Work it!

Hey everyone!

So I am making my way through the week anxiously waiting to get to Florida for Easter break next week! In order to do that I have been working out like a crazy person! I do not know how you deal with stress, but I deal with it through working out and getting my fitness on! It makes you feel so much better, and then if you have a little bit of sweets in the day you do not feel as bad.

I have always loved to run since I did cross-country and track in high school. Even though at times it becomes painful like shin splints, it is worth the pain to me. Some of my friends here love to work out and join me. I am always bugging everyone to join me on days I do not want to go alone! We have an awesome gym here for people to use, the Shannon Center. It has a fitness room with free weights, machines, ellipticals, stairmasters, cross trainers, and treadmills! Upstairs in the gym there is a walking/running track and a dance studio. There are free workout classes for students in the dance studio like cardio step, yoga, and zumba!


This is my friend Sam who is a senior here at Saint Xavier University. This year when I was slacking she always got me to work out! She always gave me such good motivation to workout and eat healthy! My favorite thing she taught me was to eat greek yogurt mixed with peanut butter it is such a good healthy snack! We are gym buddies and it is always nice to have someone workout with you to give you that motivation! I have said to people all year that she is basically my personal trainer! My point is to have that buddy to encourage you, have that person like Sam is to me! It will make you stay on the healthy side of college, and you will be feeling great in NO TIME!

Have a nice weekend!