End of a semester

I understand.  You’re exhausted, drained mentally and probably emotionally, exhausted

but be relieved my brethren/sisthren(don’t know if it’s a word, don’t care) for it is done, or almost done for those with Friday or, God forbid, weekend finals.  Now, you can celebrate surviving one more strenuous year living on this insane rock we call earth and playing this chaotic game we call Life.

The Game of Life

Congratulations, pat your self on the back, do a happy dance, eat your fridge, I don’t care how you celebrate as long as you do.  You deserve it.  Life is a hard game to play and you just leveled up another year, so you deserve a reward.  I hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  May your December be filled with holiday cheers, presents galore, and that one guy/girl who always gets drunk on the eggnog.  It has been a pleasure to entertain you with tales of SXU shenanigans.  Happy Holidays and, as always, enjoy life.