Beat the Winter Workout Blues!

Days are getting shorter, the temperature is quickly dropping, and people are breaking out their winter coats and gloves. This can only mean one thing: WINTER IS COMING!!! Okay, so I know the trees still have their leaves and Halloween didn’t even happen yet…but winter is right around the corner. I know some people absolutely love this season because of the cold weather and the holiday season, but I do not. I dislike winter with every fiber of my being because it means I get super lazy. The cold weather makes me want to snuggle under my covers and never leave my bed. I want to avoid people and homework and productivity at all costs and just sleep for hours and hours.


And for me, this is bad. As you all have read about, I really have a passion for fitness and being healthy. I work out six times a week not only to stay fit, but because it helps me relieve stress and have some time for myself. But once cold weather hits, I find extremely difficult to get myself outta bed, off the struggle bus, and into the Shannon Center. And I know a lot of people feel the same exact way.


One way to beat the cold weather workout blues is to have some really kick butt music to get you excited to hit the gym. Which is why I’m making you all a playlist of songs that I blast when I’m in the Shann! These are designed to get you motivated, keep you focused, and force you to stay active these next few months. (You’re welcome)


Now is a great song to kick off that work out and get you pumped!

Now is a great song to kick off that work out and get you pumped!

Now – Paramore

Right Back At It Again – A Day to Remember

Still Swingin’ – Papa Roach

Bonfire – Knife Party

Tom Ford – Jay – Z

Taylor Hawkins drum work in the beginning is enough to get my legs moving and my arms pumpin' whenever I'm running.

Taylor Hawkins drum work in the beginning is enough to get my legs moving and my arms pumpin’ whenever I’m running.

My Hero – Foo Fighters

Promises – Nero (Skrillex Remix)

Bleepin’ Problems -A$AP Rocky

Diary of Jane – Breaking Benjamin

Been listening to this song since I was in the 7th grade and is STILL hasn't gotten old. A great workout jam!

Been listening to this song since I was in the 7th grade and is STILL hasn’t gotten old. A great workout jam!

Lights and Sounds – Yellowcard

Lost in the Echo – Linkin Park

Month of May – Arcade Fire


And because everyone needs a cool down:

Something Good Can Work – Two Door Cinema Club

Hurricane – MS MR

Really you can listen to this anytime, or anywhere. It's also a great song to study to!

Really you can listen to this anytime, or anywhere. It’s also a great song to study to!

Young Blood – The Naked and Famous

All These Things I’ve Done – The Killers

Only the Young – Brandon Flowers


Now, even if you don’t like any of these songs, the point of this post is to show you that sometimes all we need is a little motivation. Especially when it comes to working out during the colder months! So pick music you enjoy, and head the gym. Because on the plus side, once you’re done, you can go back to bed and sleep the rest of the day away. Just make sure you shower first!


Until next time!

Hey Everyone!!!

My name is Torie Bolster and I am a junior, Psychology – Clinical Counseling major here at SXU. I grew up on the Southside of Chicago, right down the block from Saint Xavier.  I was a commuter for my first two years here, but was chosen to be a Resident Assistant in Regina Hall this school year. Living on campus has been a huge transition for me so far, but I absolutely love it! I do get homesick a lot and miss my family, but I can always just walk over to my house and see them whenever I want. (all while doing my laundry for free and eating all of their food…thanks mom!)

Okay, enough of the boring stuff…here are some interesting facts about me that will help you get a better understanding of who I am.

1) I loveeee to workout. 

Working on my fitness!

Working on my fitness!

I worked at Women’s Workout World for two and a half years as a group fitness instructor, which is just a fancy way to say that I taught workout classes. So yes, I did wear a microphone headset and looked like I was a member of NSYNC. (Justin was my favorite!) Now you can catch me working up a sweat in the Shannon Center every day, which is our gym on campus. I teach the People on Weights class there every Wednesday at 12:15 PM so that means I’m pretty *buff and tough.

*see picture to see just how chickeny my little, scrawny arms are.


2) I’m super involved on campus. 

My awakenings small group and I!

My awakenings small group and I!

So y’all already know that I’m an RA, but I also have a lot of other things going on as well. I was an Orientation Leader this summer for the first year and transfer students who were coming into SXU this year. Along with the Coug Diaries job, I also work for Student Affairs as an information desk worker. I’m involved with WXAV, the radio station here on campus. I’m starting out as a producer right now so (hopefully!) next semester I can have my own show. You can listen to Ricky Widmer and me every Friday from 3-6PM on channel 88.3! I also do a lot within Campus Ministry as well. I’ve attended and led both the Quest and Awakenings retreats, gone on the Women’s retreat, and attended two Spring Break Service Trips to Kentucky and Kansas City, Missouri. So if you see me running around campus a lot looking frazzled, now you know why!

3) Cats and babies make me happy.

Pretty self explanatory.

4) My little sister Mady is my best friend. 

me and mady.

Even though we are five years apart, she and I are extremely close. I wouldn’t know where I would be today without all of her love and support that she has shown me through the years. And she’s also super useful when I don’t have anything to wear/have no money to buy new clothes and can just borrow hers whenever I want to.



5) I’m obsessed with quotes.

So don’t be surprised if I get super cheesy and put up tons of inspirational quotes throughout the year!


Well, that’s all I have time for now! Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to keep on posting throughout the year!

Peace and love,