Spring Has Come

It is the week after Easter. School has begun again and with it, a new change. Spring has come to the city in gusto and with it comes the air of opportunity. The change of the seasons always brings about new possibilities. There is something sentimental of the end of something and the beginning of another. But like every opportunity, you can either take it or leave it. That is what I wish to discuss in this week’s introspection. What do we do when the opportunity presents itself? The answer to that question speaks volumes to a person’s character.

There are times in which we may feel aimless. I know for us college students, it is by far one of our most salient issues in this pivotal time in our lives. Is this career the right fit for me? Am I happy with what I’m doing? It is quite easy to just stay stagnant, to embrace the status quo rather than taking the hard road and really evaluating what it is that we as students desire for our futures. I know for myself this is the case. I am a low-energy person. If it can be done in fewer and faster steps, I’ll do it, even if the outcome is subpar to a more time managed process. But this is not the right thing to do every time. As individuals growing up and developing as adults, we need to understand that all of that is determined on our self-evaluation into what exactly is us. Are we content? Is content even good enough? Sometimes we have to take the hard road and dismantle and deconstruct what exactly it is that we seek here at the university.

Like most colleges and universities, Saint Xavier has a Career Services Center and advisors that guide students along and listen to their concerns. I happen to have advisors from both the Art Department and School of Education. While it is important for us as students to evaluate our lives, we mustn’t forget that we have people here to help us along the way. It’s part of their job to assist us on our educational journey. Being able to work within and with others is an important part of learning who we are. It is by self-evaluation that we can have new beginnings. For the spring to come, we must bear the harsh winter.

We got friends and you got friends

Within life I have met all different kinds of people. I have not been able to get over how amazed and grateful I am for the individualism of each and everyone of the people I have gotten to know. As humans social interactions

Me and my peeps from back home embracing the winter:)

Me and my peeps from back home embracing the winter:)

are a main element that keep us satisfied and fulfilled.  I have found that whether social interactions are positive or negative, they have instrumental lessons that you can learn about life. Before college, I will say I have had 5 instrumental people that can be nothing other than my best friends. A life long friend of mine who has helped me explore my beliefs and personal code is Deena Delgingaro- she I would say is my truest friend. Then gained in elementary school was Rachel Roseberry. With whom I first started pushing the limits with.

Then in middle school I connected with Katie Mullan and Lydia Auch. Katie and I helped each other maintain our weirdness and realize it is acceptable as long as you accept it. Lydia helped me be more analytical and conscious about who I was as a human being. High school was a big shift, and it was also where Andie Huml joined my group of friends. Andie and I went together very well. We amplified each others’ outgoing, creative sides while always having each others’ backs.

Being separated from all my friends and family has been hard because they mean so much to me. However, here in Regina I am starting to find myself growing exponentially with the friends I have made. Living on

Me and Amanda, one of my closest friend at SXU!

Me and Amanda, one of my closest friend at SXU!

your own and in a dorm is a giant leap in responsibility and will push you in ways you’ve never been pushed before. Making friends with people in the dorms was something I knew was going to be pretty simple because I am a social individual. However, my relationships and connections with multiple people have grown so much already. I can tell that there will be some life long memories, lessons, and friends that happen here.


‘Til next week!

Social Life

I spend a lot of time with my friends talking usually about things that are either irrelevant to all life or so philosophical that it causes those of lesser intellect heads to overload and explode from sheer Awesomeness, so it can get messy. Since these people pretty much sum up my social life, I would like to tell you about them.

The Corner, which is actually just a small section of the cafeteria, is where my people and me cause all the head explosions and chaos. We all come together for the sole purpose of enjoying life…usually through very nerdy gaming. The corner is my place of insanity and joy and it continues to be for all newcomers, so now that you know about The Corner, lets meet a couple of them.

Let’s Start off with Austin Regan

Austin and his Vanguard

Austin and his Vanguard


Austin Regan is like my brother from another mother, which basically means i mooch off of on a regular basis for food. Austin is a fellow gamer so our interests are usually parallel. He is also our “group/clique/people’s” adorable red panda.

My head is just slightly bigger than Austin's...slightly.

My head is just slightly bigger than Austin’s…slightly.

Next we will talk a bit about Autumn Cano

Don't let the smile fool you, she's a fighter.

Don’t let the smile fool you, she’s a fighter.

She is a new member of “The Corner.” A freshman whose love of Magic the Gathering rivals even my own. She has slowly integrated into the corner and become one with the cult thus making here a friend, ally, and TCG sister.

Just a few other Corner members:

Corner Newbie Identification:  Moira Woods

Corner Newbie Identification: Moira Woods

Corner veteran Identification:  Nishil Patel

Corner veteran Identification: Nishil Patel

Lastly, Let us discuss Craziness generator Brittany Hewing

Brittany uses Sleep.  It's Super Effective

Brittany uses Sleep. Antonio is Fast Asleep.

