Okay, so don’t judge me, but I got a D in one of my classes for midterms. Though I’d like to say it purely motivated me that much more to work hard, which it did somewhat,  I was mainly just discouraged and down on myself. Thoughts like ‘I’m not good enough for college’ and ‘I shoulda just dropped that class like I had an initial urge to at the beginning of the semester’ played through my mind continuously. All my friends realized my decline in dedication and determination and talked me up with sentiments like ‘it’s just midterms’, ‘isn’t that your class that just takes quiz grades’, and ‘Danielle, one D doesn’t make you dumb’ to cheer me up; and it did, to some extent.

In reality, having this initial reaction and mindset due to my midterm grade only hindered me. This past Tuesday we had another quiz. I started studying 3 days in advance this time and it really paid off. I got an A on the exam and discovered I now have a B; My worrying was pointless. It harmed more than it helped. At the end of the day, no matter what situation your in, if you want to get out of it, all you have to do is change your behavior. That’s what I did and I now have 3 A’s and 3 B’s, and I’m feeling awesome about my standing and like I have a refreshed view of my education.

I hope that all you beautiful people aren’t stressing too much and enjoying the Fall season as much as I am! I’m going down town in a bit, ‘til next time.


Ahh…Midterms.  The papers meant to cause you much stress and torment about 2 months before your finals cause you even more stress and torment, but never fear!  No, on second thought, fear, fear with every scary bone in your body. The Midterms are Here!

The Horror!

Although, midterms are a great way to prove your prowess in class as well as show your Midterms-3professor that you are truly a bright intellectual, or, if you’re like me, it’s a time of regretting not paying more attention in class and studying all the material at the last minute.  Good times.  Luckily, we are not alone in this war of valor and procrastination.  Professors understand that midterms and finals are some of the hardest academic times in a student’s career, so if you are terrified of exams as much as I am, it’s best if you take and cherish the help they provide to you, such as study guides and access to previous lectures.  Even if you aren’t sure as to what to study, your professor should be willing to help point you in the right direction.

Listen to the picture.

Listen to the picture.

Finally, the midterms are done, your coffee reserves are depleted, and your brain is dealing with the after effects of exploding from an information quantity overload.  Now, all you have to do is deal with the slightly not so stressful homework and class projects due the following week, but don’t worry there is plenty more that SXU provides than stressful assignments and we will discuss what those things are next time.  Good luck readers and until next time, enjoy life.


Midterms have arrived…

“OMG, I’m sooooo stressed.”

“I can’t take all of this work.”

“Can I just drop out of school already?”

“What the heck am I even doing with my life???”


How I feel right now.

How I feel right now…


These statements, plus a BUNCH of other less blog appropriate phrases, have been frequenting my vocabulary for the past week. Midterms are in full swing here at SXU and every student is feeling the pressure and stress. No one is safe! Everyone I talk to seems to be just as overwhelmed as I am, but you really can’t blame us….midterms suck. For anyone that doesn’t know what midterms are, let me explain them to you as best as I can in college student terms.



noun, plural: midterms

1. Either an exam, presentation, or paper that professors use to extensively assess students’ knowledge of subject matter in their classes. Usually all of your professors cram these lovely assignments in to the span of one or two weeks, at the same time as all your other classes.

2. Either an exam, presentation, or paper that will make you question your smarts, why you’re even in college in the first place, and your sanity. They also may cause insomnia, lack or increase of appetite, ulcers, migraines, and increased procrastination.

Okay, so I’m being a little over dramatic. Midterms are bad, but not unconquerable. Yes, you have like five or six subjects all begging your complete and undivided attention with whatever work your teacher has assigned…but you can make it. And I’m here to give you some advice on how to do that!



First off, BREATHE. No, seriously. Breathe. Take a deep and cleansing breath in through your nose, and exhale out of your mouth. Now do this again, and again, until you feel yourself calming down. Maybe it’s just because I’ve really gotten into yoga recently, but deep breathing really helps me to relax.



Next, REALIZE that you cannot be perfect. Unless you’re a robot, you will make mistakes and get a bad grade here or there. You don’t have to study for hours and hours if you don’t feel like it, sometimes it’s more worth it to take the B than to make yourself crazy for the A. Putting less pressure on yourself actually helps you perform better! (Unless you’re one of those crazy people that actually thrive under pressure…then you can keep doing what you do).


FRIENDS is a great stress reducing show!

FRIENDS is a great stress reducing show!

DO things that you love. Work out, watch reruns of Friends, write poetry, read books…this  is what will keep you sane. Allow yourself a break from studying and just enjoy life.


study room

JOIN study groups. This will help you find people who can support and encourage you, and vice versa. Supporting one another through midterms is key to surviving the stress!


The library is suuuuch a good place to get work done in. Nice and quiet without any distractions.

The library is suuuuch a good place to get work done in. Nice and quiet without any distractions.

USE your resources. Go to the learning center, work on midterms in the library, talk to counseling services. Departments within the university are here to help!


Yes, I know this is picture is cheesy...don't judge.

Yes, I know this is picture is cheesy…don’t judge.



Midterms may be one of the suckiest parts of the college experience, but I always realize that it’s one small aspect of the whole time I will spend at SXU. There are so many bigger and better things that will outweigh all the stress you feel about midterms and I hope that thought is enough to help you make it through.

Good luck to everyone out there! And I’ll see you in a week!