Road Trip!

Road Trip!

Hey Guys,

Will here, but right now I am not in Chicago at Saint Xavier; I am in Branson, Missouri getting ready to make the call for our school’s men’s basketball team in the first round of the NAIA National Championship tournament. The game is tonight at 9:45 p.m. This is by far the latest game I have ever called, so it should be an interesting one. I left with the team back on Monday at 8 am and was able to work it out with my teachers so that I ended up getting an extra week of spring break!

So far this trip has been pretty fun! We had a long bus ride into Missouri,

Branson, MO

Branson, MO

but luckily we were on a pretty awesome coach bus, so it was almost like an airplane on wheels. To get the team pumped up we watched a great selection of movies; The Avengers, Skyfall, Friday Night Lights, and The A-Team.

So far the team has practiced, and we have gone out to eat, but unfortunately they have not played a game yet. The first few games of the tournament have started and there have been a lot of upsets! Hopefully our school will not be one of those upsets as they find themselves a 2 seed in there bracket!

Tune in to some of the action on WXAV 88.3 fm or tonight at 9:45 pm as we will get the tournament underway!

This Semester is going by Quick!

Hey guys!

This semester has been going by very fast. It seems like it was just yesterday we were getting ready to come back to school from winter break. The week after next we will already be on spring break, and I myself cannot wait!

As you all know, I am the play-by-play announcer for our schools men’s basketball team. For those of you who are not aware of it, our school has had one heck of a season and are getting ready to go down to Missouri to compete for the NAIA National Championship! Since I am one of the broadcasters for our school, I will be able to go down with the team to be able to call all of their games in the tournament. I like to think I am one of the luckiest people on campus because of this. Not only do I get to have an extra week off of school, I get to take a trip down to Missouri to be a part of the NAIA National Championship tournament! Hopefully by the time I return, our school will have another team atop the list of National Champions.

When we get back from the tournament, it will be spring break! I myself cannot wait for spring break either! I am a huge Chicago White Sox fan and this year for spring break, I will be traveling to Arizona to go to some spring training MLB games. This should be pretty exciting for me because I have never been this far in the west, and I have never been to spring training before. One of the big events I am excited for in Arizona is getting to see the White Sox vs. the Cubs March 15th. I think it will be quite the experience for me because of the huge sports fan that I am!

Camelback RanchWhite Sox home park

Camelback Ranch
White Sox home park

Be sure to read my blog next week and I will keep everyone updated on the progress of the basketball team and my experience in Missouri!

     See you later!


Hello, I’m Will

Hello, my name is William Weyant. I am a junior at Saint Xavier. I recently transferred here from Joliet Junior College. I am a mass communication major currently just hoping to have a job after I am finished with my schooling. Although I am a junior, my intended goal is to graduate in December of 2014. Fall of 2012 was my first semester here at SXU. One of the reasons I decided to choose

Saint Xavier to continue my education was because of the student media department at the school. Last semester I was the deputy sports editor at the Xavierite. This semester I became the deputy sports director at WXAV. I do the play-by-play for the men’s basketball team and have two radio shows on WXAV.

Cougar Sports Den Monday's 11am to 1pmClosing Time Thursday's 8pm-10pm

Cougar Sports Den Monday’s 11am to 1pm
Closing Time Thursday’s 8pm-10pm

I write sports articles for the Xavierite as a sports columnist. I work for the school’s media services department where I deliver technical equipment to classrooms. Saint Xavier has clearly proven to me that it was the best possible choice of a school for me to continue my education and I look forward to blogging more for you as the semester progresses.