Brittany embodies all the insanity and chaos that The Corner loves and cherishes. When you see her she is either laughing, hugging, biting, beating, eating, throttling, yelling, or loving at something or someone, and we all return it to her tenfold, well, we at least attempt to do so. She provides fun and delight and anarchy to all around her, which is why she is loved by all around her.

Chris Sanchez (Back) uses confusion.  It's super effective

Chris Sanchez (Back) uses stalker face. It’s super effective.

I love the corner because many of us, as is expected, come to the group not really having many close friends on campus, and, as is also expected, being with a group of people on a regular basis will cause relationships to develop…or we’ll just slowly suck you into the cult. MWAHAHAHAHA!!! I hope that all you prospective students find your group of weirdos and cherish them as I do mine.  And don’t worry, there out there, somewhere, in this crazy wilderness we call life.  Until next time readers, Enjoy Life

Riot Fest

Hello Cougar Diaries Readers!

My friends and I at Riot Fest!

My friends and I at Riot Fest!

Over the summer, myself and a few of my close friends decided that we wanted to attend Riot Fest this year. For those of you who don’t know, Riot Fest is a huge punk, rock, and alternative music festival. It’s basically Lollapalooza’s crazier, less expensive cousin. (It has carnival rides and a freak show for crying out loud!) I waited all summer long for thisglorious weekend in September that would feature some of my absolute favorite bands and lots of undiscovered talent that I would surely need to know more about. For me, listening to music is such a beautiful and truly spiritual experience…so you can just imagine how much I appreciated September 13th, 14th, and 15th 2013.

Sean Mackin of Yellowcard

Sean Mackin of Yellowcard. Photo credit to William Weyant.

I got to see one of my all-time favorite bands, Yellowcard, for the second time, got crushed in Fall Out Boy’s pit, and screamed the lyrics to every blink-182 song they played. I danced to rapper Atmosphere, as well as indie ska group the Selectors. Even though it was rainy and cold for most of the last day, the rain ceased and clouds parted once my favorite band, Brand New, took the stage. Seeing Brand New up close and hearing the songs that got me through my angsty teenage years was something I can’t even put into words. Just know that it really touched my heart and soul in a way no other performance ever has. My friends and I left Riot Fest with smiles on our faces, stress erased from our hearts, and the desire to keep finding things in this world that made us feel the way this festival did.

Mark Hoppus of blink-182. Photo credit to William Weyant.

Mark Hoppus of blink-182. Photo credit to William Weyant.

The last thing I want to talk about before I go is College Radio Day, which takes place on October 1st every year. This day is special to me because I am involved with WXAV, the radio station at SXU. Every year to celebrate this day, WXAV does a TON of various things here on campus and on the radio in order to raise awareness for college radio. So make sure you tune in to 88.3, or go talk to some of the DJ’s in the diner on this day to support SXU’s coolest organization on campus!

That’s all I have time for for now, but always remember…

“Music always helps, no matter what you’re going through.”

Peace and love,


Forever Friends


caitlin came to visit me in the summer of 2010

Caitlin came to visit me in the summer of 2010 (a picture off of the Bean in Chicago)

When I was younger my family moved from Chicago to Philadelphia. I made one of the best friends I will ever have during my time there, Caitlin. Just a few years later my family moved back to Chicago and I had to leave my best friend behind. Even though we are thousands of miles apart we share a bond that I can never replace! We used to write back and forth to each other and send presents, pictures, drawings, etc. One of the most heartfelt things we had sent back and forth to each other is this poem called Forever Friends. I want to share it with you so that you, too, can pass it along to one of your best friends no matter what you two may go through and experience. Whether is it together or apart, you both know that you are always together in heart!



I went to visit Cailtin in the summer of 2012 (a picture on the boardwalk in Rehobeth Beach)

Forever Friends

I’ve been thinking about you and me, and how our friendship cam eto be- how long ago that we could be forever friends. And now I look back on those days and smile at all the little ways we made the tough times seem okay, like true forever friends. At times we’d laugh so hard and then we’d catch our breath and start again. Cause having fun comes easy when you’re with forever friends. Together we’ve shared wondrous sights, like soft spring days and starlit nights. When all the world seems still and right, with my forever friend. And on those days when rain would fall and life was not much fun at all, you were always there to take my call. A true forever friend. Life’s winding roads may take us far, but if we’re apart, let each bright star remind us just how blesses we are to be forever friends. And when the stars shine down, we’ll see perhaps by fate or destiny- a friendship that was meant to be- you and me- FOREVER FRIENDS.

