This little light of mine…

The Werks!! WERK IT:)

@ The Werks, Electric Forest!! WERK IT:)

This summer I funded an experience that completely revamped my attitude and kind of changed my life. I went to four music festivals! I knew plenty ofpeople that went to them and loved the openness and happy energy that almost everyone embodied. The first one I attended was by far my favorite: Summer Camp Music Festival. Though it rained 2 ½ of the 4 days, I felt surrounded by a happy, caring, and kind community. There was one guy who came by our campsite and was handing out rain ponchos. Everybody works towards making the environment not only enjoyable, but so life-changing that you will not want to leave

Summer Camp Music Festival '13, Right after we set up camp. First show of the weekend!

Summer Camp Music Festival ’13, Right after we set up camp. First show of the weekend!

There’s literally a vibe in the air that screams PLUR- Peace Love Unity and Respect- everywhere. It’s a wide spread sentiment that we are getting less and less connected with people and it seems that individuals have generally stopped caring as much about others and humanity as a whole. There were people there that were kind, open and loving; it didn’t matter who you were or what you looked like- you felt taken care of. I came back from that first weekend with a refreshed view of my family, social life, and jobs; I suddenly had a newfound positive aura and desire to help everyone and anyone. That being said, moving into a dorm has been another life changing experience.

At Electric Forest right after  Future Rock! <3

At Electric Forest right after Future Rock! <3

I’m extremely happy to have had this revelation; I believe that my current time living in Regina Hall would not be such a growing and awesome experience had I not.  To be the only one responsible for myself, to have known 2 people that I met at FOCUS over the summer, to go down a bed size, and to have a room the size you used to have for yourself but sharing it with a pretty much stranger: I literally love it. It’s hard, but living in a four-story building with a bunch of new interesting people gives me the sense of community I’ve experienced at festivals like Summer Camp and Electric Forest. Granted, it’s work; ya know, school. But, it is an exploration of life nevertheless so i’m having fun and making connections that are giving me the hope and light I found this summer. This weekend is homecoming so i’m having fun this lovely Friday afternoon finishing up most of my weekend work! Til’ next time!!

“Happiness can be found in the darkest of places if only one remembers to turn on the lights.”- Albus Dumbledore.