So many tests and papers…

Hello everyone! So these past two weeks have been crazy! Tests upon tests and papers upon papers! At least Spring break is coming up soon at least, right? So last night I was really busy with my English paper, but before I started that I hosted an RPM event. You might be asking what a “RPM event” actually is? Well let me tell you..

So RPM stands for a Resident Peer Minister, which I am in McCarthy Hall! We are based out of Campus Ministry, here at Saint Xavier. I am just a helping hand in the residence halls for the students incase they ever need someone to talk to, or be there for them. And no I do not unlock doors like Resident Assistant’s do! Residents always come to me for things like that, and it is quite humorous.  Anyways, RPM’s like to host fun things for the residents, like I did last night!

So last night I held an event that was called “ Meet your Peer Ministers” that was held in the link! Incase you do not know what the link is, it connects the two Residence Halls : Rubloff and McCarthy. Anyways, the event had free pizza but only if you donated a canned good to charity! It is always nice to see how much the residents care to give back to others, and at the same time receive a free meal themselves, which is always a plus!

Campus Ministry has a lot to offer students! They are always welcoming students of all faiths and have different organizations you can become involved in such as: Resident Peer Ministry, Peer Ministry, Bible Study, Retreats, Service Trips, and Prayer Groups. Mass is offered during the week and the student mass is offered every Sunday night at 8pm, where students can participate in the mass as Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers!


Here is a picture of the Chapel at Saint Xavier.

Campus Ministry is a welcoming family on campus, and we love to meet new students! I hope you have an awesome weekend Cougars!

Try and Stay Warm- Snow, Snow, Go Away and Never Come Back Another Day!