If you love someone, make sure to tell them. If they touch your heart in a way that no one else does, tell them just how special they are when you have the chance. Spend as much time with them while you can! (because, hey, you might move halfway across the country)

What Day Is It?

Dear Stress...

Dear Stress…

Have you ever been so overwhelmed that you don’t even know what day it is? Have you ever been so stressed out and worn down that you slept for like 16 hours of the day?

I have! He has! She has! They have! We all have!

A lot of the stress that college student encounter is negative stress. You broke-up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, your best friend is mad at you, the cafe is closed, you gained 5 pounds, that girl you’ve had your eye on is totally not interested, your sister ruined your favorite shirt, your roommate ALWAYS has her boyfriend over, you went out instead of studying and failed… we have and will always these issues! I want to share with you some of the ways that I keep my stress levels down.

  1. Stay active- going to the gym, working out, walking, participating in intramural sports… these activities actually help you stay awake throughout the day. These activities also help you burn stress and blow off some steam that you may have built up! Staying active also helps keep you in shape!
  2. Eat all of your meals- the minute you skip a meal, your body is sooooooo mad at you. There are plenty of healthy meals that you can eat on any campus. There is also plenty of junk food that you can avoid! You and still eat your meals and keep a healthy weight, if you do it right!
  3. Hangout with your friends- sometimes you just need to take you mind off of life and go out with your friends for dinner, ice cream, or a margarita! (if you’re 21!) It’s nice to  not worry about anything for a short period of time, wiping your mind clean of all stress can also help you solve your stress. Taking a step back and looking at everything that is going on from a larger pint of view can benefit you. Sometimes all we need is someone to listen to us vent.
  4. Call your mom/dad/grandma/sibling- maybe you feel a bit distant from your family now that college has taken over your life. Bring them up to speed with what is going on in your life, maybe they will have the right advice for you! Again, sometimes all we need is someone to listen to us vent.
  5. Keep you body happy- if you neglect your body, it will retaliate! Fight your lack of motivation and make sure to shower, get a full night of rest, and drink plenty of water or tea!
  6. Make a list- tell yourself what you need to accomplish and prioritize it starting with what is due/what needs to be done first. Make sure to cross off what you accomplished, it feels good!
  7. Reward yourself- make sure to tell yourself you did a great job! Pat yourself on the back, go do something nice for yourself (I like getting my nails done! hehe)
  8. Make time for school- you will not pass your classes if you do not try to understand the material that the teacher is going to test you on! Some things that I do to keep my brain engaged after class hours include:

Rewriting notes
Making Flashcards
Rereading the chapter
Talking with others about your material
Re-teaching/explaining to someone the material you learned


you’ve got a friend in me.

In college, I have found some remarkable people who I call my best friends. I have also met a bunch of people who are just okay suck. I have had roommates that cuddled with me and held me while I cried myself to sleep, and I have had roommates that made me want to bang my head off walls. Your college experience will be what you make it, so be nice to the people who surround you and they will do the same.

janine hug

Janine and I before my 21st Birthday party!

Janine (right) and I have known each other since my freshman year here at school. It wasn’t until this past summer that we became the best of friends. We literally do everything together and love each other (maybe too much!) to pieces. I can’t imagine my life without such a supportive, funny, and caring friend. I know that the relationships that I have made and are yet to make in college will stick with me for the rest of my life!

Amber fun

Amber and I before the Home Coming Football game

Amber (left) and I were placed together by chance our freshman year of College. Even though we drive each other crazy, I wouldn’t trade her for a million dollars. She knows more about me than I know about myself and we have seen more of each other than we have ever needed to. Amber is a life-long friend that I know will never let me down. Amber is someone I know I can run to even if we haven’t talked in a while.


Paige, Bridget, Catherine, and I during our Monday Night roommie time

My roommates from this past year are so fun to be around. Paige, Bridget, and Catherine (Right) are always down to have a good time and talk if I need a helping hand. We share everything and respect each others belongings. We are able to talk to each other until we fall asleep and share secrets that we know will never leave our room. We have our nights that are solely for just us where we watch out TV shows and I cook dinner.


This picture sums up the relationship that Timmy and I have

Timmy (left) was one of my first friends at Saint Xavier. Amber and I lived just a few doors down from him and we would hang out until the early light of the morning. There wasn’t a get- together or event on campus that you didn’t see us three at together. Sometimes I wish that my freshman year of college lasted forever! I know that all of my best friends here at Saint Xavier have seen the best and the worst of me. I cannot express the impact that these individuals have had on me. I have learned so much from each one of them and I believe that my friends are a lot of what makes me who I am today! Since they are still around through my mood swings and egotistical stories, I know that these friends really love me for me, and that is the best thing that I could have asked for in my college experience.