Happy Easter!

Welcome back,

I have just finished a wonderful Easter celebration with my family. At SXU, we do get the Thursday and Friday prior to Easter off, but we’re back in class the following Monday. In the past, this has put a bit of a damper on my Easter because I would have to pack up sometime in the evening and start driving back to school. However, I am lucky enough to not have classes on Mondays this semester so I am extending my little Easter break and staying with my family.

Me and my nephew, John!

Me and my nephew, John!

I have been perusing Facebook at different points throughout the day to see how my friends celebrate the holiday with their families, and I always find it interesting how diverse family celebrations can be, yet I’ll spy common threads throughout.

My family usually dyes Easter eggs, goes to mass, has an egg hunt, and prepares a delicious meal of ham, potatoes, salad and green beans! I guess you could say we keep it pretty traditional, but I love when I see some of my family’s traditions pop up in other people’s Facebook posts.

We also have a delicious sugar cookie recipe that we make for both Easter and Christmas that I think I finally have the hang of. I was able to make the cookies from start to finish with no help this year. Sometimes it’s the little wins like this that make you feel the most like an official adult.Eggs skillfully dyed by my sister and IIMG_1083 (1)

The rest of my week will be devoted to editing my research paper with extreme scrutiny (it is due on Wednesday) and crafting my presentation for April 8. I am beyond nervous for the next month and ready to get it over with! The next few weeks will represent the culmination of a lot hard work so I hope everything goes as well as possible! It’s time to get back to work!

Until next time…

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