We’ve seen them play several times, but this past week they performed at a bar called Social 25, a weekend hot spot on Hubbard Street (for my 21 and over readers). I’ve included the link to band’s website, everyone should give them a listen!

Have a wonderful week!

A New Year, A New Start to the School Year!

Hello everyone, I hope you all had an amazing winter break and first week back at school! For winter break I went back home to cold snowy Minnesota to hang out with familybrit and i and friends, and even though it was so nice not to have any school work to do, it feels so good to be back to the windy city! Saint Xavier has really became my home away from home. Being back for this first week was so relaxing but stressful! It was so nice to be back with my roommate and getting to see all of my SXU family, but is it just me or are the first two days back super stressful? Going over the syllabi for all of my classes, realizing that I need to do so much, it’s overwhelming! I think it gets better over the week, and by this upcoming week I think I will be back in the swing of things! (Picture to the top left is my roommate Brittany and I at Gilhooley’s over the week, happy to be back.)nena

Over break my youngest sister had her golden birthday of six years old! Her birthday was themed Garfield because he is one of her favorite shows right now. While over break we got to bake a ton, have many pajama movie days, teaching her how to make snowflakes with paper, and so much fun sledding together! (Picture to the right is Luna and I making snowflakes by the Christmas tree.)

Quest sign ups are hapeaceppening right now! Freshman and transfer students should look into going! It is a great experience to meet other SXU students while also making great memories! Also at SXU this week we have Martin Luther King Jr. Week, filled pack with daily activities and events! This Friday there is going to be Broadview which is what I am looking most forward to! Broadview is one of my favorite things about our school, so if you want to know more about our broken immigration system please attend!

Today, January 18 was my birthday! It started with my boyfriend treating mebirthday to a late brunch to later going having dinner at Todoroki, which is now my favorite place for hibachi now! It was so good, and to top off my lovely birthday away from home, we got to have Andy’s Frozen Custard! Even though I missed being home for my birthday it was still pretty nice of a birthday! (Jon and I at dinner eating amazing food.)

Just Keep Swimming!

finals1Hey y’all, it’s that time of the year, where everyone is stressed, talking to themselves as they walk, and if you ask them how they are doing, they look lost. It’s the week of finals. Now as a freshmen I thought I knew what finals would be like, they would be tests. Nope. It’s so much more. How many papers can one person write? Well let’s take that limit, and times it by ten, and that’s how many papers we all can write!! Through out the semester the thought of, “man, I’m stressefinals and purpled, there is so much I need to do!” But that was before this week.. So many papers. So many readings. So many things. It’s just. Well how I thought college was going to be. Stressful. And this whole semester was working up to this up coming week.
So even though I am a freshman, I have been given a few tips on how to live through this up coming week so I thought I would share!:sleeping at work
#1. Get sleep. It doesn’t do you any good to stay up till 4 am on coffee and power drinks to only be at your 8 am exam sleeping..
#2. Don’t procrastinate! Try and get assignments and papers done before they are due! Work on what is due soonest and just keep pushing till it’s done!
#3. Eat healthy! It’s so important! Eating unhealthy weighs you down! If you can pick food that will give you energy for the day not just an hour that will help you in teating healthyhe long run! This also being sad don’t load up on energy drinks and pops! You might feel awake for an hour or so but after that you will crash! And that isn’t good, and really they are just unhealthy for you!
#4. Try and work out! I know it’s a stressful time, and we all feel like we have no time, but if you can try and go for a run or hit the gym for half an hour, it really will give you a break from studying and it’s good for you!
#5. Take breaks! Studies show that studying one thing for more then an hour doesn’t do you any good! So study for 45 minutes, take a break, work on another subject for a bit, and keep pushing!
#6. Lastly, you are just human, you are one person, try your hardest, it’s not the end of the world! Breathe!
I hope everyone does fantastic on there finals! We are almost done then it’s home for the holidays! You can do this! I can do this! We got this! Just keep swimming! And have a great break everyone! just-keep-swimming

The Week Keeps Going, Even For The Sick..

Well hey ya’ll, we are almost there, must of us have two days this week of school before you get to sit back, relax, and eat a whole bunch of turkey. Hopefully it isn’t too bad.. I only have classes on Monday, and get to ride home! Super excited to see my family! This past week has been terrible for me though, I have been sick, and being sick in college really isn’t fun.. For those classes you can have absences for, it’s not many, and when you try and go to class coughing and sneezes, you’re pretty much not getting anything that your professor is saying! It just isn’t fun at all. All I know is that being sick in college isn’t fun.. There is so much I decided to miss after my classes that I wish I could of gone to! From the hunger banquet to improv, I hated missing all of these awesome fun things, but I also knew that if I didn’t rest, I would probably never get better, and even though it has almost been a week I am still not up to my hundred percent self! Once I Bet this cold I will probably never again want to have tea ever again.. Because I am on 3-5 cups every day, never again. I miss coffee. And I miss other foods then soup, on the plus point at least our cafeteria  does change there soups everyday!

photoOne thing that I knew I had to do sick or not was go to Broadview Detention Center this week, especially after Obama’s Speech on immigration, how he is he finally taking the correct steps, but more is needed, we need to say thank you President Obama, but more needs to get done. On Friday, it was a smaller group of SXU students for Broadview Detention Center, I didn’t even know about it myself till the day before, but everyone should try hard in January and following months to learn about the broken immigration system, about the steps that are taking place to hopefully mend them, and to pray for those who are being affected about deportation. This week’s was pretty cool, not just in weather because there was channel 5 interviewing families and protesors!

I hope everyone makes it through these two days, and safe travels back home for turkey time and family time! Sending happy thoughts from a sick girl, who is tired of tea, drink some coffee for me!