Happy Homecoming!

Hey Everyone!

You know how Christmas is marketed as the “most wonderful time of the year’? Well, in my world, it’s not. Christmas is great and all, but in my humble and extremely significant opinion (sarcasm), homecoming week at SXU truly is the best time of the year.  Most of my fellow cougs would more than likely agree with me on this point, but for those of you who are unfamiliar with SXU’s tradition…let me tell you more about it.

Here are the top 10 reasons why SXU’s homecoming > any other school:

1) Free Swag 

From free SXU t-shirts & tie dying to free pub glasses for seniors….SXU hooks its students up with lots of items that will totally help us showcase our cougar pride! All for the price of $0!

2) Free Food

How can you not love free Starbucks?

How can you not love free Starbucks? Photo credit to @sxucougars

Yes, I know I already talked about all the free stuff students get during homecoming week, but food is equally just as important! Because we have a Starbucks on campus, a lot of homecoming events feature free sample size drinks from that restaurant. As we all know, Starbucks is pretty pricey, but free drinks can allow us to save some cash and splurge without emptying our wallets.  One really cool aspect of homecoming this year was the SX Brew Bus. This bus literally showed up to the various buildings on campus and passed out those free Starbucks drinks I talked about. Talk about great customer service! And if you attended the Midweek Mayhem, you got to enjoy musical performances by SXU students, all while eating tons of free and delicious food.

3) Serving Others

Something I absolutely love about Saint Xavier is the fact that this university has eight core values that it instills on every person that walks into this school. One of these values is service, which is an extremely important part of life. Every homecoming week, the S.T.A.T. Brown Bag Project takes place. Students, faculty, and alumni all work together to make lunches for various shelters and organizations that feed the less fortunate. So homecoming week for us isn’t just about having fun and showing our SXU pride, it’s about helping people in need!

4) Tailgating

Need I say more?

5) Hypnotist Christopher Carter

Yup, we have a hypnotist come to our school to hypnotize our students. It’s actually hysterical though and not as weird as you would think. Watching your classmates in deep sleep doing crazy and ridiculous tasks will make you die of laughter.

6) The Heritage Ball

My two dates and I before the dance!

My two dates and I before the dance!

This invite only dance, which takes place at a different location each year (it’s happening at the Harold Washington Library this time around), is one of my favorite events. Student leaders and honors students get to spend a night of dancing and fun with friends and classmates. But don’t worry, even if you’re not a student leader or an honors students, you can always find someone looking for a date who can take you! This year, I’m going with my boyfriend, Will, but am bringing one of my residents along as my plus one. I know, I’m such an awesome RA (sarcasm again).

7) Cougarpalooza

Before the homecoming football game, tons of people go and hang in the Schmitt Quad to take part in this fun event. There are games, free food (of course!), and great music to enjoy with your fellow Cougars! Hopefully you can peel yourself away from tailgating for a few minutes to check this out. ;)

8) The Cougar 5K Run/Walk

Need to burn some extra calories before you start begin tailgating/stuffing your face at Cougarpalooza? I know I sure do! And the Cougar Run is a great way to do so. Yes, it’s early in the morning (9AM on a Saturday) but it’s actually a smart way to start your morning. The cost is only around $30 and it’s totally worth it! Definitely a must do during homecoming week.

9) Football

Go watch our 2011 NAIA Champion football team kick some butt and take some names during one of the most exciting games of the season!

10) Pictures with Champ the Cougar

The new and improved SXU mascot.

The new and improved SXU mascot. Photo credit to @campuslife

Not my personal favorite because I’m afraid of mascots, but people love Champ! He got a little makeover once our school logo was changed, so he’s kind of a celebrity here on campus now. He attends all the various homecoming events so get a picture with him while you can! I told ya, he’s pretty popular!

So we may not be a huge school with a ton of students, but we’re a little school with a huge heart. Homecoming is so great because the faculty, staff, and students care so much about SXU and have so much pride within this university. I promise, homecoming week will not disappoint! It’s just too bad we have to wait a WHOLE 365 days until next homecoming. :(

Thanks for reading,